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@aerokinesis said:

I need rogue to be Ms. Marvel powered...

I agree!
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You had me at Iron Man Animated film with such epic characters n perhaps never seen before confrontation. I sure do love the idea of punisher being there. Whens he gonna get his own anime. lol

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@minigunman123 said:

Take the
What superhero am I?

Your Results:

Black Panther100%
You are T'Challa, the Black Panther. You are da man. Smart and tough, you rule an entire nation. Oh, and you're married to Storm too. Not too shabby.
Da na na na na...Batman. Where do you get those wonderful toys? You are the Dark Knight. Money, cool gadgets, little boys in tights...what more could you ask for?
Moon Knight
You are one bad mutha.' Unfortunately, you're a little crazy sometimes. Rich playboy, taxi cab driver, super hero, take your pick.
Mr. Fantastic
You are Mr. Fantastic. That's not so bad. You're the leader of the Fantastic Four. You're really smart. You also have a hot wife too. It could be worse.

Pretty consistent.

I've been Batman, T'challa, and Mr. Fantastic before; I seem to be in that range pretty consistently, depending on whether I'm answering based on who I am now, or who I'm probably going to be in, say, 10 years.

I guess I should start wearing lots of black...

Or marry a hot blonde...

My life could be worse!

haha! You probably should, u never know when u will be needed right. So best keep some with u to be always ready.
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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: How awesome! am glad u got moonknight, we needed one around here lol
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@Mattersuit: Be my guest, i know nothing bout the rules only thing i can say is i want strictly marvel based characters so if noone does get one just pick the next one on the list of ur results or try one more time by doing the quiz just making sure to delete or edit previous quiz post of there results. Oh and by all means i could use all the help i can get.
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Ok i see what u mean, i have no clue at all what am doing lol, just thought id give it a try and see where we get with this. as far as i know am still willing to get help on the matter if anyones interested. If no one is then how bout remaking their own and ill join. Doesnt have to be based on civil war events. I just thought that would be cool is all. Ty for the try. Should i delete this post then?

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Well the concept is ofc  we will  based on the civil war  series as far as i know, was an idea i just got from a mate, Once we get all 6 we will choose to be against the Hero registration act or with.  Each person has their reason as to why they would choose what side. As far as i know ill be going against the registration act and we'll partly follow the events of that time only thing is as rpg we will choose the outcome depending on our actions and each persons positive sides n negative. Try to keep true to each and everyones character but we can also set an change events as we go along. I'll need abit of help to make this fall through since am new at rpg rules an so on. If u got any ideas be my guest to let me an others know...

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Come on ppl! I need at least 6 ppl to do this quize so we can start an RPG game, More than six ppl can enter but the first six make the main team. after that we or i make rules to the game. Good luck all. And one more thing, only 100% is the first choice not under that. peace to ya'll

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My favorite version of colossus

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