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I just read a Newsarama interview with Charles Soule, the current Swamp Thing writer. He referred to Abby as Anton's daughter, and I knew that was wrong. I googled it and Wikipedia seems to indicate that the New 52 changed the relationship from Uncle/Niece to Father/Daughter. I don't have my comics handy right now, but if that's true, we need to edit this page.

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Kevin James

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I got the Strangers, the Bongo Free-For-All, Ramayan, Judge Dredd, 2000 AD, and the Kaboom Summer Blast.

I didn't buy anything else, having worked the whole weekend there. I was just ready to go home. As usual, they'll get plenty of my money on Wednesday.

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The Penguin

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These are all going to be winners. This title has been remarkable. I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes once the smoke clears.

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@cincyducksfan35 said:

Ostrander is my favorite writer. Wish he could just write a Martian Manhunter monthly again

Was he really that good of a writer when he wrote for Martian Manhunter?

Yes would be my answer. I loved his run on Martian Manhunter. It was a seriously underrated comic.

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I was bonkers for this issue. I loved the reporter with the press pass hanging out in the seedy internet cafe and his shady dealings with the Yancy-Streeters. The Allred take on the classic cut-scene of the Baxter Building was also a gem. I loved this issue.

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Honestly, I'm not yet convinced this is an actual new direction. This issue spent way too much time building up Zavimbe's personal mission for me to think he's leaving this title. I actually suspect that the recruitment of a new Batwing is actually part of Zavimbe's chess-game against Philip Marksbury, giving Marksbury a false target to draw his attention away from Zavimbe himself.

I actually hope that's the case. As interesting as Luke Fox may end up being, I'd rather read about David Zavimbe. Whatever qualities Luke Fox can bring to this role, he will never really be the Batman of Africa. That's the concept I am in this comic for.

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This smelled like a set-up to me. I think Zavimbe is playing a game and is actually using Batman himself as one of his pawns.

As Batwing, he knows his options are extremely limited against a foe like Philip Marksbury. It looked, to me, like he was intentionally provoking Marksbury. Zavimbe said "...I'm going to make sure your life gets harder and harder..." and Marksbury responds by calling Batwing a dead man.

My guess: Zavimbe, knowing that Batman is committed to the Batwing concept, would recruit a replacement. Zavimbe has intentionally put a target on that new Batwing. While Philip Marksbury attempts to take revenge on Batwing (Luke Fox), Zavimbe will be doing an end-around in a costume without the bat-symbol, now clearly willing to kill.

Remember Zavimbe's speech on pg. 6? "I want to kill him, but not in this suit, not with the Batman's symbol on my chest. This symbol has to stay pure."

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Best Writing

1st - Matt Kindt (Dark Horse Presents #19)

2nd - Matt Fraction (Hawkeye #6)

3rd - Greg Rucka (Stumptown V2 #4)

Best Interior Artwork

1st - David Aja (Hawkeye #6)

2nd - Javier Pulido (Hawkeye #5)

3rd - Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men #22)

Best Cover Artwork

1st - Dial H #7

2nd - Lone Ranger #11

3rd - Avengers Arena #2

Favorite Marvel Comic (Apparently I forgot to buy Thor God of Thunder

#3, so I haven't read that)

1st - Hawkeye #6

2nd - Captain America #2

3rd - Daredevil #21

Favorite DC Comic

1st - Action Comics #15

2nd - Before Watchmen: The Comedian #4

3rd - Batgirl #15

Favorite Non-Marvel or DC Comic (Dynamite, Image, Vertigo Boom! IDW, etc.)

1st - Stumptown V2 #4

2nd - Dark Horse Presents #19

3rd - To Hell You Ride #1

Most Underrated Comic

1st - Stumptown (V2) #4

2nd - To Hell You Ride #1

3rd - Avengers Arena #1

Favorite Male Hero

1st - Spider-Man

2nd - Aquaman

3rd - Hawkeye

Favorite Female Hero

1st - Dex Parios (Stumptown)

2nd - Batgirl

3rd - Wonder Woman

Favorite Male Villain

1st - Doctor Octopus

2nd - Vyndktvx (Action Comics)

3rd - The Joker

Favorite Female Villain (This is always the toughest category. Often I simply include any female villains [see #3 this month] just because they were simply in a comic I read)

1st - Katherine Rushmore (Freelancers)

2nd - Poison Ivy

3rd - The Questing Queen (Demon Knights)

Wild Card of the Month

Normally, we have a category to vote upon and I let the winner's supporters pick the next category. However, last month I asked for suggestions for this cataogry. So, to restart this category I bring the list of suggestions submitted from last month. You job? Pick your top 3 favorites and the winning category gets to be in January's poll!

1st - Quote of the Month

2nd - Best First Page

3rd - Best Supporting Character