Ultimate X #! A Success!

I can't really believe I'm saying this but, Ultimate X #1 was probably one of the best books I have read in a while! I was going to get it like two weeks ago, but my LCBS sold out of it. They ordered me the reprint, but the next week they accindentley sold that to someone else. So I was forced to wait a while for it. I wondering about a couple things. Who was Wolverine's wife? or did he just have an affair with somebody and have Jimmy? And I know this sounds stupid, but I have absolutley no history with Marvel, so is that the real Kitty Pryde or her daughter?

Posted by havco

no same kitty pryde expcet she dated spiderman but other they that no relations    
Posted by hero vs. villian

I think that was probably one of the best Loeb books in years, I saw the preview to issue 2, to me it looked like Loeb was going back to his usual horsecrap.

Posted by Scoobypuff

It's hard for me to like Loeb right now, he just hurt me so bad with ulitmatum.