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@larryashlynn: Kind of a spoiler. You might want to black that out.

Other than the art being all over the place I thought it was a well written story and enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.

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N52 was happening right at the time I was getting back into comics and the first couple o comics I bought were Green Lantern, Flash and Red Lanterns. I'm still reading @12 and really enjoy them. I hadn't read comics for 20 years so I dont have that connection with past continuity but can understand people not digging it.

If you don't like it anymore then you should definitely check out some other companies. I love Image and I'm constantly adding their books to my pull list. And if you want superheros you should check out Valiant. I don't read too much Marvel but Elektra and Punisher are solid titles.

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Red Lanterns, Superman and Detective are all really good right now.

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I haven't read much Morrison and I was going to pass this up but when I got to the lcs all the hype got the better of me ( like it usually does) and I grabbed a copy. Can't wait to get home to read it.

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Loved them both but I had to go with Year One .

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This is going to look real nice on my shelf.

-edit- Wow, I just saw the price. That's a killer deal!

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I do prefer the DCU but I read both companies, they're both good at what they do so why limit yourself. Marvel is doing some great stuff with the Punisher, Elektra, Moon Knight etc. and DC is doing great with their Bat-line and they've totally tuned around the Superman books and even Catwoman is getting a new writer( been waiting forever for that).

"Marvel has better art. I mean thats why i think marvel is beating dc in the movie world."

This is priceless... Marvel has better comic art, so that's why they're beating them in the movie world...I was wondering why that is, thanks.

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Please,please,please let this be on a good channel

@bl00dwerk said: I need to get around to reading Zero but I'm reading so many already...

I'm pretty sure the first trade is only $10, probably less online and you won't be disappointed :-)

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Great tournament!!! You did a really good job. For suggestions, I like the idea of past champions not competing or maybe having some kind of handicap and also I think it should only be true comic characters. I know Star Wars is a comic but so is GI Joe, Samurai Jack, X-Files etc. there's really no end.

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