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You can really ruin your enjoyment of the Batman premise by asking, "If Batman can accomplish virtually anything and defeat virtually any foe with enough preparation, then why can't he (with billions of dollars at his disposal and years to plan) manage to build a cell that the Joker cannot escape?"

That's what the poll made me think, anyway.

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He's dead? No....no....

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@lvenger said:

Nice reasoning on most of these choices. But I'm sorry but there's just no way Fantastic Four is going to be made appealing to a majority of comic book and FF fans on here and across the Internet. The direction they're going in sounds wrong, the actors aren't really right for their parts and Doctor Doom being retconned into a blogger is a horrible and disrespectful treatment of one of Marvel's best villains.

hate to break it to you, but considering we amount to maybe 1% of the audience, any movie studio trying to cater to comic fans would be idiots.

You're very much correct, but the changes they're (supposedly) making don't seem much more appealing to a broad audience either. With the shenanigans North Korea has been pulling recently, having the main villain be a vain, megalomaniacal tyrant of an isolated nation would probably click with people's contemporary concerns more than a disaffected programmer.

Now sure, Doom can certainly EMPLOY hackers/bloggers/digital terrorists as his minions, but that doesn't seem to be what they're doing.

It isn't that they're not adhering to a particular story-line or changing a costume, but Fox appears to be abandoning the fundamental premise and tone of the property. I'm not a Fantastic Four fan, don't read it, didn't like the movies, but what I've heard so far about this 2015 film are some of the least appealing ideas I've seen out of a comic book movie since Seth Rogen's destruction of The Green Hornet.

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@wardishy said:

Anybody on ComicVine watching Person of Interest?

As much as I love the comicbook TV shows on right now, I love Person of Interest even more. It's so good.

I've been watching it on Blu-ray as the seasons are released and haven't started season 3 yet, but yes, it's very good. Person of Interest is pretty much a fusion of Batman, the Punisher, and James Bond all with a great techno-thriller premise.

If I didn't know better, I could believe it WAS based on a comic, and it would probably have been one of the best.

I really appreciate how they balance season/series story arcs with keeping each episode self-contained and worthwhile on its own. That's incredibly difficult to do. You usually end up with heavily serialized series like LOST, where coming into an episode without foreknowledge is a waste of time, or you can fall into the extremely episodic "only the season finale matters" hole of Smallville. Person of Interest has (so far) nailed that balancing act.

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@smoothjammin: I really enjoyed playing as Catwoman in Arkham City, and I've been holding out hope that we might get playable Huntress and Black Canary at some point.

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@g_man: Corran Horn had a dual-phase (extendable length) lightsaber, not Kyle Katarn. None of the games had dual-phase sabers, though it would have been cool.

In Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Kyle Katarn wielded Qu Rahn's old green lightsaber, and eventually Yun's yellow saber, and in sequels he made his own blue one.

I gotta say, though, I've never heard anyone pronounce Jaina as "Jai-Ayna." I figure since her brother Jacen's name is clearly pronounced the same as "Jason" then hers would be pretty straightforward too, sounding like "Jane-ah" so that both twins have two-syllable names.

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Whenever I see a "vs" in a forum title, I assume it's a battle thread, so I instantly had this image in my head of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey beating the crap out of each other while spouting catch phrases.

"Nanu nanu!"


"Alllllllllrighty then!"


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@boynerdgeek said:

Sometimes I wonder, what is important to make good live action movie , the writer or the director ?

Both are vital to make a great movie. But I'll say that direction is of more visceral importance when watching a movie.

A well-directed film can be entertaining, even exciting, as you watch it even if the script is weak; take J.J. Abrams helming of the Star Trek films, for example. But even a great story poorly directed is usually an insufferable thing to sit through; there are innumerable poor movie adaptions of great literature to prove this out.

But a movie with great writing and direction sticks with you afterwards. Usually it's only after a film is over that I start fully appreciating the writing, whereas the direction impacts the moment to moment experience.

At the end of the day, I hate dividing the two disciplines too much, since they are both vital tools in crafting the movie. We have lots of great directors, but very, very few good writers. My personal summation of current film and television is this:

They know how to tell a story, but they rarely have a story worth telling.

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@jayc1324 said:

Also did anyone notice Barbara's voice sounds different?

Yeah, that isn't Kimberly Brooks voicing Oracle there, assuming that WAS Oracle (and there's no reason not to assume that). It is possible that they're using a temporary voice track for the character and just haven't finished VO recordings yet with the full cast. We'll see.

They did recast Scarecrow from Dino Andre to John Noble (Denethor in Lord of the Rings, and Walter Bishop in Fringe), so it's clear they're willing to change up the supporting cast.

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I'll have to go with the Shpaaaace Muhreeeeens!