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My knowledge of Barbara Gordon is very limited. I mainly added this book to my list because of sheer curiosity on how she'd be out of the wheelchair and wanting to read more Bat titles than Batman, INC. After reading these 4 pages, I have a feeling it's going to be a BEHEMOTH of a book and can't wait to get my mits on it. 

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@spiderbat87 said:
I know Thors a big guy and would probably be heavy but I'm pretty sure Mrs. Marvel could lift him on her own!
@spiderbat87: I don't think that image is so much a matter of him being too heavy for one person to carry, but rather a respect thing for his culture. If a prominent viking died in battle, they would carry him much like that to the funeral pyre. That image is definitely that of a fallen hero, but I hope he doesn't die, I can't lose my favorite hero, no matter how briefly. 
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i'm so pissed I have to wait an extra week to read this when it comes out, but it looks to be well worth the wait

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I'm curious whether or not we can read FF until 600 comes out and then the two series will split off from the same point and if people want, they can just jump over to F4 following continuity from the FFs that came before it.

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@pixelized: The same one that Sir Mix-A-Lot goes to for his videos, where the girls dance around in bikinis and he wears a fur coat.
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Another thing that I'm really liking about this new character (much like I enjoyed with ultimate peter parker) is that because he is so young (they're talking what, 12-14?) We will get to see him grow, not only as a hero, but as a person, we get to see this young kid who is still forming his ideas about what he feels the world is and we'll get to see how becoming the new spider-man will shape these world-views. That's one thing I prefer about these ultimate universe kids to the older heroes. The older characters have already been around and formed their opinions and personalities prior to becoming heroes. But with this kid, I think it will probably be the most interesting thing to read. At that age, you are constantly changing how you look at things and what your opinions are. I know I've changed and grown a lot in these past two years from 18-20, and when I was the age of Miles, I know I changed what I thought about things 20 times in a day. We're going to see a character in some of the most important times in his life, and that is probably the most amazing part of the whole thing.

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@Babs said:

@GBrutality said:

first off, storm grew up in cairo i thought? egypt may be in africa, but that's being egyptian.

Egypt is in Africa.

Yeah, Egyptians are still Africans, much in the the same way that New Jerseyites are still Americans (though sometimes we wish they weren't) which would make someone from Egypt (or of Egyptian descent) who is an American citizen an African-American. Also, take a look at your census next time it comes around, because Indians are a sub-listing of the Asian catagory (they differentiate between Asian Indian and American Indian) 
Anyways, back to the matter at hand. I am super excited for this new Ultimate Spider-Man. I love all of the art that Sara Pichelli did on the past books and this concept art is fantastic. I can't wait to see where she and Bendis take this character.
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My big hope is that they do the whole Donald Blake/Thor switching thing to get Thor between Earth and Asgard. The connection that the two have is part of what drew me to the series. 

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I think Marvel is spoiling their books more than they should, but in all honesty, knowing who was gonna be under the mask when I picked up Ultimate Fallout #4 didn't tarnish the ride. Also, seeing this kid in action, hearing his lines, I think he's gonna be just fine as spider-man. I also think it's great that, if it's not peter parker under the mask, that they put in an ethnically diverse character. I remember reading a blurb from Stan Lee when people were trying to back Donald Glover (Community) to play Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man film. Though I can't find the exact portion of the statement, he basically said that they gave spider-man the mask so that any kid of any color could envision himself as spider-man, and now that is becoming more of a reality.  
Though at the same time, I'm curious how long until Peter Parker is back to swinging from building to building in the big apple.

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I would have actually liked Jessica Drew to take over for Peter Parker but I'm curious to see this new kid as Spider-Man, I've enjoyed everything that I've read from Bendis so it should be good regardless

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