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Most definitely P-Man and Chemical Boy under all his names

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George Carlin forever.  I really can't post the clip I have that's my favorite.  There are so many baaaaaad words but it's funny as hell.  

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cly said:
"Kiara_Sullivan said:
"Feral Nova said:
"Hawk said:
"I've have a degree in Christian Theology .......don't know how many of ya'll are studying that though. lol"
o_O Whats that?

ok... I gots another question.... not as hard as the last one though, lol

Keith was sledding in the snow with his friends when he accidentally hit a tree. After examining Keith, the emergency room physician concluded that he had ruptured his spleen in the accident. How might a ruptured spleen be treated? What might happen if Keith's family or physician delays this treatment? Does Keith need his spleen to survive?

Ok... I know that the typical thing to do is to take the spleen but... can it be fixed? Or does it have to be taken out? o.0

I also know that the spleen holds about a pint of blood, so not fixing it could mean he could bleed to death.

But... DOES someone need a kidney to survive? Like... would they need special treatment and such if it is taken out? O_o"
The Spleen's use isnt really known. IT isnt necessary to survive so if its ruptured more then likely it will be removed."
Isn't it amazing! The world's top scientists don't know what it does, wow."
They DO know what the spleen does.  Mind you this is straight out of a google search but: 

Then there's just the stuff that's already known.  The organ is extremely vascular and I'd say it gets removed well over 90% of the time if not more when it's ruptured.  Nor will you bleed to death from losing a pint of blood.  That's how much they take out when you donate blood.  The problem with rupturing the organ in trauma is that the body won't stop at the one pint the organ holds.  It'll just keep going.  

And kidneys are necessary to live.  You need at least one functioning one otherwise you end up on dialysis.  The frequency of that treatment varies but it's usually at least twice a week for a few hours at a stretch.  It's draining mentally & physically which is why a lot of people will get a transplant if they can.
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TORONTO (Sept. 19) - Flying, telepathy, or healing powers? If Canadians could select from a list of superpowers, many would opt to be able to heal themselves, according to a new poll.
Forty-five percent of more than 1,000 people questioned in an online poll picked healing as their top superpower, compared to 25 percent who wanted to time travel, 15 percent who selected telepathy, 10 percent who would prefer to fly and five percent who wanted to steal the powers of other people.
AP/Getty Images

Flying like Superman, top, or traveling in time, like the vehicular time machine of "Back to the Future," bottom, are among the superpowers people most desire.

"No matter what your status in society is, no matter how much money you make, no matter what your age, we're all human, we're all going to come to an end at some point," said Sean Simpson, of Ipsos Reid, which conducted the survey for Global Television.
"It brings a sense of stability to one's life to know that if something unexpected were to happen to you health wise, you can just snap your fingers and it would all be better," he said in an interview.
The poll was done ahead of the third season of the TV series "Heroes," in which humans possess superpowers.
In the poll women were more likely to want to heal themselves than men, as were older Canadians.
The survey also showed that one in four Canadians would pick the ability to time travel with 30 percent of younger Canadians putting this power at the top of their list. Only 15 percent of older Canadians opted for this ability as did 30 percent of middle-aged Canadians.
"The ability to time travel is interesting because these are younger Canadians who have just come out of school. There's a whole bunch of things they just don't know and maybe they can go into the future to figure out what life has in store for them," said Simpson.
Reporting by Irene Kuan; Editing by Patricia Reaney
Copyright 2008, Reuters
2008-09-18 17:15:40
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OKay...just read #2.  I wanna stab my eyes out with a dull, rusty spoon.  

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No?  Maybe not if we look at it as the main book but as the concept goes, it might.

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Secret Invasion #6.  God but Nick Fury is great and so's Thor :-D

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Kate Sith's a mod.

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Jack Rabbit said:
"ENNA!!!  My favourite ear stroker :D  How you doin' love?"
How's thing's with my fave lapidivore?  Are you drinking already?
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Jeeebus!  It's Jack.  ::turns on the smoke eater machine::