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That's pretty hard to say. The Primary Inhumans vs Eternals = Inhumans. Every Eternal vs Every Inhuman = Eternals.  I wonder why they have never cross paths or battle.

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All I have to say is it would be a match to remember. recordkeeper said it best..  But remember this is not a match; its a battle with a person with honor against another with none at all. Mr. X is the opposite of everything shang chi stand for.  I'm sure Shang-Chi fought similar powers to Mister X. And the telepathic thing is just a helping hand.  Any Grandmaster fighter can think the opposite of what he's thinking or his true intentions or change reflexes or stature during the fight..  Remember Kung Fu is more than just moves, it mind, body and soul. Now a fight that would take all day based on reading the mind of the opponents; Gorgon and Mister X.

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Shang-Chi, clear mind, multiple shots to the body, win.

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 Goku Coolest DeadBeat Dad Ever!!!!