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Why there wasn't an amalgam of Bane & Venom named Venom I do not know.

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I see it every time Singer or Superman are mentioned and I *still* don't understand the hate Superman Returns gets. I can understand why people don't like the film, but I see people constantly call it trash and act like it belongs with the likes of Elektra. That just boggles my mind. It's a 72 on Metacritic and a 76% on RT, that's not exactly terrible. It's not great, but it's hardly one of the worst superhero films like everyone seems to believe. Of course, I see people on here saying X2 was horrible and that makes my head explode.

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Right now, anything's better than Superman Returns.

There is no way it can be worst than that.

There's always the possibility. Especially since Superman Returns did just fine critically. May not have done as well with the fanboys, but no signs point to it being as bad as some think it is. In the end, this could actually get worse reviews, though I myself doubt it too, but it's possible. Of course, I'm of the mind that it was the fanboys that had the real problems with SR and if it was like Transformers 2, with all action and no substance, they wouldn't have bitched as much, because they don't seem to care about anything but "Superman punching someone".

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Read the script and enjoyed it very much. Look forward to it.

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I still have little interest in this movie. As an avid fan of the character, these are my continued thoughts when I see the trailers and such:

  1. Dredd is the MOST FEARED JUDGE OF THEM ALL...and his big bad villain is a scar-faced chick at the top of a 200-floor building? Not trying to sound misogynist with that, but that doesn't sound like a massive threat.
  2. The trailer and premise looks like almost a straight rip from The Raid: Redemption. The only thing keeping me intereste d is that Alex Garland wrote the script, and that man is incredible.


2. Yeah, it's an unfortunate comparison that's thrown around a lot considering Dredd started filming 4 months before The Raid: Redemption did. Still, it was released first and I'm sure the filmmakers of Dredd weren't too happy.

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@mettlekm: He does actually. He had a relationship with Lana Lang, Big Barda and several other women. But after he got married to Lois Lane, he just can't date anymore.

BTW, did you just say you got the same problem? LOL

I bet nowadays that's not even considered a good excuse not to try and "pick up chicks".

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Sure been rockin' the sheer shirts lately.

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Well, looks like they spoiled part of the ending in the trailer.

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Ugh...Batmans costume reminds me of Batman & Robin 97'....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

My father actually loves that costumes ]

he was genuinely offended when later iterations of Batman didn't include the nipples

he say's they took his manliness away

Now now, the costume referred to didn't have nipples.

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I beg to differ.

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I know it's two months old, but to respond to that, the Batman thing doesn't work because he's the "God Damn Batman". He could wear a sweater with "Hello Kitty" pasted on the front, wearing a pink skirt and rainbow colored socks while blasting "Eye of the Tiger" out of loudspeakers attached to his chest while riding around on rocket boots, firing off fireworks in every direction and you still wouldn't know he was sneaking up on you. He's just that good.