Best of My Week 2011.11.09


Avenging Spider-Man #1: Ever since I saw the poster up at my local comic shop with Joe Mad's art, I have been patiently waiting for the comic to release and it certainly did not disappoint. On the contrary, it was the best comic of this week in my opinion. The visuals and dialogue are exemplary of what creators should be striving for in this day and age. More thoughts on this issue can be found in my review here.


Green Lantern #3: As much as I hate Sinestro, he's actually an interesting character to read about. The part of him that I like the most is that he will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. The aspect I don't like about him is his arrogance. Which is also a frustrating thing to not like about him because he's one of those people that are very rarely wrong. I want to know how long Sinestro will have the Green Lantern ring since this entire first arc is about him and his quest to regain control of his own Corps. Which, since he's not the leader anymore, is it still the Sinestro Corps? Someone was a little full of themselves when they made their own Lantern Corps... It would be really cool if Sinestro continued to serve as a Green Lantern or maybe after he gains control of his Corps again, strikes some kind of uneasy alliance/truce with the Green Lantern Corps? I feel he hates the Guardians and not necessarily the Green Lanterns. Also, we get a glimpse of Sinestro's true character in this issue and perhaps what he fears? Will this admission of fear prevent him from properly channeling the Yellow Light? Or will it amplify his control, with him knowing exactly how to use that fear. Mysteries abound, especially with the cliffhanger ending!

Key of Z #1: Here's an interesting comic. At times I felt like it's a "Me too" kind of a thing with the zombies, werewolves, and vampires theme that has taken pop culture by storm, but at the same time, it's fairly well done and it's got an interesting story. What intrigues me most is the potential for the characters of this book to triumph and succeed in the face of adversity. We'll see where this book leads to and I have a little bit more about this book in my review here. If you're sick of the Walking Dead, or just can't get enough of zombies, give this title a shot. It might just tickle your fancy. Read my review here if you want to know more about the book.

Batwing #3: Things are heating up in this issue. The detective story in this book is what piqued my interest in the first place, but to be honest I wasn't all that jazzed about it. The writing, the story, the art were all really strong, but there wasn't that much that actually excited me about this book. It's kind of a weird thing to say, but certain books, you have to be in a certain mood to read. That's how I felt about this book. That it was serious and not to be taken lightly. After finishing this book, I find that while it isn't any less serious, it is definitely more exciting. Maybe I'm just a sucker for cliché plot twists, but I enjoy it. I'm definitely more excited for the future of this book.

Amazing Spider-Man #673: While a little overshadowed by the amazing first issue of Avenging Spider-Man, this was an sensational epilogue to the spectacular Spider-Island arc. While not perfect, I thought the Spider-Island story arc was a fairly fun story and I like the developments that happened during the series. The major one for me is the reappearance of Peter's long time love into his life, although I guess him getting his Spider Sense back is something of an important thing as well. It's kind of like getting rid of his web shooters and still having him be the same old Spidey... doesn't work too well. Other minor things like his knowledge of kung-fu ((or Spider-Fu as he coined it)) now coupled with his Spider Sense can potentially put him in league with some of the best fighters on the planet. There's also Norah Winters' new attraction to bad boy Phil Urich which I'm sure will come up with that whole Hobgoblin thing. Not like that is going to end poorly /sarcasm. I'm excited for the future of this title and hope that Humberto Ramos will be back with his amazing pencils in the future.

Did Not Care For

Mister Terrific #2: I haven't read issue 3 yet, but from what I have seen, it's not exactly the second coming of Jesus. This issue was also not top shelf material. I kind of liked how they set up the first issue, but this one left me wanting something different. Not sure what it is, but I'm more than certain it's the writing. The artwork is nothing I'll write home about, but the script just does not do it for me. It's not compelling, energetic, mysterious, or any kind of descriptor. It's just... words. Which really bums me out because what is actually going on in the comic is intriguing. I like that this villain is some kind of self proclaimed super genius and to save the day, Mister Terrific is going to have to outsmart his foe and not just bash his face in.

Stray Thoughts

Haunted City #1: I really like where this book is headed. Issue 0 I think was a stronger hook into the series than the first issue in my opinion, but after the establishment of characters, themes, and story is done and over with, I think this has the makings to be a fun, intriguing story. I like that independent studios are willing to try out all these kinds of crazy stories with all new characters with just the wildest ideas. Power to imagination! ((Side note: Having a good colorist really changes the presentation of the artwork. Peter Steigerwald really brought the art to life in issue 0, and this issue was not nearly as dynamic))

Deadpool #43: I swear these stories are made on a whim. I imagine the planning of this series involves a dart board and a couple of "Irish" drinks to go around. The book is true to the character, with the writer getting into the mind of Deadpool ((which must be a really messy endeavor)) and writing some solid scripts. Not really a fan however of how he's always ((or usually)) getting exactly what he wanted either through sheer luck or a well crafted plan. With the former, he might as well have luck based powers like Longshot or Domino, or with the latter he's like the Joker in which there is a genius intellect hiding behind insanity.

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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

House of Night was surprisingly good and I was also glad to see Captain Atom turnaround, IMO the first two issues were right up(down) there with Mister Terrific.

Posted by HalfShellHero

@DoomDoomDoom: I had high hopes for Mister Terrific. I was hoping for it to be a cross between an Iron Man and Batman comic, but so far it's been far from it. Thanks for reading!