H day: No more humans.

I got to thinkin' today while I was bored at my crappy job.
Where've all the human characters gone from X-men? 
Character like Moira McTaggart, Senator Kelly, Henry Gyrich, a police officer who used to help out the team from time to time, several interesting human villains and the occational love interest too.
The stories felt a lot stronger when the humans weren't all off panel.
I know with the whole Utopia thing humans are pretty distant but for me Utopia's gone on long enough and it's time the X-folks returned to the main land. Osborn's out of the picture now after all.  And who are the gang up against? Vampires?!? Local comic shop peeps seem to think teleporters are bein' killed off to make leavin' the island more awkward too.
No wonder I 'm quittin' :(

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Change Grayson's name...

So I was talkin' to my good friend Blackstormtorrent and we both agree that next year when DC's do the annual ret-con top priority on the lsit of changes should be Dick Graysons name.
Dick is way outdated. I doubt there's any man his age going by that handle so if DC're readin' go with Rick when the next Crisis comes up.
You know it makes sense.


Elseworlds are back :D

I don't know about the rest of you 'viners but I was always a fan of the Elseworlds stories.
DC gave us some good imaginary stories with some great ideas we'd not see other wise with out confusing continuity or having to start up a whole new universe.
Then some mad Scot came a long and we were lumbered with the stoopid multiverse idea again.
Well I've just read that DC's givin' us a great new Elseworlds tale in August and I for one am lookin' forward to it. 
The story imagines a world were Jor-El and Lara Escape Kryton with baby Kal-El.

Here's hopin' DC get around to fixing the Scot's other mistakes after he's done. 
(No offence to Scottish folk in general :D )

Kryptons Last Family

Why I can't read X-men any more :(

I've been abig fan of those filthy muties for a long time. As long as I've been reading comic.
They're probably one of the strongest concepts in comics and when they're done well theyre great.
Thing is over the last few years I've just not liked a lot of what's been done.
Back in the day there were political plot lines running around the whole concept of tolerance using the mutant cconcept.
It feels like that's been lost.
The whole House of M/ Decimation/ 198 thing sort of destroyed that.
It seems to me less mutants and no more mutants means story opportunities become restricted.
The X-men used to be a multi national group but as time goes by it seems any non American character is cannon fodder.
Collosus (Ruissan) was killed off to cure the legacy virus, Banshee (Irish) was killed off with in a most undignified way. Couldn't even put up any kind of fight. And just so that we good see what a bad ass Vulcan was. Any idea where Vulcan is at the momment?
And now Nightcrawler (German), a classic X-dude's been taken from us.  
Storm (African) pretty much vanished from the X-books with her marriage to Black Panther. Some thing I thought a very strange creative choice. As far as I'm aware the two had barely met untill the idea of their marriage came up then their past aquaintance was shoe horned into continuity.
It feels to me as though some one at marvel just decided "oh hey we've got these two African characters. They should totally get married".
Professor X is walking again. The thing that made him truly original has been taken away and the slight variety in characters it offered which made the X-men's world that much more plausible is gone.
The greatest and best known of the few characters with any kind of handicap has been cured.
Now let's give DD back his sight back.

Ok. I'll grant you there have been some decent X-stories but they're getting more and more rare and now we've got "Mutants V's Vampires" to look forward to.
With superheroes being so popular now it's as though Marvel's neglecting the X-books like they did the heroes back in the day.  
Ever feel like you could do it better your self?

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Religion on Comic Vine: Redressing the balance

Still sort of new to the vine and really enjoyin' it.  Love the whole social element and the quests are big fun.
One small thing though.
Last few days there's been a lot of talk on religion. I'm not sure this is the ideal place for it but I don't really have any problem with that.
Thing is it's really all been people sort of repeating them self on christianity alone. I'm sure we can balance things a little and hope that we have a varied enough community here on comic vine to educate us a little. After all, if we're gonna mix religion in with our comic banter only fair to involve everyone. Isn't it?
So I'll start........


Women in comics.

I don't know about you but I love women. Soft in all the right places :P
Love comics too and I'm wondering if female characters get fair treated when it comes the four colour page.
Sure I understand readerships probably still predominantly male and we do like to see those little tiny outfits but when there's just no depth to a character I sorta lose interes.
There's been a lotta of great female characters and they've had some great books too. Birds of Prey, She-Hulk, Catwoman's had some good shots too. One thing that often bothers me too is that while a lot of female characters go on to develop well many start off as lazy creations. Copies of male characters. Don't believe me?

  • Spider-woman
  • She-Hulk
  • Batgirl
  • Supergirl
  • Spider-woman
  • Rescue (Pepper Pots)
  • X-23
  • Jesse Quick
  • Batwoman
  • Hawk Girl
Heck, look at Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is basicly Clark Kent with boobies. (And don't get me started on that. Way better as just Princess Diana.
How about the stories the ladies are get? Barbara Gordon was used in Killing Joke to establish the Joker as a bad ass, Storm was one of the Strongest X-men and now she's been reduced to little more than T' Challla's wife with little or no time left for mutant adventures and how about Wonder woman's use in Final Crisis.
The thing that's got me thinkin' about this is Marvel pushing female books that, in my opinion at least, feel like dolls for the female readership to play with. Girl Comics, Her-oes and Diva's to name a few.
And now we've got the overly sexual X-women to look forward to as well? Of course there's the overly sexual aproach to women in comics in general. Remember Huntress's ridiculous costume change for Hush? I'm a dude and I thought it was stoopid.
I wanna see more stories or runs in series along the lines of Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman And Birds of Prey which has pretty much been consistantly good. She-Hulk's had some good run's too. And how about Darwyn Cookes run on Catwoman? And if you're not reading Echo you really should be. 

I guess my point is comics can always use new readers and if I was a chick (if I was I'd be a hot chick) I'd be put off by most of what's available and the approach to female character.
What do all you viners think?

Death in comics.

Just a quick one to express my annoyance over comic deaths.
A favourite X-character of mine just bit the big one and now there's hints DD might be sleepin' under dirt soon? 
The X-one is too popular and icon to stay dead. A real icon so we know he'll be back. Same applys to DD.
I remember a time when a big story could happen with out temporarilly killing a character off. 
Worst thing is killing a character off takes away story options rather than creating them. When Angel became Arcangel that created a whole pile of stories we would've missed out on if they'd choose to kill him instead.
I don't wanna call the writers them selfs weak but the desicion to kill off a character who we can be 99% certain will be back is. 
I mean really. How long was Kitty Pryde gone?


My Name's Gylan and I'm a geek :)

I'm gonna hazard a guess that our being here suggest we're pretty geeky.
They say accepting a problem is the first step to solving it so let's all admit what's the geekiest thing about us.
Do you speek Klingon?
Ever gone to a con' dress as your favourite superhero?
Do you often get into argument about weather character X would beat character Y in a fight?
Well I recently noticed my wardrobe is becoming increasing focused on superhero T' shirts.
So far there's the obvious Superman T', Flash, Green Lantern, Spider-man, a pretty cool one with a Kirby Surfer coming right at you, one with a selection of DC heroes.
Oh, and I carry my Green Lantern ring in my jacket pocket pretty much every where I go.