Watchmen home work help

Hey folks. 
Not blogged in a while. How've you all been? You're lookin' well.
Happy St Pat's.
Anyway, enough small talk.
Got a friend who needs a little help with a university assignment and we're just the crowd to help her.
Sara, is doin' a "close reading" on Watchmen and is havin' some trouble with it. I'm gonna help however I can but any suggestions you can offer would be great.
For instance I can't remember all the Charlton characters the Watchmen were based on. Any cultural impact and suggest would would be great too.
Seems Sara's lookin' to be pointed towards some serious critique to read over so if anyone know where to look that'd be a huge help.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I guess I wouldn`t have had been of any help, even if I would`ve been here at the right time.