2 Year Vineversary!

Before I get started Vinversary is trademarked and copyrighted IcarusFlies. Seriously, she should make that a real word. 
Well, I've been on here for two years. You probably know me here for being a huge fan of Dr, Who, and the Pipettes, but I've done other things too. Yep. i may not be the most active user, but i've managed to get almost 8,000 points, and  i just got my 1,000th forum post yesterday. I have over 100 followers, and I'm thankful for everyone who has been so nice here.(especially the Doctor Who fans!). Now as a special present, you get my thoughts on the DC revamp. 
Which starts off with the question, Why? i don't really been to be b!tchy and whiny about it, but that's how I feel. DC was going real good up until now. Power Girl, Zatanna,, they has some great books out. I think my personal biggest concern is the costumes. First, we have the "All Female Heroes will wear pants". I'm really not opposed to that, I'm not. However, the moment I saw Harley Quinn looking like a washed up prostitute, I went crazy. Despite what my username says, Harley is not my favorite character. Still, I don't like seeing her portrayed this way. Of course, Supergirl isn;t wearing pants either. if only DC would have kept their word. Then, we have the decision to put Babs back in the Batgirl cowl. I want to say I think this was a good decision, but Barbara was a great character as Oracle, showing that she could still kick a$$ even in a wheelchair. We also have the introduction of the Vertigo and Wilstorm characters into the DCU proper. Since i'm not the biggest fan of either of these universes, I doesn't affect me. However, gen13(my favorite Wildstorm book) wasn't there. Oh well. I'm still mad that my favorite DC books(Power Girl , Zatanna) weren;t included in the list of 52, but you can't win them all. So out of all the rebooted titles, I'll be getting the following. 
Wonder Woman 
Green Lantern: The New Guardians 
Fury of Firestorm 
Swamp Thing 
Maybe JLa, maybe. 
 (Yep no Birds of Prey, i'm still shocked)
So heres to another 2 years on the vine!
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Congrads on your 2 years on the vine

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Congrats on your achievements.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary

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Congratulations fellow Simone fan. Have yourself a wonderful day!

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Congrats on being here for two years.

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Congrats on 2 years