X-men/ Necrosha/ Banshee

Now that  Aquaman's back I want my other favourite dead guy back.
Banshee's death felt like it was purely for shock value and to prove how bad ass Vulcan was. His page count in Deadly Genesis was just mean.
He's been around a long time. Longer even than most of the new X-men who signed up with him. 
He had a lot of potential and was massively under used.
Wouldn't he have made a great companion for Wolverine? Think about it. A hard drinkin' Canadian scrapper and an Irish man? (I'm from an Irish back ground so I can say that :P ) And some how Wolverine ended up BFF with Nightcrawler and Colosuss? Don't get me wrong. They're two of my favourite X-folks but why not give a character like Logan a like minded friend? Stereotypes make for weak writing but more often than not Banshee was written kinda boring so why not have given him a pint of Guinness once in a while? Woulda been a cool buddy set up for Wolverine and Banshee to have spent some time together and make more sense than Wolverine hanging with a well behaved Catholic elf and a farm boy.
Another perfectly valid reason for givin' us back Sean Cassidy is the very fact he is Irish. Marvel and particularly the X-men used to be a lot more international and Sean was the big Irish character. In a medium dominated by American character that obviously played against him but there's not another Irish character who's got his tenure so genticly cleansing the X-books seems kinda unfair. 
Remember Colossus being written off to cure the legacy virus?
What it really amounts to is that we lost comicdoms best Irish character for simple shock value on a character who's also now been killed off and because of the Superman syndrome he may actually not return. Superman syndrome? Vulcan was too powerfull and there for a difficult character to write. We'll inevitabilly get Black Bolt back because he's a classic and eventually some writer who likes him enough will ask Joey Q permision to revive him.
So come on X-fans. If you've got any Celtic blood demand our mutant hero back and demand he be treated with a little respect this time. Give him an edge. Dude's been through enough to make it plausible. Remember him back in AoA? That was cool right? We saw some of his potential back in the Generation X day.
And from a story stand point more international characters make for a more plausible world.
So come one Joey Q. Give the people what they want. I'll even write a decent mini my self to reintroduce Sean to the fan free of charge. What? Writing experience? Erm....does this blogg count?
And another thing. When's Jean comin' back? DC's puttin' right Morrisons other mistake as we speak so how about you admit he's crazy and killin' her off again was a bad idea. 
I wouldn't want to be the writer to get that assignment but we know it's comin' some where down the line. 
I waited out long enough for Barry Allen to come back so I can wait  for Jean too 
One more thing....I....erm....kinda didn't read Necrosha. Any one wanna fill me in on the current status of Banshee? Just so I know what I've got to work with when Joey Q asks me to bring him back.

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Doodles II

Got some fine folks sayin' some very nice things about my doodles last time I showed some so here's a couple more for mway back before the farming accident that destroyed my hands.
Go on ever one. Stroke my ego :D 

(There wasn't really a farming accident)


I want a Leigon ring! :D

DC's give us a Flash ring and a White Lantern one two!! 
Woo hoo!
So all that's left is a Leigon ring. I'm not even a Leigon fab myself but if I'm gonna become a thin, hairy rainbow geek Mr T I gotta have a Leigon ring.
So how about geeks? Let's beg DC to complete our collection. 
As soon as some thing comes up with the Leigon do this for us DC :)

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Movie release dates

Just wanted to share some thing with you that's makin' me smile.
Seems fans in the good ole U'S of A are still waitin' for Kick Ass to hit their screens.
Here in merry ole England we've all seen it already.
Seems we're gettin' Ironman 2 a week before you as well :D


Pulling from my pull list

Hey folks
Due to the poor economy I'm havin' to cut the a few titles from my pull list.
I've gotta be real strict with myself so thought I'd ask a little advice as to what you folks think I should be reading.
Any suggestions?