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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Preview 0

Reboot officially titled ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Columbia Pictures announced a while ago that the title of the next Spider-Man film will be ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. The studio simultaneously released a photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, the first shot of Garfield in the famous full mask and suit. Andrew Garfield portrays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone stars as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans stands in the spotlight as the film’s villain, under the direction of Marc Webb.           ...

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Of what i think of this movie. 0

More anime-like space opera than standard superhero fare, this newest OAV launches a glowing green bolt of light across the universe…Starting with the familiar origin of Hal Jordan, test pilot, the film nonetheless doesn’t spend too much time earth-bound or with love interest Carol Ferris: he becomes GL at the four-minute mark, takes off to join the rest of the Corps, and literally never looks back until the closing seconds.As usual, Andrea Romano has done a great job assembling a supporting voi...

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Of what i think of this movie. 0

very good movie fan has been burned by a three-quel. Bring up the third chapters of the Godfather, Back to the Future, or, perhaps the most derided of all, Alien franchises, and watch true hardcore fans start to tear up. Having been burned multiple times by Hollywood's third trip to the well is bad enough, but when you start considering the history of comic book movies, it gets that much more painful. Just mentioning Batman Forever or Superman III might get you kicked out of some comic book stor...

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Of what i think of this movie. 0

Our four favorite ninja turtles are back in action and in CGI!!! Since the defeat of the Shredder, the gang has been growing apart. Splinter sends Leonardo away to find himself in the hopes that this will make him a more effective leader. Back home, things have been getting pretty hectic with the crime in the city. A very rich industrialist, who goes by the name of Maximillian Winters, is collecting, or should I say "building", an army of ancient warrior statues to reverse a curse. Throw in some...

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Halo: Uprising # 1 0

Picking up from the conclusion of blockbuster video game Halo 2, the must-read issue reveals how the Master Chief, while onboard a hostile ship headed towards Earth, is battling against Covenant forces! Intertwined with Master Chief's interstellar one-man-war is the saga of a great American city's rebellion and downfall, two disparate lives' collision and shared fate, and the Convenant's hunt for an ancient relic of untold power and value. With hope dwindling and the fate of humanity hanging by ...

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Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas # 1 0

On the banks of the rising Yangtze, a man and woman are walking through some old ruins. The woman is there to observe an archeological find the man is showing her. As they enter a temple, the woman notes two statues of lions, called Shishi, are inside the temple instead of outside. The man suggests the Lions of Fo may have been meant to protect the outside world from the spirits within. He then tells the woman that a price has not yet been set on the object he is about to show her. They arrive i...

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Web of Spider-Man # 70 0

I could not believe this. Spidey turning to Hulk!!!!Spider-Man, who had been following reports of a wild beast in the New England wilderness (what?), gets stuck with the guy's energy-packed device. Hulk nearly drowns him, then leaves, and Peter heads back to New York feeling woozy and uncomfortable. Confronted on a rooftop by a pair of security guards, Spidey gets angry and bam! He's a big green guy in a little red suit. Spider is the strongest one there is! When Spider gets angry, Spider gets s...

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Venom #2 Shiver Part 2 0

Lieutenant Patricia Robertson, an army communications specialist working at an arctic radar station named "Christmastown" made a gruesome discovery when making a routine errand to a small research lab. (She was returning some movies, really.) After responding to a distress message over the intercom, she discovered that nearly the entire staff of the lab had been slaughtered. Hoo boy, were these guys dead. We're talking Bucky-caliber dead here. What happened to those guys shouldn't happen to a bu...

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Prototype Review. 0

 Man, that's alot of bloody gore.  From what I've seen, Prototype is a video game about a young man with strange powers who makes modern day New York his playground as he wages war against a plague of mutated monsters. Prototype the comic is about a group of soldiers facing the horrors of war in Vietnam. In its first half, it's difficult to for any connections between the game and comic, and it's a fair question indeed to ask what the point of the comic is in the first place. Eventually the con...

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Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man : the battle and team-up!!!!! 0

I am writing this review about Superman and Spider-Man meeting for the first time! What I like about this issue is Superman from Metropolis, comes to New York City for a reason. His friends are Jimmy Olsen, Mr.White, Mrs.Clark, and Lois Lane as always. Spider-Man on the other hand, he did not know Superman was going to come here and his friends are Harry Osborn, Aunt May, Mr.Jameson, and Mary Jane. When the part I do not like is Doc Ock wants to defeat Spider-Man and Lex Luthor wants to defeat S...

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Marvel Adventures : Spider-Man #40 - If I had a hammer. 0

This review is my favorate issue. The reason why this is my favorate issue is because Spidey uses the Hammer of Thor and he gets a ticket to Asguard. Another reason is the costume of the Spider-God and I like it. The only thing I do not like is Spidey getting a hammer from Asguard and no one knows what could happen to this Webbed-God. Any comments, let me know....

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Marvel Adventures : Spider-Man #35 0

This issue is about Spidey and Venom. What I like about this issue is when Venom asks him to be his sidekick, it's okay for Venom, But for Spider-Man no. That bad part that also means what I don't like is this, I don't like the way Spidey is decieding. But , Venom keeps asking Spider-Man to be his official sidekick. What will Spidey choose? Can anyone ask me, because I did not know the end of the story. Comment this right here....

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The Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project 0

This iiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss a review you do not want to miss. I know you are intrested in something else, but I like this issue alot and this is the 100 project you never want to miss, only for the people who are intested in this issue. Any Comments? Let me know okay....

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The Amazing Spider-Man #569 New Ways to Die, Part two 0

This is it. the issue you have been waiting for! A new Villian has arrived or could he be a new hero? The way is the ThunderBolts may have come to kill Spider-Man, but it will have to be interupted by a new villian or a new hero. the guess is the guest named Anti-Venom!  Any comments?...

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The Amazing Spider-Man #568- New ways to die Part One. 0

I am writing this review about this issue which is a really cold, cool, and deadly issue. In this issue, Spider-Man might have to face an event that could be a new way to die and well, He could have a new destiny and new villains too. Anyone want's to comment about this issue, put your comment about this issue....

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Exiles #64 Timebrakers (part 3 or 4) 0

I'm writing this review about Timebrakers part 3. In this issue, The Exiles and Weapon X were in standing in the cover and that other guy who was strangling about something was a good cover did you know that? Anyone have any coments, let me know please? It is a pleasure thank you for everything....

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New Avengers #28- Revolution: part 2 0

TheNew Avengers were my favorite heroes of all, and well too bad some heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and some others got out of the team, but the other heroes did not quit the team. It was a little sad about that, but you just got to get used to it. It's normal you know........

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Exiles #44- A blink of time (part 2 of 3) 0

In this issue, This was the last apperance of Weapon X. Some members like Spider, Ms.Marvel, Firestar, Gambit, and Hulk were killed by Hyperion. Except that Spider was killed by Firestar. Some members like She-Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Kaine, and Hyperion returned to their home universes.The Exiles were all alive as well too.......

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Captain America #47 America Lost part 3 of 4 0

I am writing this review about this issue of Captain America #47 America Lost part 3 of 4. in this issue is a little unpleasent about Captain America with his Loss of things, but it does'nt mean it's over. not like the Civil War. It's his decicions and anyone want to know leave a comment about that....

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Ultimate Spider-Man #34 Inheritance 0

I am writing this review about this issue in Ultimate Spider-Man. Okay in the begining, Peter discovers the suit and he wore it. After that issue, he is swinging with that suit, but later he will be teached a lesson for that. Why don't you guess about that lesson i just told you.........

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Exiles #23 With an iron fist (part 1) 0

I'm writing this Review about this issue. In the begging I thought that Weapon X were going to kill IronMan-Doom. But no, they were just going to help him defeat the Inhumans. what do you think is going to happen next? Do you know what happened next? It could be a pleasure. I know allof it....

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Exiles # 12, Another rooster in the henhouse. 0

I'm writing this review about the issue #12 OF THE EXILES, another rooster in the henhouse. In the begining it was Weapon X and the Exiles meeting together and they went okay. But in the second issue it would be un-okay. In that issue, three new members were in that issue. They wre Spider, Sto...

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