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Not a Batwing reader but I gotta say, that cover is pretty sick.

Kudos to the cover artist.

DamnDamn usually refers to damnation, a condemnation, usually by a god; frequently used as a profanity.

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Yeah I'm definitely picking this up.

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Daken, is that you?

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This seems like a great week overall, can't wait to get my hands on these:

  • Sandman Overture #1
  • Saga #15
  • Infinity #5
  • Avengers #22
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@bellaardila92: ...... errr, okay... now why exactly are you saying that to me?

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@mightyrearranger said:

Bruce Lee with kung-fu movie force pwns all of them if we're talking "all of history".

Hell, Gail Simone Catman shreds half of that field alone.

And don't even get me started on Captain Falcon. Unless any of those mentioned can hit him into the air and over a distance of about 1 city block, he just won't die.


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@instantdeath999: And I don't think you do, because even considering the probability of Lady Shiva being inexistent in the Timmverse throughout Bruce's carrier in Gotham, one would have to be completely blinded by fanboyism not to fully grasp the weight of this sentence: ''Greatest hand-to-hand fighter in History''. Emphasis on ''History'' here, meaning that Wayne is being held as the irrevocable best H-2-H combatant in the history of mankind. I mean, to an extent the writer could have got away with it if he said ''best of his generation''. Step out of your bubble for a second here. There has certainly got to be a limit to the amount of hype a single character can receive.

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@theocitylegend said:

Lol, no need to get so upset over it. What exactly puts Shiva over Batman? I am yet to see a fight between the two that suggests she is Batmans superior. As for Deathstroke, the one instance I know where Deathstroke clearly beat Batman was ages ago and Deathstroke even admitted his victory was solely to due his enhancements, and despite Deathstroke enhanced physicals he still barely walked away from the fight. I don't know enough about Cain to make a call on her, but even if she was superior to Batman she does not even exist post-flashpoint so whatever combat ability she used to have is irrelevant.

The reason is simply because you don't read enough comics (no offense), which is very blatant when you question whether or not Lady Shiva can defeat Batman. She decisively defeated him in all their encounters. I mean, throughout the years Shiva has consistently been praised as the best H-2-H fighter in the DC Universe, including by Batman himself. Hell, she even trained him at one point. He went to seek her teachings after Bane broke his back.

Concerning Deathstroke and Cassandra Cain, it's so delicious whenever I see fanboys look for excuses, this is basically you right now: ''Yeah he beat him but it's just because of this and that'' -- I really love this part, it's absolutely exquisite. Slade Wilson's enhancements are an integral part of his abilities, not his fault Batman can't keep up. Furthermore, it matters for naught if he defeated Batman a while ago, the fact remains that he did. And this is another reason why I dislike the way DC handles their continuity, it gives people like yourself a perfect reason to play donkey.

@herokiller12344 said:

@hancock89: Agreed. I don't doubt that Batman's a good fighter, but one of the best in the world?

That's BS and pandering.

Yeah man, it's absurd. If DC weren't so busy hyping up this one character maybe they wouldn't have so much trouble building up their cinematic universe. They don't fully exploit the rich potential of other great characters they have.... Whenever they hit a wall the main solution they go for most of the time are: ''Let's reboot all our books!!'' and ''More Batman.''

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@theocitylegend said:

@herokiller12344 said:

....Really? Superman needs to ask Batman how to fight? Superman?

Oh and how is Batman suddenly the greatest in the world?

Batman is undoubtedly one of the best in the world, whether he is the best is up for debate.

Why doesn't it make sense for Batman to train Superman? Since Batmans youth he has rigorously trained in h2h combat, Batmans h2h feats totally dwarf Supermans. Plus the two are best friends, who best to train Superman than his best friend?

No, sir. This isn't up for debate. He is most certainly not ''The Greatest Hand-to-Hand Fighter in History'', that's for damn sure. This is another addition to the pantheon of ridiculous Batman hype, anything to please the fanboys. On top of my head here are characters that are far superior to him in that regard in the DC universe: Lady Shiva, Deathstroke and Cassandra Cain.

I cringed a little after reading that panel to be honest.

Calling him the greatest in that field is an insult to those characters and many more. But hey, he's Batman right? So I guess these writers can say about anything. *rolls eyes