Watchmen home work help

Hey folks. 
Not blogged in a while. How've you all been? You're lookin' well.
Happy St Pat's.
Anyway, enough small talk.
Got a friend who needs a little help with a university assignment and we're just the crowd to help her.
Sara, is doin' a "close reading" on Watchmen and is havin' some trouble with it. I'm gonna help however I can but any suggestions you can offer would be great.
For instance I can't remember all the Charlton characters the Watchmen were based on. Any cultural impact and suggest would would be great too.
Seems Sara's lookin' to be pointed towards some serious critique to read over so if anyone know where to look that'd be a huge help.


New Hobgoblin!!! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Am I the only one who's finds the identity of the new Hobgoblin a little hard to swallow?
Phil Urich was the good Green Goblin. He acted like a hero and didn't display any characteristics that would suggest he was emotionally unstable in anyway. Now suddenly he's killing, stealling, fighting Spidey and joining up with the Kingpin to impress a girl?!?
I've not seen him around much lately but what happened since last time I read a comic with him in to change his personallity so drasticly?
Have I missed something or is this just an odd choice on the writers part?



If this has been done already then I don't mind at all if a mod lock it but merry christmas to the 'Vine and everyone on it :D


My questions of Batman Incorporated...

I'm curious how Bruce Wayne intends to bull this off.
I always liked Batman as a sort of urban myth that criminals were scared of. Now Bruce has basicly told the world "Batman's real and I sign his cheques".
How're international governments and law inforcement gonna look at it? It's one thing to operate in the shadows and a whole different thing to come out and tell everyone you're there.
Wont Batman Inc take a heck of a lot of Wayne Industries funding and not bring much revenue back for the business? How are stock holders gonna feel about that? I don't know about the US but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't go down well here un the UK if a CEO or whatever it is Bruce actually does stepped out and told the financial world he'd been spending company money on a secret project.
I gotta admit I lost interest in the Batbooks around the time of RIP and having Bruce doin' his best Sam Becket impression gettin' lost in time didn't do much to get me back. Batman inc and Finches new series aren't helping. 
Any thoughts?


Free comics?

Sorry to get your hopes up but gotta get your attention somehow.
Anyone know any good free comic websites.
Since Zuda closed I'm at a loss :(


I wanna be an Avenger! :(

Years of loyal custom and still I've not spotted my handsome mug on the "I am an Avenger" pages of the Avengers books.
Can you viners keep an eye out and if you see me gimme a heads up? 
I'd sure appreciate it.


Quests: Good news on the 1984 glitch!!!

I just sgned in this minute and had a quest update sayin' Big Brother had finally completed. Took it's time since I'm pretty sure it should've been completed a long time ago.
No if only Friend of the State would complete too......


Any Pro's on the Vine?

No. I don't have to entertain clients from out of town for my boss.
I'm curious as to weather any comic book professionals use the vine.
Have they presented them selfs or do they roam the forums in secret like King Arthur mingling with the peasantry?
Ever debated your favourite series with someone and just knew they were the writer who ruined it for you. 
I knwo I have my suspicions. How about you?