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Meh 0

Just aquick one but I had to tell some one. The art on this might well have been the worst I've seen on any comic for a very long time. Looked truly terrible.  I do like Hitch and he's been much better but it just seemed lazy. In a lot of panels Spidey's web's hadn't even been drawn and Wolverine has never looked so bad.  The issue itself felt pretty uneseccary. Seemed to repeat what we'd already seen and sort of look back over the whole of New Avengers. Just sort of bridging the cap between Sie...

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It don't get much better. 0

Archaeologists of the impossible  British writers have all the original ideas. Keeping up what writers like Moore and Ennis started Warren Ellis brings us a team of super archiologists intent on unearthing the secret super history of the world. The issue opens with Jakita Wagner Meeting Elijah Snow in a diner way out in the desert. She's got a job offer. One million a year for the rest of his life and any record of his existence wiped. Who could turn that down? One helicoptor ride, a hair cut an...

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How're Yee? 0

Love this one. It's a favourite. There're very few Irish characters in comics and with Cassidy's cousin Sean Cassidy run over by an areoplane over in X-men this mad vampire will always have a place in my heart and long boxes.  The story opens with Cass' on the run. He's got himself in a spot of bother with the local sherrif and it's time to move on. One quick meal later and Cassidy's postponing a trip to New York after sniffing out some thing he's gotta investigate in New Orleans. A short stroll...

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Best of a great series. 0

Big JMS fan. Big Gary Frank Fan. This series was made for me and issue four right here ws my favourite. Almost out side of the rest of the story line as a self contained tale. This one could've happened almost any where with in the series. David and Laurel stop off to for the night on their journey when they spot a camp fire. Other people who've slipped through the cracks are telling their stories of how they ended up where they are. As the issue goes on we realise these character are blaming ev...

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Special? Yes it is :D 0

 I'm a big fan of the classics so I'm just pleased as punch that Ray Palmer's back and gettin' the page time he deserves. I'm just disapponted that for now the powers that be feel he's only worthy of a back over in Adventure comic. Hopefully that'll lead to more.   Any way....let's get the matter at hand. What I like to affectionately refer to as the best solo Atom adventure of modern times.  To bring you up to speed, previous to this story Ray learned his wife Jean Loring was having an affa...

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I have many concerns. 0

Having Geoff Johns and Gary Frank together was some thing I was really looking forward to here. Like me Johns seems to be a fan of the classics but has been able to give a fresh, modern spin. As for Frank, well, he's been one of my favourite artists since his days on Incredible HULK.  How ever so far I've been pretty disappointed. While the art is truly amazing Johns devotion to the classics has gone a little too far for me on the series in general. In issue one the Clark as Superboy idea was br...

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My buckle is swashed 0

I'd not read a Eurpopean comic since I was a kid and pushing my way through the Asterix books. It'd be fair to say Asterix more than Spidey got me into comics. Much as I like men in tight mean superheroes I've always looked for a little variety in what I read. After all when I want to watch a movie I don't just go to the action/ adventure isle. It was the art that first caught my eye here. Closest stylisticly I'd compare it to that we know would probably be Frank Cho. This man ...

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