Superheroes as Musicians

This is probably the oddest things I've ever written. Of course I haven't written much, but still. Today I got the idea of superheroes as musicians. Not what music they would listen to, but rather if superheroes were musicians, who they would be. I've always thought Superman was Bruce Springsteen. He's wholesome, clean, and a small town boy. That was always my idea of what Superman was. Batman is a bit like Florence and the Machine. Dark and brooding, but good at heart. The next one is sorta strange, but I've always associated Wonder Woman with Adele. They royal attitude of Diana always reminded me of R&B; music. Maybe it's just me. Hal Jordan is lily Allen. They're brash, cocky, not afraid to say what they want, and a bit impulsive. But still awesome nonetheless. The Martian Manhunter, being calm, cool and collected is Sara Bareillies. And of course Aquaman is the Pipettes. Now why you ask? I always associate Aquaman with the Silver Age, the 60's. the pipettes also draw their musical influence from old girl groups. Kinda far fetched, but please stay with me. My last is Thor, who I've always thought was Madonna. Well, Thor is a "god". And Madonna is the Queen of Pop. Pretty fitting. Believe me, I know you guys will probably have other ideas, so I'd love to hear them!

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Posted by Renchamp

Nightcrawler is David Hasselhoff. Not because of any similarities; it's just that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

Posted by SC

Oh cool blog. I'd be the type to think about this too much. I mean, I should book mark this and come back later, but Emma Frost always reminded me of the Pixies. Telepath? Where is my Mind? Some of their songs sound like a person trapped in an astral plane as well. Thor? He actually reminds me of The Cranberries. Sort of like a soft pureness with a nice tension that is sort of cut though with a weapon of some sort, oh and then there is their song electric blue eyes. Which if I recall has her appealing to a feminine, lady, goddess and well. Let me see... Yelle reminds me of Harley Quinn. Sort of funky, feminine, wild, hip, but a bit frantic and silly. Wonder Woman is Little Dragon to me. Soft and peaceful, but also strong and enchanting. Sort of like a warriors song if that warrior was not angry but filled with peace.  
Cool blog anyway!