What Star Trek Species Are You? created with QuizFarm.com You scored as Romulan You Are Romulan, You enjoy structure as long as your on top. You sit and wait for people to tell you something. But you are very conceded. You'd rather be with yourself then with your friends, You never know when they'll stab you in the back.

Romulan 90%

Klingon 65%

Dominion 50%

Cardassian 50%

Ferengi 40%

Borg 40%

Vulcan 35%

Federation 30%

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While I do hate to bump my man Thor down to not showing on the screen, I couldn't resist this:

What Kind of Warrior Are You?

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You are a pirate. You pillage, you plunder, you rifle, and you loot. You are callous when it comes to battle, a true scallywag. You are not afraid to stab your friends in the back to get what you want, and you will never have enough to be satisfied. Strengths: You have an eye patch, a parrot, a sword and an old pistol, but they are not your main features. No, you get to do things like pilfer, filch, maraud, and embezzle, which really all mean the same thing: to steal. You own almost nothing you have in you possession, but who cares… you’re a pirate! Weaknesses: You’re blind in one eye, you’re not the best swordsman, and your pistol only has one shot. You might not make it too far in a huge battle, but that doesn’t matter to you much because you’re to drunk to care anyway.

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Yeah I think I can definitely live with this. Glad he's not dead any more.


Onitzuka's Moving

Alright it sucks. I've known Onitzuka since we were in eight grade (13years old in case anybody isn't familiar with the US school levels) and now he's leaving for Japan tomorrow, more or less permanently. In case anyone ever had doubts, it is definitely possible for a man and woman t be friends without sexual over tones. He let me cheat off of him two years straight in math, too.

So get over there quick, Dave, and write soon!


Mr. Onitzuka's School of Visual Jokes in Japanese

With many thanks to Mr. Onitzuka, here are the characters of my name:

Hagane Enna

The first symbol is "Hagane"... the 2nd+3rd are "En"+"na".

In Japanese, as in English, some jokes are just plain visual rather than audible. Such is the case of my name. So, perhaps an explanation is in order. Hagane translates as Metal and the rest is where the visual joke comes in. Enna is a proper female name with the symbols meaning "Monkey" (En) "What" (na). The name Enna (pronounced with an enlongated pause on the "n" sound because of the double-n), sounds very feminine, while at the same time sounds similar to the name "Enma" --- the name of the god of Hades. Think, then, of Metal Monkey..what?! Or Metal Monkey what the hell?!