ikkaku(no bankai) vs asuma(shippuden)

The rough face-to-face fighters of each series the fight takes place in the village hidden in the sand.Ikkaku is allowed to call his zanpaktou's name to reach the weapon that's in the picture otherwise it will just be a regular sword.Asuma has all abilities.

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iron fist vs akuma

Fight takes place because iron fist believe akuma is getting too out of hand and has come to end his reign of terror.Fight takes place in the avengers mansion.


sasuke (akatsuki) vs strider hiryu

Sasuke vs strider the fight takes place in NYC streets there is no morals bloodlust all the way neither of these guys care if they kill a civilian in the process they just want to finish off they're opponent.


kakashi vs strider hiryu

Current kakashi with all his current ninjitsu his ninja tools consist of

ninja tools:100 shuriken (seems like a lot but it's not once u actually get the throwing),10 exploding tags,5 kunai exploding bags,5 flash bombs,and a lil health kit set in his right leg pouch.

strider has his basic gear what u see in the picture plus a climbing pick.

Fight takes place in the leaf village.Who will win?


Kid Death (soul eater) vs Axl (mega man)

Kid Death obviously has liz and pattie (two guns he uses to shoot pink bullets).and Axl has his signature Axl Bullets(two guns he uses to shoot people),and his double bullet.these are the skills he is able to do. Splash Laser, Circle Blaze, Moving Wheel, Sniper Missile, Wind Cutter, and Gaea Shield.Kid Death has his skate board and liz and pattie.the fight takes place at the Weapon&Meister Academy (Death's school).


Zero vs Strider

this the zero from the mega man zero series.Here is the link to all of his equipment and attacks.http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Zero's_weaponry

zero's techniques which i have selected from that page are the Ryuenjin, Shippuuga, Twin Dream(but it does damage), Hadangeki, Tenshouha, and Raikousen(that lightning thing he does in the marvel vs capcom games).now for strider.strider hiryu has all his equipment which includes his signature cypher (laser sword),his animals which he can call at any time the tiger,the eagle,the eagle can also drop bombs,his climbing sickle,and kunai as his throwing weapon.