English viners in Leeds?

My comic guy's the best ever.


Guy's set up a library service, brings readers together socially once a month for drink and draw session in Leeds and come up with a multi use comic bag and all sorts of other inovative ideas. Even a coffee machine and sofa so we can sit and read if we have time on our hands.


Seems the shops goin' through some trouble though. Take a read of the e-mail I got in if you can help at all please stop by.



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  Crisis at OK Comics! You can help...

People who have visited OK Comics over the last couple of weeks will have noticed scaffolding outside our shop. Thornton's Arcade is being renovated.
The work was due to start in February when it would have least effect on trade, and last for six weeks in total. The work was to be carried out in three stages, two weeks per stage... this hasn't happened.
The first stage of the work started in June and is now moving into it's fifth week. It's not known how long it will last.

The ongoing work, the presence of scaffolding, workmen, dust and noise has had a massive negative effect on the amount of people visiting our shop.

OK Comics has never been about making money. It's important that the bills get paid, staff get wages, and that stock is paid for. But it's not a high profit venture. It's about comics, and the people who read them.

There is a bare minimum the shop needs to take to continue trading.
The reduction of income because of the renovation work has, in one month, damaged OK Comics very badly, and threatened our ongoing existence.

Our regular customers have been great. Enduring the restricted conditions to continue buying comics and graphic novels from us. But we've lost pretty much all our passing trade and all our casual browsing customers. New customers have dried up almost completely.

Please help.
If there is a book or comic you were thinking of trying, do OK Comics a favour and try it now.
If you've ordered something and have yet to pick it up, do it today.
Recommend OK Comics to your friends.
If it's been a while since you collected your standing order, do it very soon.
If you've got a friend who's got a birthday coming up, buy their present from OK Comics now.

We'll continue to sell back issues for 50p (we recently acquired two great new collections), and we'll be running sales and special offers daily over the next few weeks (details of which will be posted here, on twitter and facebook).
We'll continue to receive new comics and graphic novels regularly every week.

Please help OK Comics through this, hopefully temporary, difficult time and we can continue to provide comics and books for years to come.
Follow this link to add your coments on the siuation, and to see a list of deals we've got on... OK Comics vs The World

Cheers, Jared




Static Series For 2011: Good News/ Bad News?

So I just read one of my all time favourite characters is gettin' his own series again next year. (Thanks Johnny Spam : D )
This here the article. You can read it. I'll wait...
All done? Good. Then I'll continue.
So anyway, I'm a huge Static fan but not a big Titans fan. I aint bothered to pick up most of his Teen Titans appearances. Obviously I was ellated with the news but then another viners tells me the writers not that impressive. The term, "universally despised" was used relating to her run in Teen Titans and she's gettin' Static now.
Now we all know how fickle the powers that be in the industry are. If the series doesn't sell well Virgil Hawkins might not get another chance.And I don't want that. 
It's gotta have the humour and social consions (spell check?) of the original.
Can anyone put my mind to rest?
Any thoughts on an artist too?
I liked Chris Batista's Static. That was in the original costume though.


New Avengers Series?

Read a little article on that thar internet that suggests we may have another Avengers series to come.
Check out the picture and look over this article 
Anyone there you'd rather not be? Anyone missing who should be there?
I'm just glad to see the Surfer again.


Why no Legion Ring? :(

So I' was thinkin'.
I've got a little plastic copy of pretty much every ring in the DCU except maybeClark Kents wedding ring and a Legion ring.
The wedding Ring I can do without but the geek in me really kinda wants to add a Legion ring to my plastic, rainbow jewelery collection.
I don't even read Legion but I'd buy an issue for the ring since I've got every other one they threw at us.
Anyone else?


Does Doctor Voodoo have a PHD?

So I've been curious about this for a while.
I get that Steven Strange was a doctor when he became the Sorceror Suprem so he got the handle "Doctor Strange"
What i'm wonderin' here is now Brother Voodoo is Sorceror Supreme why didn' they just leave him as Brother Voodoo? Doe he have a doctorate or PHD or whatever too?


Havock in X-men: First Class? :O

More movie news no one wanted to hear :P
Seems Lucas Till may be up for Alex Summers/ Havock in X-men: First Class.
Any one lookin' forward to this yet?  
Take a glance at the article I read here.

 Lucas Till

 Alex Summers

My Attempt To Push One Of Comics Most Under Rated Characters :D

So I've created a little farcebook group in an attempt to push the most under rated comic book hero ever. Static :D
Dude deserves his own series again and a movie. Maybe publicity hungry Don Glover could get on board. Or Jayden Smith maybe. Then I'm pretty sure daddy would push the project.
One thing I don't get is why there was no bug marketing or merchandise push for the Static Shock animated series.
Take a look here anyway.
Thanks :D