Best of My Week 2011.10.26

What a week in comics! It seems that every week I have a ton of comics that I absolutely love and this week does not disappoint.


Wolverine and the X-Men #1: This issue is SO good! I love the X-Men and this story was so classic, yet refreshing. This issue gets my highest recommendation and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. If you want to read more about what I thought about it, my review is this way.


Ultimate Hawkeye #1 and #2: The Ultimate line is always so political. I'm not sure if this mirrors current events as I happen to live in a cave, but at times when I'm reading these comics, I'm thinking to myself "We don't really like anyone and everyone else hates us huh..." Nonetheless, it's awesome that Hawkeye has gotten a solo title and back in his original costume. While I love Joe Mad and his rendition of Hawkeye's costume, I think this one is a little more Ultimate flavored than the purple one. Hawkeye is such a badass in these comics and the story developing is quite interesting. It brings up a lot of points about the real world and what exactly an arms race can do to the people at large. Not to say that there's a serum out there that give an ordinary person powers, but I'm sure there's a lot of stuff under wraps that the average joe just doesn't know about.

Vampirella #8 and #9: You can read my review of issue #9 here. I like this series. It's not exactly high profile, and certainly after the launch of the New 52, there's plenty of other titles to read, but this is a fun release from all of the superhero stories that I'm always reading. After the end of the first story arc, I was glad to find that the story jumps right back into another mystery and more baddies that need to stopped. Plus you get to follow around the always saucy Vampirella and her interesting choice for a companion Sofia.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2: Whoever decided that Frankenstein was going to be a sword wielding bad ass gets major props in my book. I have always had a soft spot for the misunderstood or otherwise different heroes and that's what made me decide to pick up this title. The writing and fitting artwork kept me coming back for more. This issue finds our heroes literally diving straight into the anomaly in the lake and leaves me wanting the next issue to jump into right now. I really hope more people give this title a shot. It doesn't have all of the DC regulars aside from the Atom, but like many of the other titles in the New 52, I think it's worth giving it a read.

Justice League #2: It's really interesting reading this book where they're not working together like a well-oiled machine. This reminds me of the All-Star Batman and Robin that Jim Lee and Frank Miller were making back in the day. While the words are not as grim and dark as Miller's, the complete retelling of the characters is reminiscent of that book. Also probably has to do with the fact that Mr. Lee is penciling this book as well. The story, while modern, brings me back to classic Justice League stories where there are a lot of unknowns and the team is still trying to pull it together. This is definitely a great place to start if you're new to comics, but I find it a little confusing reading this book and transitioning to solo titles. For example, Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern in this book, but he doesn't even have a ring in the Green Lantern series. Would it kill DC to put all canon titles in the same universe at the same time? This time hopping, spatial jumping is a big reason why I never liked DC titles in the first place, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure there's plenty of valid reasons and it's not like I'm not enjoying the books, it's just something that irks me.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2: theduffel loves this series. With tongue. I also quite enjoy it. Probably not as much... and most definitely not as creepily. Kyle Rayner has always been my favorite Green Lantern, mostly for his humility and humbleness. For so long, he was trying to prove himself worthy of the mantle, not noticing that he had won it multiple times over. Obviously the Emotional Spectrum thinks he's incredibly worthy as rings just gravitate toward him. Literally. He's a ring pimp. He could be spending these babies like I use Nutella and they would still be coming ((note: I love Nutella. With mouth)). The ending is just like the end in the first issue; Leaving you at the precipice of the highest cliffhanger ever. With the Guardians acting up ((or just Ganthet I suppose since the others have never really had much emotion)), I really want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Easily one of my favorite titles of the New 52.

The Flash #2: I love the opening credits. Both this and the first issue did a spectacular job at it and I hope it continues. I never read much Flash comics in the past, but he was always an interesting character to me. I love that he is developing the power to tap into the Speed Force and analyze situations at super speed and utilize his brain power to help people. This brings another facet to this character not previously seen and reminds me of Bart Allen's ability to read at super speed and retain all the knowledge gained. I think the writing and the artwork is fantastic, but I'm not as interested in the current story/mystery as I am in the character himself.

Should/Could Have Been Better

Suicide Squad #2: This book has HARLEY QUINN. She's one of my favorite characters and I'm sure many others feel the same way. She was loved so much, she made the transition from her creation in Batman: The Animated Series to being a fan favorite in comics. How could this title be any less than stellar? Perhaps it's the creative team behind it? The direction they're headed? I'm not sure, but it needs to be sorted quick. I would like to see Harley as the focal point, but I'm not sure she's a team leader (or even a team player) and I don't think she's exactly solo book material. I liked the stories that came from Gotham City Sirens and maybe DC will bring something like that back if this series doesn't continue in the future. I have more thoughts on this book in my review here if you're on the fence about continuing the series. I will continue getting the title because I support Harley Quinn, but I really hope the creators have something in their bag of tricks.

Deathstroke #2: I actually liked the first issue, but the second made me think a bit. Deathstroke is such a badass character, but it seems like this comic is just "I can kill you and I'm going to do it." I really wish there was a little more.... thought..? to the character. I mean, we get that he can kill at will, but isn't there just a little more to him? Maybe he uses his brain and creates an elaborate scheme? Nope, just guns blazing and a body count higher than the Empire State Building. I had to check the check the credits to make sure Michael Bay wasn't somehow involved in this title, but then again, there wasn't some random hot girl walking around taking up screen time, so that should have tipped me off. Still, I wish this title were better as I think the character as a lot of potential, but if you like high body counts and explosions, this might be your cup of tea.

Did Not Care For

Captain Atom #2: Captain Atom is a character like Deathstroke that I feel is really interesting and a lot more could be done with him, but I honestly just didn't really care for this issue all that much. I mean, I loved the science-based nature of his powers and all that, but I'm just not a fan. The first 2 issues haven't really drawn me in and I'm not sure I'll continue reading the title, but I'll most likely continue reading it anyway and who knows, it might get better.

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Posted by theduffel

We're very similar. I feel the same way towards Suicide Squad and Captain Atom. Suicide Squad is on the verge of making a good line but still needs to work a few things out. Captain Atom is a very interesting character but has yet to produce my interest in the New 52 line, which disappoints me.

Posted by HalfShellHero

In hindsight, I think I actually critiqued Suicide Squad a little too harshly as I actually enjoy the title. It's probably because I had higher hopes for it :( We'll see what the future brings!

Posted by NoTimeToulouse

Thanks for the interesting reviews!  I had never heard of the Frankenstein series particularly, and look forward to checking it out.

Posted by HalfShellHero