Best of My Week 2011.11.16

My adoring fan(s). I have not blogged this last week and apologize. A certain game has been released and I have been on a rampage playing through it. People have been talking about all of the hours they have put into Skyrim and I think I probably have more hours put into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 than them. I just can't get enough of those missions. And all the new characters and abilities of existing characters makes it feel like a brand new game. That being said, it actually feels a little more buggy at times than vanilla. I suppose they're already working on some patches to polish up the game, but we'll see in the coming weeks. I haven't seen anything as groundbreaking as the DHC Glitch ((not sure why they didn't patch that out, but decided to get rid of Captain America's Shield Slash infinite ><)), but more graphical/game play affecting glitches. I haven't really come across any while playing, but there seems to be a lot documented already.

As for comics, the volume of stuff that I got through this week is probably half my usual haul. With it being so close to next week, I decided to just give a couple of thoughts about the comics that I read.


Batman #3: Hot damn is this a good book. Did mention I love Greg Capullo? His style in this book is much, much different from when he was penciling Spawn, but he was under the influence of Todd McFarlane at the time so I can see that influence. It's nice that he's found a distinct and unique style that is signature and awesome for this book. The story being crafted is simply amazing. It draws on old myth, legacy, and superstition. It has a Sherlock Holmes feel, with equal parts mystery, suspense, and thrill. I cannot wait to see the outcome and learn more about the inner workings of the schemes in motion. If you're not already reading this book, it's not too late to start!


Justice League #3: To be honest, I did not like the first two books in this series that much. I thought it was interesting, but not even fresh. The content of the story and especially Jim Lee's pencils reminded me a lot All Star Batman and Robin; As if they were trying for some of the same again. I could be crazy, but it's just what I felt when I was reading the book. This issue however was a lot more enjoyable in my opinion. It felt more like a Justice League book and this might just coincide with all the major players working together for the first time. ((Cyborg isn't in yet, but from what I hear, he's going to be kicked down to the Teen Titans. Could be wrong about that, but it makes sense since that's where he started and he's younger than other Justice League members)). This issue reveals a bit more into the threat that faces our heroes and of course it is life threatening and the world may just end. This book definitely picks it up a notch and I look forward to what it brings.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3: Aside from Bats, I think Jason Todd is the most interesting of the Bat-Family right now. Nightwing is kind of meh, and Tim Drake is just like Batman Jr. Jason Todd though has some issues. His shady past is coming to light, but the aspect of the this book that I like the most is the dialogue. With the amount of trash talking and quips, you'd think this was a Spider-Man book or something. I love Arsenal's character with his smart comments and also Starfire's obvious apathy toward emotion. The trio makes make interesting dynamic and I cannot wait for more. Did I also mention Kenneth Rocafort has some solid pencils and draws some smokin' ladies?

Incredible Hulk #2: I love the Hulk. Such an interesting individual. Used be a pair of individuals. If you read a Hulk book it was like a two for one deal with two polar opposite aspects that share the same body. Now they're separated and we got to share the real estate between the both of them. Still, a lot of baggage being drawn toward the light now and we get to see the core essence of both Banner and the Hulk without the other. Banner's character has been a little surprising to me. I guess I never knew much about him, but I did key in on the fact that he was always the monster; Not the Hulk. This book exemplifies the fact Banner has a couple screws loose, but it remains to be seen whether his mad obsession ruins him or is his salvation. In other news, the Hulk is being the Hulk which I think is awesome. Planet Hulk has been my favorite Hulk story thus far and this reminds me a little of that story.

House of Night #1: This book reminds me why I like magic so much. There's just so much mystery and history involved. It seems as if everything is intertwined and destines ever present to be fulfilled or destroyed. This book seems to combine elements of magic, that vampire craze that kids these days seem to like, as well as the normal going ons of a teenage girl. So much potential in this book, and I look forward to how it progresses. While not the best issue in existence, it was enough to hook me. More of my thoughts can found in my review here.

Orchid #2: Has Dark Horse always been making great comics? Where have I been? I like this story a lot. Something about a good dystopian future story always gets me and with ten more issues left to resolve this story, it looks to be leading to an exciting finish. So far, the mystery is still strong and there hasn't been much in the way of revelations, but the character studies have been interesting enough. Neither Simon or Orchid have been particularly outstanding in anyway, although Simon seems to have intelligence beyond any of the characters seen thus far. The next issue appears to be a turning point and launching pad for the rest of the series. My review is here, if you want to know more about the specific issue.

Stray Thoughts

Captain Atom #3: I really didn't care for series all that much through the first two issues. I think this is because I don't know much about the character to begin with, but in this issue, it began to get a little more interesting. I was ready to stop reading this, but now I want to see what the next issue has in store. Plus, who could deny Stanley Lau covers?

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