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@GunGunW said:

She may be very powerful, but she hasn't bench pressed the weight of the earth yet.


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How much do you think she'll go for after this PvP season?

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I think Curt will be a factor in 700

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@Vance Astro said:

@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:

They'll probably end up back together eventually.

They pretty much have to, otherwise there's no reason for her to exist.

Hickman seems to have plans for her in his NA run. He was answering questions on the Avengers Forum on CBR.

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i'm beginning to think Superior Spider-Man is Dok Ock or a combination of P.Parker and Doc Ock's persona's into one person.

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@Mercy_ said:

Cyke and Emma on the same team after Bendis stated in an interview that they will no longer be a romantic item? Interesting to say the least. I hope she's the one who breaks it off.

according to


it was cyke who broke it off.

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@Onemoreposter said:

I felt the same about this as I did over T'Challa and Ororo. I was disappointed. When dealing with relationships between heroes and super powered beings in general you have these characters with amazing powers and abilities and often mountains of responsibility. Most of them are highly physical combatants as well. To me, there fights SHOULD be much more extreme than the fights we normal people have with our significant others, because these are extreme people. All it seems to take though is one tiff and they're done. How much love was really there to begin with if that's all it takes? It all feels so contrived to me.

Storm and Panther for example are two people who are supposed to be deeply in love with one and other and have even engaged in that age old tradition of matrimony, but when sh** hits the fan you're telling me they can't avoid pummeling each other??? THAT WAS THE ONLY OPTION??? and that after they do fight they can find no forgiveness or quarter for their significant other? WHERE IS THE LOVE?!?!

Scott and Emma I felt the betrayal was more direct. Scott pretty much said "screw you emma, I'm going to beat you down and take your powers." However, she was clearly out of her mind and he was getting there as they both tried to control an extraterrestrial force of the highest magnitude that neither of them were built for. One would think that if there was any gumption to the relationship, they'd be able to forgive one an other for....


Marvel isn't very good with relationships. They love to break them up and never seem to do it in a sensible or realistic fashion. Maybe (probably) it's because a realistic fashion isn't exciting enough. IDK. I'm just relieved when a relationship ends with out it getting "sold" to Mephisto and the whole world getting mind wiped.

I preached on multiple forums and I'll preach it here, If their last names aren't ending with "fantastic/richards" then it's a relationship that's bound to fail.

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@Brazen_Intellect said:

Will this ever end? Give it up people, nobody came out of AvX in the right, continuing to take sides is embarrassing at this point.


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@Roddy010 said:

Here's a cool feat..:)

Wasn't that a skrull at the time? I remember a scene where she tossed Jubilee in some sort of pod.

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@Rabbitearsblog said:

Definitely Jean Grey since she was the original Phoenix.