Best of My Week 2011.10.19

I think I'm going to blog about the comics that I think were the best of my week. I say "my week" because I get comics regularly, but I will probably always be behind because of responsibilities I have or just a general lack of time. Usually, that "life" thing gets in the way and I can't do Day 1 reviews, so I've settled to be the Slo Bro of comic reviewing. Now, Onward:

Best: The Unexpected. You can read my review here. It was probably the best comic that I read from last week and I really wish it was a monthly. Hopefully someone high up in Dark Horse reads this and decides to bring the band back for an encore.

Other comics that I thought were good:

Amazing Spider-Man #671: Another chapter in the Spider-Island saga and it's building up to an epic conclusion! Spidey has long been my favorite hero and I'm glad he's a focal point right now! I guess he's been a part of several questionable story lines in the past like the whole Clone Saga thing... or the controversial One More Day. Side Note: I thought the story of One More Day was really good, but I really wish he was back with MJ now with organic webbing and all that. No offense to Cooper...

Green Lantern #2: Sooooo I didn't read Brightest Day or Flashpoint ((probably should at some point)), buuuuut, Sinestro just gets a pass? And Hal Jordan's out? Probably missed something there.... Still a good read though.

Red Lanterns #2. If Ed Benes is penciling I want no less than 20 pages of Bleez. I'm really interested in where this is all going though. Atrocitus seems like a misunderstood anti-hero type kind of a guy. I guess he aiight.

There's probably a lot more that I missed, but that's just off the top of my head. More to come next week!

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