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@KainScion: @poisonfleur: Remender actually had plans to reuse Sage back in that Otherworld story in Uncanny X-Force but he stated he didn't have the time to squeeze her in!! Huge bummer!!

Oh No- No- No! Sonvaa--- That really is disappointing. Personally I prefer Sage over Domino. Sage has more of an Aeon Flux quality about her that I just looovve!

We were discussing Sage in "what is Storm's security team" thread. I've heard X-Men is supposed to get another female character so I was hoping for Sage.

Just Sage being back would be a miracle, I really wouldn't care which book... and that reminds me... does anyone remember that Dazzler, Boom Boom, and Lifeguard were supposed to be a Street Team of X-Men! Well that never happened!!

Dazzler is going to be in Xtreme X-men and will be put in a leadership position/lead role

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Considering Cyclops couldn't control his power because he got brain damaged at a young age, but can now control it as a phoenix host. I'm hoping that when he's not in combat he'll take off his glasses and be able to control his power. I mean the phoenix should of been able to heal his brain damage.

Actually it probably has healed it considering in AvX6 he stated he didn't need his visor's no more, but then you the special poster or concept art that Joe Q displayed and it makes one wonder. I'm curious to see if he has additional power sets after the PF or even more stronger concussive force behind his Optic Blasts.. who knows.

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Nope, I like SW just fine as she is.

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Wait and see what remender has instored

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I'm going to have to go with villified in some manner, just look at the aftermath when other characters were put through a similar event (Iron Man, Prof X, etc). It seems to be a continuing trend and I see no reason as of now that it will change. Cyclops will be humbled in some manner for a time and then the writers will come up with a reason why it really is not all his fault and/or a way to sympathize him.

The Architects seem unable to make any leader not look terrible to further their events, sadly it's just Scotty's turn through the wringer

Good point, but I've never seen scott show a bit of humility which I think he needs at this point as well.

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Well considering AvX 12 shows a male phoenix host my moneys on cable ending this farce of an arch. As to who wins wanda well hope dies and in the final panel we see an adult female emerging from somewhere whispering "we are phoenix and we are whole"

My money is Cyke though marvel has said "you wouldn't believe who gets the PF" as if it's some big mystery. My money is on either Cyke or Wanda

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and Wolverine is on another team....

At this point is that really a big surprise

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You know this issue is out already right?

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Scarlet Witch was crazy because her sons were dead. Now that they are alive again, I don't see any reason why she should go crazy. I'm a Scarlet Witch fan, so the recent development fits her just fine. In fact, I think the writers are favoring her lately, beating the crap out of 2 phoenixes are no small feats. I just hope she doesn't get depowered like Dr. Strange. Strange used to be superpower, and now he can't even be a match for a regular Magik, left alone a phoenix Magik.

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@Hareil0079: so because i tend to argue with people, and you dont even care what im arguing about, you just say to the other guy to ignore me? EPIC FAIL. seriously you just want attention. thats it. now begone and only speak if you can contribute with something. keep your observations to yourself, sherlock holmes.