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That Milo Manara Spider-woman cover is simply terrible. Someone give this guy a lesson in basic anatomy. Womens bodies don´t work that way!

Also, is it just me or does her face kinda look like a cross-dressing Voldemort?

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God, I want this book so badly! Hopefully enough people will buy it to give it a long lasting run.

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Wow, DC are really working hard to piss of their fans these days. Honestly, the entire company's a mess. Thank God I've dropped most of their books already!

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@SmashBrawler: Agreed. Something weird is definitely going on here. But at least we got a decent discussion out of it. That's a win.

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@SmashBrawler: Leaving the final battle unanswered does sound like a great idea. Hopefully they'll let that particular fight be resolved within the game instead. But while I understand that the creators had their own rooster planned, I don't see why they couldn't have let us choose, not all, but at least a couple of characters and then made longer videos demonstrating the characters gameplay. Since they want us to buy the game it would only makes sense if they made an effort to see what the fans wanted. But I see the problems. And like you said, now we do get a special look at the game.

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@SmashBrawler: I don't think you've read through my previous posts properly. In my earlier conversations I was discussing whether GA could beat Hawkgirl in the comics or not. That's a completely different thing! Of course a battle in the comic books would play out differently since it would strive to be more "realistic". There GA would have been taken out by a single hit from Hawkgirls mace. In the games, however, he could survive being punched to outer space and back again. Therefore I have as little problem with GA beating Hawkgirl in Gods among us as a have with other characters beating one another in other fighting games.

When I posted my first comment about how I thought it stupid that GA managed to win a was criticizing the problem with the battle arenas as a whole. And they are a really stupid idea. Why? Because when it comes down to it, it's just another popularity contest and we already know who DCs most popular characters are. It wasn't necesarry to put up yet another poll to se if Superman and Batman are still as popular as they were, oh I don't know, one week ago? The idea of an interactive marketing process is great but they should have created one that actually mattered. People could have gotten a chance to vote on obscure characters they wanted in the game, alternative skins or something that gave something in return and thus helped improve the game itself. That's what annoys me. Not the gameplay because that part really does look awesome and I personally enjoy the over the top action-sequences as long as it's kept to the games. I just wish the would have gotten for a marketing process that was truly interactive.

I hope I managed to explain myself better this time and I'm sorry if my prevoius entries were a bit messy.

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Who said I was angry? I’m more in a ”rolling my eyes” sort of mood because I can tell beforehand

exactly which opponents will come out on top. And yes, therefore I find this

whole “vote for you favourite character thing” to be rather pointless and

boring. Not to mention a stupid idea in general. I understand that this is just

a game which is why I don’t really care who wins each battle. My problem lies instead

with the fact that the creators couldn’t come up with a less predictable way to

market their fighting game than a popularity tournament. And to answer your

question: No, I don’t get angry when the phoenix wright beats the hulk. Because

like I said, it’s just a game.

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@akbogert: Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure to check out that blog as well.

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@OriginalVenom said:

@Hastny said:

Green Arrow... beating Hawkgirl? Yeah, I don't think so. Did the people who voted actually know anything about these characters?

Im fairly certain people voted based on popularity not on actual battle capability.

Yes, I guess so. Wich is kinda why these battles were a bad idea to begin with. Besides we all already know that Batmans going to win.

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@Cavemold: Yes, I did see that and it made no sense whatsoever. Hawkgirl is an alien gifted with flight and superstrenght. She's also an expert with melee weapons. I know that these battles arent supposed to be realistic, obviously, but the truth is that this particular battle would have ended when hawkgirl got in her first hit with her nth metal mace. A net woudn't stop her more than a couple of seconds and she could easily break out of the ice. Besides she could probably have dodged or deflected most of Green Arrows arrows anyway.