Top 22 superheroes with no super powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by XFan616

Captain America does have powers...other than that awesome list:)

Posted by harleyquinn12

I also love Batwoman's red hair, it's a wig! great list!

Posted by Spacey

I agree with you 100% on the original Question being better than Renee Montoya. Great list!

Posted by Danial79

Two-thirds of the list are DC! Does that mean you're more a DC fan, or just that DC have more non-powered characters?

Posted by arrowfan237

Captain America has super strngyth and other powers.
Posted by GT-Man

Nice list except the Cap being there
Posted by aloe vera

Batman still kicks butt!!

Posted by TheRoamer

Batman's number 1 for sure but I would've included Jonah Hex and The Punisher in there as well unless you're not counting anti-heroes.
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Totally agree, except Green Arrow > Hawkeye and I personally like both Tim and Damian more than Dick, but he was there before them. I REALLY like Damian Wayne. Probably my second favorite comic character. 
BTW I don't see Green Arrow using his trick arrows in his current series, which is a major letdown. Plus, why is the new Speedy not there? She's awesome!
Posted by batman_is_god
Marvel's non-powered characters are usually knock-offs of DC's non powered characters (Hawkeye and ESPECIALLY moon knight). I am not saying Marvel sucks or anything, just pointing out that DC has better natural heroes. Also, notice a very big majority are BATMAN supporting characters. 9 characters on this list are from BATMAN.
Posted by the Detective

Noticed no DareDevil .....does hyper senses count as a super power?

Posted by TheRedFear
Kinda like how steel is a knockoff of iron man?
Posted by 614azrael

weress punisher lol

Posted by goldenshot80
@XFan616:  Not really Hes just has this Drug called the super hero serium. Its not really much of a power
Posted by SigersonLTD

Isn't the current Question a female? And what does Renee Montoya have to do with anything...

Posted by JonesDeini
LMAO Poor Mark, he never get's respect from fans. He moved beyond being a poor man's Batman IMO. In fact I'd wager to say that the characters have little in common besides being vigilantes with access to tech and money.
Posted by TheShame

We all know Harold is best lol

Posted by notoriousbcb

Nice list.   I've been thinking about something similar myself.

Posted by 84taskmaster84

Moon Knight and Batman are way different does bats have a personality disorder?Marc Spector has to hire people to make his tech Batmansparents were killed.Spectors dad is alive and kickin he was a marine a hevy wieght boxer and a merc the only thing they have in common is they fight crime.Moon knight haters ease up Bats and MK are awesomeand different.....wait they both do detective work.Moon knight has way more help with Frenchie and marlene.I think MK should be on this list.Thank you for reading nerd rage over
Posted by chrismharper

You should have just made a clean top 20. You should have left out black widow, captain america, and bucky barnes. black widow has been known to use cybernetic enhancements. captain america is not just peak human. thats batman. captain america is actually superhuman. he is just not crazy powerful. he is weaker then most of his colleagues though (spiderman, ironman, luke cage, etc.), but he is strong enough to jump out of airplanes without parachutes. batman could not do that, and he is considered peak human, despite the different in universes. both dc and marvel reference the real world as a comparison for superpowers, so if batman is peak human, it applies in both universes. anyways, bucky barnes has also received cybernetic enhancements. I think he was originally eligible for this list, but not now. removing these 3 would bring your list to 19, so add the punisher. I'm not a fan, but he is a prominent superheroe (3 feature films).

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Dude,I think you're missing something here.First of all,I don't know about black widow and bucky using cybernetic enchantments(though I'm aware that bucky has a mechanical arm)but Cap is not an ordinary man.He has the super serum in his blood which involved him from a skinny little guy to a super soldier with super strength.Also,where are the Punisher,Moon Knight,Steel,Vigilante,Rorschach and the Red Hood?All of them are respective super-heroes with no super powers.And...Howard the Duck?Really?

Posted by tsl3161991

You should remove Iron Man from the list since he has the power to interface with machines thanks to the extremis virus.

Posted by Squares

Holy unnecessary exclamation marks, Batman!

Posted by cuteo408
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i know there's a lot of Batman fans out there but i personally prefer Iron Man... He's a hero that both kick ass AND give you a laugh... Plus a little fact, he creates his suit and his weapons all by himself (and the help of his compny's techolnology) and also creates war machine...

Posted by Darkseid_Prime

I find your lack of Frank Castle disturbing

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And Hitgirl

Posted by GeekyEverAfter

Awesome list! Please take a look at some of mine and tell me what you think :)

Posted by DogSoldier88

This list is too DC skewed, but the author is Harley Quinn Hawk-Girl so it's to be expected. Batman at #1 is a given since he is one of DC's two flagship characters. But no Punisher? Iron-Man, War machine, and Captain America shouldn't be on that list because they all have manufactured Super Powers, Batman doesn't. Iron-Man's tech and Cap's shield are nearly magical in ability. Batman is not even 100% bullet proof. This is just a Bat Family list. Except for the original Robin (Dick Grayson), and Batgirl, all the rest of them should be left off. John Constantine should be on that list. He has no innate powers. Bucky Barnes has a bionic arm, so take him off. The list needs Night Thasher, Nighthawk (from Supreme Power), Punisher, Shang-chi, Iron-Fist, Elektra, Punisher, Katana, Punisher, and, oh yes.. the guy who at one time had 4 active monthly titles - The Punisher.

Posted by stupidmuttt

sorry guys but i just gotta give some love to my man Hal Jordan, he has no powers just a ring. if the caps on here with his super serum then Hal and the other Green Lanterns should be aswell.

Posted by uglyrobot

Who's gonna tell The Punisher he's not in this 22?? not me...

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not a bad list, but missing some serious players! no punisher, moonknight, rorschach and others?

Posted by beastboy77

Not bad but captain America does have super strength

Posted by MGH

How can you create a list of superheroes, with No superheros on it?

These listing have with no super powers, which is the primary requirement for being labeled 'super'.

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@jonesdeini: Agreed, they may have based a lot of MK on Batman but they aren't the same kind of character at all. I feel like Green Arrow has more in common with Batman then Moon Knight does.