Why Marvel NOW is will be better for the consumer than the New 52

Tim Drake, what happened to thee?

Back about one year ago, DC started a new initiative that had a lot of people skeptical. They decided to reinvent their continuity for new people whilst attempting the keep the interest of long-time users -- which by itself is nearly a contradiction, both need to be balanced instead of trying to do both at the same time -- while at the same time releasing all of the their library of comics at brand new fresh number ones. This was obviously good for DC, because comic fans see a fresh new #1 in stores and its not hard to imagine everyone wants to get ahold of them. So for DC this obviously worked wonders because every other issue was sold out.

Now I don't mean to bash on DC, but the fact is, if you're expecting to hear me say good things about them you're definitely in the wrong blog. As a DC-preferent consumer myself, I didn't think that the New 52 was that bad of a deal. Everything was the same for Batman and Green Lantern whilst others got reworked a bit? Win-Win, right? No. Bat-Family (I wouldn't know about GL) got their continuity reworked for sure and whilst I held on for a long time ot the belief that it was just small things like the age Grayson was put under Wayne's wing, we end up getting things like Drake's origin completely reworked. He's was olympic athlete, not a regular school boy.

I no like.

Furthermore DC's continuity did not need to be reworked in any manner, it was perfect for everyone who read DC. Sure, I understand that it might have been hard for those that were trying to get into DC and while I quite honestly don't see that I think that they could have gotten past this without actually rebooting their universe. Because at this point, denying that this is a reboot is proposterous. Not that I mind at the end of the day, but considering that the emphasis was put on this not being a reboot, its one lie I could do without.

This looks interesting, don't it?

Marvel on the other hand did one thing absolutely right. They're not reworking their continuity as its going to be absolutely the same for everyone. And they're still most likely going (because at this point I can't really guarantee anything) going to be swimming in money. Why? #1s. We absolutely love them. Furthermore Marvel's probably going to make sure that their Marvel NOW sells even better, just by looking at the scheme of things. In a purely business standpoint they're evening managing to take our money better than DC did, while giving us an arguably better product?

Why do you say this Haay?

Oh well...

Simple. Look at it this way. Marvel is going to be releasing a new #1 every week, or something along those lines. So that means that as a customer you're going to have enough money to spend on this new and curious product their offering, every week, because at the end of the month that's only 4 more comics or so that you're going to have to buy and you're wallets going to be okay with it. DC on the other hand released all of their #1s in the space of one month and not everyone can just simply be 52 comics in the space of one month. So yes, at the end of the day its much more likely that you're going to be able to feed into all of Marvel's bull than DC's bull, simply because its more affordable in the long run of things. This will also have an even greater scope, since because you can try more comics, you can also decide which comics to keep. Of course under the assumption that Marvel is putting out the best product they can (yes, lets ignore reality for a bit guys in favor of a hypothetical) this means that they'll be confident that their product can sway you to keep them.

Of course this doesn't answer anything about the peculiarity of DC's situation which some claim was: "DC was hard to get into" to which I say bull, but whatever. Even if DC was hard to get into, it'd be much easier to retcon EVERYTHING that happened within DC to 7 years (so no retcons) and pull off a 1 Year later kind of thing where everyone gets a new fresh start without having to screw us over by lying to us. Then everyone would be happy. New consumers would have the ability to enjoy the magnificence that are the DC characters. Old users would be able to enjoy everything. And DC would get a bunch of #1s ala Marvel NOW.