New Hobgoblin!!! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Am I the only one who's finds the identity of the new Hobgoblin a little hard to swallow?
Phil Urich was the good Green Goblin. He acted like a hero and didn't display any characteristics that would suggest he was emotionally unstable in anyway. Now suddenly he's killing, stealling, fighting Spidey and joining up with the Kingpin to impress a girl?!?
I've not seen him around much lately but what happened since last time I read a comic with him in to change his personallity so drasticly?
Have I missed something or is this just an odd choice on the writers part?

Posted by jayskee

nothing  happen for him to go bad
Posted by Gylan Thomas
Thanks dude.
Has be been used much outside of Spider-girl since his Green Goblin series ended?
It's kinda spoilin' the story for me. I can't buy that this is actually Phil Urich.
Posted by reaper2923

I'm debating if Kingsley was actually there and got his head cut off

Posted by Omertalvendetta
@reaper2923: As per issue 651, the editors confirmed in the "letters" portion that it was indeed Kingsley that perished.
Posted by davidnappy

Actually Phil had hallucinations during his run as Green Goblin .  I think it was the fifth or sixth issue they showed him seeing all the former Goblins and them haunting him telling him he was going to go mad.  Then he was shown in Loner/Excelsior seeing the goblin again.  So they have shown him slowly break down with the incident with Kingsley being the breaking point for him to finally snap.
Posted by Gylan Thomas
I always assumed the what you put down as halucinations being a sort of dream sequence. His fear of what he was becoming rather than a mental break down.
You gotta give me more info on "Loner/ Excelsior". Never heard of it :(
Posted by davidnappy

Sorry for the late reply I had trouble logging back in.  But it's had been awhile since I had read the green goblin series.  I went and looked through all 13 issues and realized that Phil wasn't really all that heroic in the series aside from his last fight during onslaught.  He generally only helped when he had to and tried to leave it to other superheros a few times.  but the issue where he was dreaming or seeing the other goblins I always thought was just his fear or a nightmare thing until I saw this hobgoblin thing.  Then I looked up any thing else he had done in this universe.  Aside from like three appearances in amazing he only showed up in loners/excelsior which was a miniseries where he started a ex-superhero self help group to try to keep teenage superheros from doing what he and other's did.  It had Julie Power, Darkhawk, Spiderwoman, Turbo, and Ricochet in it and was about six issues long.  During it Phil is shown to be seeing the Goblin when he sees he's reflection in things.  He ends the last issue by snapping and taking Darkhawks amulet and fighting the group till he gets beat and then escapes.  From what I can tell he hadn't shown up since then till this hobgoblin thing.  But looking back at it I take the goblin nightmares as the goblin insanity that may have taken a long time since he had to use the suit to power up.  Cause he never showed powers outside of the suit and clearly lost them when the series was over, but was shown to use he's lunatic laugh to overpower the original hobgoblin and later in amazing spiderman 654 he clearly uses superstrength to elbow a support beam down to crush someone and he's completely out of costume.  So he had some form of super strength outside of a costume now but was never shown to get a new goblin serum.  I hope this is a decent recap of what I read and helps. 
Posted by dorsk188

Well, he was never all that stable to begin with.  I haven't read the new comics, or anything with Phil in it since maybe Onslaught, but I definitely remember him being a bit off, especially when wearing the Goblin mask.