Galaxy of Comics 1/26

(I'm doing this for last Saturday because I couldn't get any time to do this until now. LoL)

So at the 50% off, 4th Anniversary sale that was on Saturday I picked up:

Young Avengers #1 (Bryan Lee O'Malley Variant) [$4 + tax] - Not necessarily interested on what's inside (DON'T KILL MEH!), but I love O'Mally's Cover Art for this issue. I hope that he'll be able to do more comic book covers, 'cuz I definitely buy them! :)

Uncanny X-Force #1 [$3.99 + tax and bag & board] - FOR PSYLOCKE !!! <3<3<3 :3 PUCK, NO TOUCH!!! >:(

Savage Wolverine #1 [$1.60 + tax and bag & board] - I heard that this was bloody, so I wanted to pick it up. (Plus it was 60% of with the purchase of Uncanny X-Force! :3) Not as bloody as I thought. DISSAPOINTED!!! LoL Anyway, I wasn't planning on picking up the rest of the series in the first place, so whatevs'.

Deadpool #4 [1.50 + tax and bag & board] - Lovin' Deadpoo'!

Deadpool Killustrated #1 [2.99 + tax and bag & board] - Of course!

(Uncanny X-Force and Deadpool are normal priced because the comics on pull lists are not part of the sale.)

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