First Round Complete!

Finally finished my first round of edits on my collection. Edits made to roughly 1000 comics. Learned a lot about finding information about creators such as looking at issues immediately before and after the target issue to find creators when they do pesky things like just include the last name. Next up is to think of how to get deeper levels of information without spending a million years on edits.


Best of My Week 2011.11.23


Flash #3: Francis Manapul is a layout genius! Not just his opening credits ((which a quire stellar)), but the entire book is just fantastically arranged. It's artistic, creative, and a fresh take on the standard comic panel. The Flash is starting to use his powers to his utmost potential, saving a plane from impending doom and the story with his friend is developing even more. The last page left me almost speechless with the simplicity of what happened. This books is fantastic in writing and artwork and I highly recommend everyone give it a read. I was always a fan of the Flash, but I never quite liked his stories until now.


Teen Titans #3: With so many characters to keep track of, this book could have spiraled out of focus a long time ago, but luckily, it has kept it together and by the end of the issue, all the members of the team are nearly ready to join forces, or the very least start working together. Not sure how I feel about this new character that idolizes Red Robin, but his power set looks interesting at least. While this is the Teen Titans, I hope that once the team does get established that they stray away from writing the characters like stereotypical teenagers. It never appealed to me to read about adolescents acting like adolescents. Making mistakes is a given, but I would hope that the conscious decision to make the world a safer place in the constant face of imminent death would require a certain level of maturity.

Avengers #18: I think it has honestly been a while since I was jazzed about the main Avengers line. This book has brought it all back. With witty writing and a compelling story, I think the future of this book is set. The relationship between characters is really why a lot of people stick around and continue reading a book in my opinion. Sure a big story will draw you in, but if the writer doesn't understand the characters and write them for all they're worth, it doesn't leave many reasons to stick around. This is an instance in which the writer knows what he's doing. More thoughts on this issue can be found in my review here.

Batman - The Dark Knight #3: Converse to what I was saying up there about compelling writing, I'm pretty sure the main draw of this book to me was the fact that David Finch was pencilling it. So far, he's knocked it out of the park with his gritty style. I've always been a fan of of his style, but is it just me are his proportions/perspectives on characters a little wonky sometimes? Maybe it's just me. To be honest, I was a little fuzzy about the plot of this story, even though it really isn't quite much of a puzzle as I remember it being. There's a drug out there that is removing the feeling of fear from its victim and simultaneously ‘roiding them up for a short period of time. Then their entire body shuts down and they bleed out of their eyes. Not sure if it is fatal or not because Two-Face would have had a short introduction into the New 52. The cover of this issue features the White Rabbit quite prominently, but she remains more of a mystery than ever while the ending puts another question in your mind after you think some answers would see the day of light.

Invincible Iron Man #510: If I'm not mistaken, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have been a team for a long time and it really shows with this issue. I love when a creative team gels a brings an awesome story to the table. This story is as big as they come and they're bringing the A-Team of baddies in Zeke Stane, Mandarin, and perhaps his worst "enemy" of all: The Demon in the Bottle. This time it seems that the drinking is for the most part under lock and key, but that won't stop public opinion from working against him. Our Iron Avenger seems to have a lot in store for him and the story looks to be just heating up. My review goes a little more into the story itself and can be found here.

Wolverine and The X-Men #2: I want to punch the kids that now run the Hellfire Club in the face. Much like Zeke Stane from Invincible Iron Man, their calculated schemes get on my nerves because as the reader, you can clearly see who is behind everything ((in these cases at least)) while the main characters run around chasing their tails for a bit before they formulate a plan. With the assault on the school in full swing, this issue is jam packed with action, but don't be mistaken that that's all there is to be had. Iceman in particular shows even more mastery over his seemingly ubiquitous powers and he also shows a little affection for a certain lady too. This issue is fantastic and fun and brings me back to when X-Men comics were more than just being the outcast, death, destruction, and everything in between.

Did Not Care For

Superman #3: It's quite odd that I like Action Comics, but not Superman. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I don't like Superman in the first place. I'm just not a fan of the character and the story through the first three books have not been all that and a bag of potato chips for me. I think the most compelling reason for me to continue reading this series is to learn more about the relationship dynamic between Clark and Lois. They aren't together in any way and the hopeless romantic inside me is really bummed out about that. That being said, the writing in this book is not great. I might be able to find something I like about it, but it just does not flow well with me. There's a lot of inner monologue that just sounds like background noise to me and statements of facts that aren't real clever. Sometimes I think writers forget that readers are actually reading their book and not just staring at advertisements between the pages.

Stray Thoughts

Huntress #2: Like most ladies, I like Huntress. She seems like a cool cat with her tragic past and vow to make the world a better place. Every character in the Bat-Family is interesting to me and Huntress is no exception, although this limited series leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a fairly pedestrian story and with human and weapons trafficking, but I hope that there is more to it in the remaining four issues. I hate when a character I like is featured in a subpar story. Why write a feature if what it featues is nothing more than a forgettable story?


Best of My Week 2011.11.16

My adoring fan(s). I have not blogged this last week and apologize. A certain game has been released and I have been on a rampage playing through it. People have been talking about all of the hours they have put into Skyrim and I think I probably have more hours put into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 than them. I just can't get enough of those missions. And all the new characters and abilities of existing characters makes it feel like a brand new game. That being said, it actually feels a little more buggy at times than vanilla. I suppose they're already working on some patches to polish up the game, but we'll see in the coming weeks. I haven't seen anything as groundbreaking as the DHC Glitch ((not sure why they didn't patch that out, but decided to get rid of Captain America's Shield Slash infinite ><)), but more graphical/game play affecting glitches. I haven't really come across any while playing, but there seems to be a lot documented already.

As for comics, the volume of stuff that I got through this week is probably half my usual haul. With it being so close to next week, I decided to just give a couple of thoughts about the comics that I read.


Batman #3: Hot damn is this a good book. Did mention I love Greg Capullo? His style in this book is much, much different from when he was penciling Spawn, but he was under the influence of Todd McFarlane at the time so I can see that influence. It's nice that he's found a distinct and unique style that is signature and awesome for this book. The story being crafted is simply amazing. It draws on old myth, legacy, and superstition. It has a Sherlock Holmes feel, with equal parts mystery, suspense, and thrill. I cannot wait to see the outcome and learn more about the inner workings of the schemes in motion. If you're not already reading this book, it's not too late to start!


Justice League #3: To be honest, I did not like the first two books in this series that much. I thought it was interesting, but not even fresh. The content of the story and especially Jim Lee's pencils reminded me a lot All Star Batman and Robin; As if they were trying for some of the same again. I could be crazy, but it's just what I felt when I was reading the book. This issue however was a lot more enjoyable in my opinion. It felt more like a Justice League book and this might just coincide with all the major players working together for the first time. ((Cyborg isn't in yet, but from what I hear, he's going to be kicked down to the Teen Titans. Could be wrong about that, but it makes sense since that's where he started and he's younger than other Justice League members)). This issue reveals a bit more into the threat that faces our heroes and of course it is life threatening and the world may just end. This book definitely picks it up a notch and I look forward to what it brings.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3: Aside from Bats, I think Jason Todd is the most interesting of the Bat-Family right now. Nightwing is kind of meh, and Tim Drake is just like Batman Jr. Jason Todd though has some issues. His shady past is coming to light, but the aspect of the this book that I like the most is the dialogue. With the amount of trash talking and quips, you'd think this was a Spider-Man book or something. I love Arsenal's character with his smart comments and also Starfire's obvious apathy toward emotion. The trio makes make interesting dynamic and I cannot wait for more. Did I also mention Kenneth Rocafort has some solid pencils and draws some smokin' ladies?

Incredible Hulk #2: I love the Hulk. Such an interesting individual. Used be a pair of individuals. If you read a Hulk book it was like a two for one deal with two polar opposite aspects that share the same body. Now they're separated and we got to share the real estate between the both of them. Still, a lot of baggage being drawn toward the light now and we get to see the core essence of both Banner and the Hulk without the other. Banner's character has been a little surprising to me. I guess I never knew much about him, but I did key in on the fact that he was always the monster; Not the Hulk. This book exemplifies the fact Banner has a couple screws loose, but it remains to be seen whether his mad obsession ruins him or is his salvation. In other news, the Hulk is being the Hulk which I think is awesome. Planet Hulk has been my favorite Hulk story thus far and this reminds me a little of that story.

House of Night #1: This book reminds me why I like magic so much. There's just so much mystery and history involved. It seems as if everything is intertwined and destines ever present to be fulfilled or destroyed. This book seems to combine elements of magic, that vampire craze that kids these days seem to like, as well as the normal going ons of a teenage girl. So much potential in this book, and I look forward to how it progresses. While not the best issue in existence, it was enough to hook me. More of my thoughts can found in my review here.

Orchid #2: Has Dark Horse always been making great comics? Where have I been? I like this story a lot. Something about a good dystopian future story always gets me and with ten more issues left to resolve this story, it looks to be leading to an exciting finish. So far, the mystery is still strong and there hasn't been much in the way of revelations, but the character studies have been interesting enough. Neither Simon or Orchid have been particularly outstanding in anyway, although Simon seems to have intelligence beyond any of the characters seen thus far. The next issue appears to be a turning point and launching pad for the rest of the series. My review is here, if you want to know more about the specific issue.

Stray Thoughts

Captain Atom #3: I really didn't care for series all that much through the first two issues. I think this is because I don't know much about the character to begin with, but in this issue, it began to get a little more interesting. I was ready to stop reading this, but now I want to see what the next issue has in store. Plus, who could deny Stanley Lau covers?

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Best of My Week 2011.11.09


Avenging Spider-Man #1: Ever since I saw the poster up at my local comic shop with Joe Mad's art, I have been patiently waiting for the comic to release and it certainly did not disappoint. On the contrary, it was the best comic of this week in my opinion. The visuals and dialogue are exemplary of what creators should be striving for in this day and age. More thoughts on this issue can be found in my review here.


Green Lantern #3: As much as I hate Sinestro, he's actually an interesting character to read about. The part of him that I like the most is that he will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. The aspect I don't like about him is his arrogance. Which is also a frustrating thing to not like about him because he's one of those people that are very rarely wrong. I want to know how long Sinestro will have the Green Lantern ring since this entire first arc is about him and his quest to regain control of his own Corps. Which, since he's not the leader anymore, is it still the Sinestro Corps? Someone was a little full of themselves when they made their own Lantern Corps... It would be really cool if Sinestro continued to serve as a Green Lantern or maybe after he gains control of his Corps again, strikes some kind of uneasy alliance/truce with the Green Lantern Corps? I feel he hates the Guardians and not necessarily the Green Lanterns. Also, we get a glimpse of Sinestro's true character in this issue and perhaps what he fears? Will this admission of fear prevent him from properly channeling the Yellow Light? Or will it amplify his control, with him knowing exactly how to use that fear. Mysteries abound, especially with the cliffhanger ending!

Key of Z #1: Here's an interesting comic. At times I felt like it's a "Me too" kind of a thing with the zombies, werewolves, and vampires theme that has taken pop culture by storm, but at the same time, it's fairly well done and it's got an interesting story. What intrigues me most is the potential for the characters of this book to triumph and succeed in the face of adversity. We'll see where this book leads to and I have a little bit more about this book in my review here. If you're sick of the Walking Dead, or just can't get enough of zombies, give this title a shot. It might just tickle your fancy. Read my review here if you want to know more about the book.

Batwing #3: Things are heating up in this issue. The detective story in this book is what piqued my interest in the first place, but to be honest I wasn't all that jazzed about it. The writing, the story, the art were all really strong, but there wasn't that much that actually excited me about this book. It's kind of a weird thing to say, but certain books, you have to be in a certain mood to read. That's how I felt about this book. That it was serious and not to be taken lightly. After finishing this book, I find that while it isn't any less serious, it is definitely more exciting. Maybe I'm just a sucker for cliché plot twists, but I enjoy it. I'm definitely more excited for the future of this book.

Amazing Spider-Man #673: While a little overshadowed by the amazing first issue of Avenging Spider-Man, this was an sensational epilogue to the spectacular Spider-Island arc. While not perfect, I thought the Spider-Island story arc was a fairly fun story and I like the developments that happened during the series. The major one for me is the reappearance of Peter's long time love into his life, although I guess him getting his Spider Sense back is something of an important thing as well. It's kind of like getting rid of his web shooters and still having him be the same old Spidey... doesn't work too well. Other minor things like his knowledge of kung-fu ((or Spider-Fu as he coined it)) now coupled with his Spider Sense can potentially put him in league with some of the best fighters on the planet. There's also Norah Winters' new attraction to bad boy Phil Urich which I'm sure will come up with that whole Hobgoblin thing. Not like that is going to end poorly /sarcasm. I'm excited for the future of this title and hope that Humberto Ramos will be back with his amazing pencils in the future.

Did Not Care For

Mister Terrific #2: I haven't read issue 3 yet, but from what I have seen, it's not exactly the second coming of Jesus. This issue was also not top shelf material. I kind of liked how they set up the first issue, but this one left me wanting something different. Not sure what it is, but I'm more than certain it's the writing. The artwork is nothing I'll write home about, but the script just does not do it for me. It's not compelling, energetic, mysterious, or any kind of descriptor. It's just... words. Which really bums me out because what is actually going on in the comic is intriguing. I like that this villain is some kind of self proclaimed super genius and to save the day, Mister Terrific is going to have to outsmart his foe and not just bash his face in.

Stray Thoughts

Haunted City #1: I really like where this book is headed. Issue 0 I think was a stronger hook into the series than the first issue in my opinion, but after the establishment of characters, themes, and story is done and over with, I think this has the makings to be a fun, intriguing story. I like that independent studios are willing to try out all these kinds of crazy stories with all new characters with just the wildest ideas. Power to imagination! ((Side note: Having a good colorist really changes the presentation of the artwork. Peter Steigerwald really brought the art to life in issue 0, and this issue was not nearly as dynamic))

Deadpool #43: I swear these stories are made on a whim. I imagine the planning of this series involves a dart board and a couple of "Irish" drinks to go around. The book is true to the character, with the writer getting into the mind of Deadpool ((which must be a really messy endeavor)) and writing some solid scripts. Not really a fan however of how he's always ((or usually)) getting exactly what he wanted either through sheer luck or a well crafted plan. With the former, he might as well have luck based powers like Longshot or Domino, or with the latter he's like the Joker in which there is a genius intellect hiding behind insanity.


Best of My Week 2011.11.02

This week was pretty interesting. It wasn't quite as crazy as last week, even though I probably read more, but it was still good.


The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2: Easily one of my favorite books right now if not my favorite. While other books that reel me in with characters that I already have a vested interest in or an emotional connection, this book has brought me in on sheer creative talent alone. As the story develops so does that connection between the creator and their material. There's so much life in Justin Jordan's words and Tradd Moore really knocks it out of the park with his pencils. My review jumps into the actual issue a little more, but bottom line is: Read this book.


Animal Man #3: There's something about the dark macabre style of the book that is really enchanting. I'm drawn into the story like I'm being pulled by a planetary mass. The artwork has a strange simplicity to it that I did not like at first, but as I read on from the first issue, I grew to appreciate its style. I think it accentuates the eerie feeling that one gets while reading the book and it is perfect. This issue has a bit of a revelation as it explains a bit more about Animal Man's powers. It turns out that Buddy was given power by The Totems; Once avatars of the Red in life, they now seem to be running the show. Although the power was bestowed to Buddy, he was not the intended champion. He was just there to protect the one that would rise as the Red's true warrior. I am extremely excited for the next issue and to see how the story further develops. ((Side note: My favorite part of the issue is where the bad guys show up to Buddy's house, but begin to lose their human form and you can see from panel to panel as they lose it. In particular, one of them looks extremely goofy)).

Swamp Thing #3: Revelations? Or Confusion. It's actually some revealing that happens, but at the same time, it's kind of a weird way to go about it. At least for Alec. You learn more about Alec Holland's past, but more importantly about his tie to Swamp Thing and what it means on the grander scale. Even more importantly ((most importantly?)) the villains appear to be the focus of the issue. It's the worst kind of evil as it stems from corruption. When someone has a chance at being a good person, but in the end succumbs to the dark side, you have to wonder if preventing such things in the first place would provide for a world with less strife and conflict. Either that or we're all entwined with our own destinies and no amount of outside influence can deter us from it. Nonetheless, the incredible sadism of the new antagonist is quite chilling and should make for some intense battles in the future. Also, I could be wrong, but Animal Man and Swamp Thing are being set up for a cross over aren't they? I mean Animal Man represents the Red and Swamp Thing the Green. They're both fighting The Rot so in the end they should be joining forces no?

Amazing Spider-Man #672: Yes I realize that this ended a while ago, but hot damn I am a fan. The final battle wasn't all that and a bag of potato chips like a lot of epic battles have been in the past, but I like the way that problem was solved. With the good ol' Parker mind. The reason I loved older comics and Spider-Man in particular was that to defeat his opponents, the hero would devise a strategy and sometimes create some tech to take them out. It's that element of outsmarting your opposition that was really appealing to me. In this issue, instead of fighting an army with just a handful of heroes, Peter takes a moment to think and brings his own army to the party. Of course the day is saved in the end, but the real story is: Will a certain redhead be back in Peter's life? Those of you that are longtime fans of Mr. Parker may remember once upon a time in a story arc dubbed "One More Day", MJ told him that they would find each other again. Could this be that inevitability? There's also that pesky situation involving one Carlie Cooper, but I'm sure that would work itself out. Or maybe the dark forces behind the scenes really are enough to destroy a love eternal. Side Note: Humberto Ramos' art amazing.

Our Love is Real: This one-shot is...... a thing. It's a book with pictures and words and there's a story in there. How to describe it is something of a challenge. I really feel like it's just kind of a statement, but it's really more than that. Something more like a discussion... but that would imply an interaction of ideas and thoughts, so it's probably just a lecture. Lecture kind of has a negative connotation, but it did remind me of a lecturer presenting a topic and proceeding fill our minds with information through story. I suppose that's the best description that I can offer at the moment. There's more of my thoughts on this book in my review here.

Invincible Iron Man #509: Yes I know Fear Itself ended ages ago, but I still haven't gotten that last issue in my readings yet. I should really organize these things better >< The ending of it is all but ruined, but I still want to experience that last issue. This issue sets up the final confrontation quite well. The build up has been long and arduous from Stark's plea to Odin and working with the dwarves that I just want to see freaking weapons in battle! I'm actually going to miss the dwarves a lot. They had a lot of character and "kept it real." I love that Tony Stark was able to truly earn their respect ((Or perhaps he instilled fear in them)). I think that was a nice touch. I am however a little tired of this whole "I don't drink" thing though. I get that he's a recovered alcoholic and shouldn't drink, but they make it into such a song and dance every time they bring it up. Maybe it's just that constant recapping for new audiences, but as a continual reader, it sometimes gets on my nerves a bit. It was a nice ending to this little Fear Itself chapter and I'm curious to see what Tony's got in store for the future of Stark Resilient.

Should/Could Have Been Better

X-23 #12: This issue was by no means terrible, but it just didn't draw me in. I think the beginning of this book was good enough to keep me around and X-23 is one of my favorite characters ((I admit, I do have a thing for ladies. I know it's weird, just work with me here)), but as this series evolves, it hasn't been the bee's knees to put it bluntly. I suppose I may be a little harsh in my assessment here, but it's just because I really like the character and wish that the book would be amazing. I suppose not every book is destined to be the best, but there is a really interesting character here. I do feel that her character is really developed since she was first introduced in the comics ((I never saw her creation from the X-Men Evolution cartoon, but it was probably pretty awesome)). She has evolved into a much different person even if she still appears to have the same cold exterior. I can't whole-heartedly recommend this issue or arc ((#10-#12)), but if you're a fan, you may want to check it out. If nothing else, Sana Takeda did the art and I LOVE her stuff.

Fear Itself Side Stories: For most of the big cross-title events that Marvel has, there's usually a large number of limited series tie-ins that honestly, I don't really care for all that much. There may be a couple that have some interesting tidbits of information, and if you're lucky there's some relevant information about the main story or further background information. Most of the time though, it's just a story that is mildly related, and by mildly related, I mean some of them are just happening at the same time as the major event and that's just about it. I feel that side stories like this should really enhance the main story, but in the end it just seems like filler content or just random stories that I just don't really care about. I really wish that Marvel put more effort in creating a more cohesive story. Not to say that the side stories should directly impact the event, or be required reading, but they should add value, not just be something we check off our list to say that we have everything collected.

Did Not Care For

Hawk and Dove #2: To preface this, I didn't read much of these two before the New 52, and what little I did read was from Birds of Prey where they weren't really that much of a focus. That being said, I think the characters are kind of interesting, but they are building on a legacy that I don't know about. I don't know about the past bearers of the mantle or the whole history so I have no vested interest in the characters. I am however strangely drawn toward Rob Liefeld's art. I think it's just the fact that it looks about the same as it did in the 90s and there's that nostalgia factor. I'll say no more on this.

Stray Thoughts

Supergirl #2: At one point I wished Superman would just yell "I've done nothing to harm you, why aren't you listening to reason?" Either that or just punched her in the face. I suppose if I were in a situation like hers, I would act much in the same way, but seriously, repeatedly punching someone who is trying to talk to you as opposed to the mechanical figures that tried to capture you doesn't follow any line of logic.

Vengeance #4: I still don't really know what I'm reading here. I recognize Beak and Angel from their brief stint with the X-Men, but really. What's going on? I suppose I could re-read from issue #1, but even when I first read that issue, I felt like this limited series is based on something I haven't read yet.

Avengers Academy #20: Things are shaking up. I really hope this turns into what I think it will be. I really liked the Young Avengers series that they had awhile back, and I'm really confused as to why they didn't continue it. I suppose it would be like Avengers juniors, but it was quite interesting for me. Now, they just pop up every time there's a big event or in their own thing like Children's Crusade, but I feel like I would read that title over Avengers Academy. Here's to hoping that this title will get better from here on out.

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Best of My Week 2011.10.26

What a week in comics! It seems that every week I have a ton of comics that I absolutely love and this week does not disappoint.


Wolverine and the X-Men #1: This issue is SO good! I love the X-Men and this story was so classic, yet refreshing. This issue gets my highest recommendation and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. If you want to read more about what I thought about it, my review is this way.


Ultimate Hawkeye #1 and #2: The Ultimate line is always so political. I'm not sure if this mirrors current events as I happen to live in a cave, but at times when I'm reading these comics, I'm thinking to myself "We don't really like anyone and everyone else hates us huh..." Nonetheless, it's awesome that Hawkeye has gotten a solo title and back in his original costume. While I love Joe Mad and his rendition of Hawkeye's costume, I think this one is a little more Ultimate flavored than the purple one. Hawkeye is such a badass in these comics and the story developing is quite interesting. It brings up a lot of points about the real world and what exactly an arms race can do to the people at large. Not to say that there's a serum out there that give an ordinary person powers, but I'm sure there's a lot of stuff under wraps that the average joe just doesn't know about.

Vampirella #8 and #9: You can read my review of issue #9 here. I like this series. It's not exactly high profile, and certainly after the launch of the New 52, there's plenty of other titles to read, but this is a fun release from all of the superhero stories that I'm always reading. After the end of the first story arc, I was glad to find that the story jumps right back into another mystery and more baddies that need to stopped. Plus you get to follow around the always saucy Vampirella and her interesting choice for a companion Sofia.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2: Whoever decided that Frankenstein was going to be a sword wielding bad ass gets major props in my book. I have always had a soft spot for the misunderstood or otherwise different heroes and that's what made me decide to pick up this title. The writing and fitting artwork kept me coming back for more. This issue finds our heroes literally diving straight into the anomaly in the lake and leaves me wanting the next issue to jump into right now. I really hope more people give this title a shot. It doesn't have all of the DC regulars aside from the Atom, but like many of the other titles in the New 52, I think it's worth giving it a read.

Justice League #2: It's really interesting reading this book where they're not working together like a well-oiled machine. This reminds me of the All-Star Batman and Robin that Jim Lee and Frank Miller were making back in the day. While the words are not as grim and dark as Miller's, the complete retelling of the characters is reminiscent of that book. Also probably has to do with the fact that Mr. Lee is penciling this book as well. The story, while modern, brings me back to classic Justice League stories where there are a lot of unknowns and the team is still trying to pull it together. This is definitely a great place to start if you're new to comics, but I find it a little confusing reading this book and transitioning to solo titles. For example, Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern in this book, but he doesn't even have a ring in the Green Lantern series. Would it kill DC to put all canon titles in the same universe at the same time? This time hopping, spatial jumping is a big reason why I never liked DC titles in the first place, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure there's plenty of valid reasons and it's not like I'm not enjoying the books, it's just something that irks me.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2: theduffel loves this series. With tongue. I also quite enjoy it. Probably not as much... and most definitely not as creepily. Kyle Rayner has always been my favorite Green Lantern, mostly for his humility and humbleness. For so long, he was trying to prove himself worthy of the mantle, not noticing that he had won it multiple times over. Obviously the Emotional Spectrum thinks he's incredibly worthy as rings just gravitate toward him. Literally. He's a ring pimp. He could be spending these babies like I use Nutella and they would still be coming ((note: I love Nutella. With mouth)). The ending is just like the end in the first issue; Leaving you at the precipice of the highest cliffhanger ever. With the Guardians acting up ((or just Ganthet I suppose since the others have never really had much emotion)), I really want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Easily one of my favorite titles of the New 52.

The Flash #2: I love the opening credits. Both this and the first issue did a spectacular job at it and I hope it continues. I never read much Flash comics in the past, but he was always an interesting character to me. I love that he is developing the power to tap into the Speed Force and analyze situations at super speed and utilize his brain power to help people. This brings another facet to this character not previously seen and reminds me of Bart Allen's ability to read at super speed and retain all the knowledge gained. I think the writing and the artwork is fantastic, but I'm not as interested in the current story/mystery as I am in the character himself.

Should/Could Have Been Better

Suicide Squad #2: This book has HARLEY QUINN. She's one of my favorite characters and I'm sure many others feel the same way. She was loved so much, she made the transition from her creation in Batman: The Animated Series to being a fan favorite in comics. How could this title be any less than stellar? Perhaps it's the creative team behind it? The direction they're headed? I'm not sure, but it needs to be sorted quick. I would like to see Harley as the focal point, but I'm not sure she's a team leader (or even a team player) and I don't think she's exactly solo book material. I liked the stories that came from Gotham City Sirens and maybe DC will bring something like that back if this series doesn't continue in the future. I have more thoughts on this book in my review here if you're on the fence about continuing the series. I will continue getting the title because I support Harley Quinn, but I really hope the creators have something in their bag of tricks.

Deathstroke #2: I actually liked the first issue, but the second made me think a bit. Deathstroke is such a badass character, but it seems like this comic is just "I can kill you and I'm going to do it." I really wish there was a little more.... thought..? to the character. I mean, we get that he can kill at will, but isn't there just a little more to him? Maybe he uses his brain and creates an elaborate scheme? Nope, just guns blazing and a body count higher than the Empire State Building. I had to check the check the credits to make sure Michael Bay wasn't somehow involved in this title, but then again, there wasn't some random hot girl walking around taking up screen time, so that should have tipped me off. Still, I wish this title were better as I think the character as a lot of potential, but if you like high body counts and explosions, this might be your cup of tea.

Did Not Care For

Captain Atom #2: Captain Atom is a character like Deathstroke that I feel is really interesting and a lot more could be done with him, but I honestly just didn't really care for this issue all that much. I mean, I loved the science-based nature of his powers and all that, but I'm just not a fan. The first 2 issues haven't really drawn me in and I'm not sure I'll continue reading the title, but I'll most likely continue reading it anyway and who knows, it might get better.


Best of My Week 2011.10.19

I think I'm going to blog about the comics that I think were the best of my week. I say "my week" because I get comics regularly, but I will probably always be behind because of responsibilities I have or just a general lack of time. Usually, that "life" thing gets in the way and I can't do Day 1 reviews, so I've settled to be the Slo Bro of comic reviewing. Now, Onward:

Best: The Unexpected. You can read my review here. It was probably the best comic that I read from last week and I really wish it was a monthly. Hopefully someone high up in Dark Horse reads this and decides to bring the band back for an encore.

Other comics that I thought were good:

Amazing Spider-Man #671: Another chapter in the Spider-Island saga and it's building up to an epic conclusion! Spidey has long been my favorite hero and I'm glad he's a focal point right now! I guess he's been a part of several questionable story lines in the past like the whole Clone Saga thing... or the controversial One More Day. Side Note: I thought the story of One More Day was really good, but I really wish he was back with MJ now with organic webbing and all that. No offense to Cooper...

Green Lantern #2: Sooooo I didn't read Brightest Day or Flashpoint ((probably should at some point)), buuuuut, Sinestro just gets a pass? And Hal Jordan's out? Probably missed something there.... Still a good read though.

Red Lanterns #2. If Ed Benes is penciling I want no less than 20 pages of Bleez. I'm really interested in where this is all going though. Atrocitus seems like a misunderstood anti-hero type kind of a guy. I guess he aiight.

There's probably a lot more that I missed, but that's just off the top of my head. More to come next week!

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