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This May Already Be a Winner 0

I haven't read any of the other issues in this year's Pilot Season (If there are any... it seems like a wholly unorganized event which blows my mind), but regardless of votes I sincerely hope that this becomes at least a solid mini-series. Not sure if this is ongoing title material, as it's a dissection of how we as people define and view beauty.If everyone was beautiful would it even matter? Seems that there are people in this book that argue that beauty isn't everything, but it could also be r...

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Classy Reading 0

Simply one of the most visually creative and immersive books I've read in a long time. The costumes are gorgeous and really bring the steampunk style to the foreground. The book reminds me of Joe Mad's Battle Chasers from back in the day. An unconventional story and environment as far as comics are concerned, but one that's mysterious and charming enough to keep me coming back for more. ((Not to mention the long waits in between each issue)).This issue continues where the last one leaves off as ...

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Dark is Appropriate 0

After reading the first issue, I felt like I had an idea of what this book had to offer, but I wanted to wait another issue to pass judgment. So far, the story has been pretty interesting, but the execution is not as good as it could be. A lot of the characters look similar to me and from their dialogue, I can't differentiate them very well. I think it falls on the writer to write distinct and memorable characters, and a couple of the characters so far have blended together. In addition to that,...

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The Hits Keep Coming 0

I've been reading Spidey tales for quite a while, so after that opening sequence, you kind of have to question whether Spidey's story is on the up and up. I mean, throwing feces at a giant worm in hopes that you'll make it expel its meal of red and blue seems a little unlikely. Be that as it may, it's exactly the kind of story that Spidey would fabricate for his adoring audience. Anything for the fans really.This issue is jam packed just like the previous masterpiece. Zeb Wells is on point and h...

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Demon in a Bottle Part Deux? 0

I actually have not read Demon in a Bottle which I hear is quintessential Iron Man reading so I probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Matt Fraction and co. have decided to go big with this story arc. Zeke Stane who is arguably smarter than Tony Stark and Mandarin, smart in his own right and crazily powerful, have combined forces and come out swinging. They're bringing the heat and Tony Stark is at another one of those low points in his life. Getting his drink on while in armor during Fea...

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Shattered Heroes Still Have Character 0

Usually issues that appear post crossover event aren't of the finest quality, but I found this issue to be quite well done. It starts with a bit of a stroll down memory lane with several of their most recent major events from the Civil War to Blitzkrieg USA. All the flashbacks are as they seem, but there is a silent focus on a certain SHIELD agent. Her name is Carolina Washington and her behavior is enough to warrant another look. She is collecting what appears to be biological samples from fall...

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Magical Big Cats 0

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Zatanna magic and dark haired ladies. Something about the cover is very alluring and it is probably the reason why I picked up this book in the first place. Inside, Joëlle Jones and Karl Kerschl's artwork reminded me a lot of Humberto Ramos and kept me reading. The story itself seems to be setting itself up for something much larger, but for this issue, it appears to be just a primer in the world of vampyres with a little history on the side.The book kind of jump...

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Into the Wild 0

The more I read this book, the more I want. The story is quite invoking. One often wonders what the future will be like, and for the most part, it seems that most writers are in agreement that we will be undone by our greed. This is usually accompanied by some sort of disaster, sometimes natural, but often one of man's design. With this issue, the origin of the bleak future depicted in Orchid is becoming a little clearer in this book.The sea level rose centuries ago and those that were able to a...

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Yo I Heard You Like Zombies 0

I'm not sure if this book is capitalizing on the success generated by this whole Walking Dead TV series or just our generation's general fascination with the dark, undead, and otherwise fantastical, but its got big shoes to fill. Key of Z is a promising series. The writing is good and the artwork is pretty spot on, but I hope this isn't just a colored Walking Dead facsimile attempting to cash in on what's hot right now.That being said, I liked this book. It starts the way most of these stories d...

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The King is Back! 0

I apologize if you thought Jack Kirby rose from the dead to haunt us with some amazing pencils. I was referring to a certain Joe Madureira. One of my favorite artists of all time. His fluid pencils and stylized poses alone are enough to get me to read the book. If a braindead chimp was hammering out the script by seizing on a typewriter, I would still pick up this book if Joe Mad was the one penciling it. And have I ever mentioned how much I love that he doesn't use an inker? I think there are v...

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Well. 0

That happened. If I had to describe this in one word, it would probably be.... real?.... or pure. Pure is more like it. Pure in the sense that all the dialogue is pure, unadulterated spoken thoughts. This book is an exploration in sexuality beyond homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual. They have what I suppose we call bestiality ((although they have the more eloquent term of "zoosexual")), vegisexual ((plant lovers)), and mineralsexuals ((mineral lovers)).This brings in a lot of dimension to the ...

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Strange? More Like Awesome 0

I loved the first issue and could not wait to get my hands on issue 2. Now a lot of things that get a lot of hype at first ((Obama, Tang, Y2K, etc)) usually burn bright and fade. Issue 2 is still in the first half of the limited series, but still. Hot damn is this a good book. The idea, the writing, the artwork. All simply amazing. There's a lot of hoopla with the New 52 and its billion ((read: 52)) titles and the X-Men's restructuring, but I dare say this is better than all of them. Even better...

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Wolverine Brings the X-Men Home 0

What a spectacular issue! I just had to get that out. The old X-Men comics were among the first comics that I read and along with the Animated Series, there were a lot of fond memories of the X-Men growing up. This first issue really brings me back to when the X-Men were part of a school and weren't so militarized. To be honest though, I find it strange that Wolverine was the one to take the kids back. It kind of makes sense in a way because of his code of honor, but if you asked me 15 years ago...

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Not Exactly a Touchdown 0

This might just be my personal tastes, but I have always liked the darker heroes and am always intrigued when heroes take lives. This team is much like Marvel's current Thunderbolts team, but more black ops. Not only does the team comprise convicted criminals, it also tries it's best to keep the team out of sight. The premise of this book seems exciting to me. The execution however falls short of what could be spectacular.This particular issue puts our "heroes" in a live field mission. The missi...

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Nowhere to Go 0

Vampirella RevampedWhen the Vampirella monthly was relaunched in 2010, I thought it would be a good time to start reading the comic. When I was younger, I was always intrigued by the character because to be honest.... she had more skin showing than clothes. At the time however, I was not that big a fan of supernatural, horror, or otherwise not flights and tights comics. I also had no idea what the story was and no one else I knew was reading the book.Flash forward to now and we're about a dozen ...

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They Will Come 0

The WarboundI was never a Hulk fan until I picked up Planet Hulk, and then I was hooked. Instead of being a monster on the hunt, he was just another outcast like many of the prisoners there. Together as the Warbound, they fought their captors and bought peace to the land, but because it was a Hulk story, tragedy would strike again. Being constantly tormented and hounded must be part of Hulk's description because once he finds peace, it's ripped from him again.Marital ConflictAt the end the Incre...

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Unexpectedly good! 0

To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. The book is composed of 9 short stories and most of them were really good. The ones that I didn't care for that much were "The Land" and "Americana." Even so, they weren't the worst stories I've read.The other stories however, sent some chills down my spine. Not necessarily because they were scary, but because the feeling of suspense and thrill is so well done that by the time y...

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Not my usual cup of tea 0

Immediately, the story takes off with a brief history of what seems to be the makings of a dystopian future, and then you land in the middle of a frantic chase scene. From the beginning of the issue, the book really tries to draw you in and immerse you into the world with the scenery and story.The elements introduced such as the mask, the socio-economic castes, and the main characters themselves are really intriguing and makes me want more. However, I feel like the writing could be a little stro...

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Sex, Drugs, and Violence 0

Ok, so there's probably not too much of the drugs cause there's children out there, but sex and violence? Lotsa that. Red Hood lays down the law, and Starfire is bangin'. Or should I say Smangin'?I really wanted to write a review about the first issue, but after reading the comic and hearing about all the flak that the creators were getting (mostly for the portrayal of Starfire) I figured I should hold judgment until the next issue. Now, in this issue, Starfire's sexuality isn't put in the foreg...

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Reboot, reset, what? 0

When I heard that DC was coming out with the New 52 and all of their titles were going back to issue 1, I assumed that everything would be rebooted and everyone would get new origins. I was told that was not the case. It was just being reworked for newer readers and the issue number was being reset. But why does Superman have a different power set? It seems that I can just forget about the last 70+ years of DC Comics, but not. This relates to this particular issue because the whole time I was co...

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Aqua-who? 0

To be honest, I have never read an Aquaman comic, cared for the character, and was really not interested in reading this line. My fate was already sealed though as a coworker had bought the issue and said he liked it. When the issue landed on my desk, I didn't think much of it, but as I began flipping through the pages, I became more and more invested in this character. Aquaman showcased a lot more power and character than I thought he had and there was an element of humility, not from the chara...

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Everyone's wished this just once 0

The idea that there's a secret method to building muscle and becoming Herculean overnight tucked away in old comics brings back a lot of memories. I actually remember reading comics with these kinds of ads in them as a kid and always wondered if they were true ((I never tried, but I'm willing to take a wager and say that they do not work)). The story plays out like you think it would: Bullied, nerdy kid in high school loves his mom deeply, has a best friend always trying to push him out of his c...

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Intriguing 0

I've read a lot of flights and tights comics in the past, but this was quite an interesting read. The dialogue is quite good and sets the perfect mood. The artwork is emotive and fits the writing and story very well. I may just be a little slow, but not sure if the Xenoholics is referring to the fact that the group of people have a desire/dependence on being abducted, abduction itself, or the aliens. Nonetheless, fantastic first issue, and the ending leaves you wanting more!...

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