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Its Finally Here... 0

No major spoilers.When this comic was announced, I was very much excited. One of my favourite comic writers of all time writing not only Superman (one of my favourite characters) and Batman – a character I’ve been wanting to read for a while but haven’t been able to warrant it due to a combination of a low budget and the desire to read all the regular appearances of my five favourite characters. Anyway, after about four months of waiting, I finally got to read this issue.Greg Pak’s writing, as I...

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Wait... 0

This is probably the weirdest serious comic I have ever read. The whole thing is narrated by Jake Niman/Johnny Nightmare who, as it turns out, is completely crazy. The comic is set during about five different times. Jake/Johnny narrates something that is happening at one point in his life, says "wait" and switches to another point in his life with similar events. A comic like this which is different to what we comic readers are used to could have worked well but instead, the whole thing just got...

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Disappointingly Brilliant 0

Until two days ago, I had no intention of reading this comic. Like so many others, I hate what Dan Slott has done to Peter Parker - one of my favourite super heroes. As such, I struggled to come into this with an open mind. However, as the score I gave it suggests, I believe I was successful. This truly was a superior Spider-Man comic.This is the kind of comic I consider to be a perfect read. The mix of fight scenes and plot development was very well done. We got to see Spider-Ock expertly fight...

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Timey Wimey Stuff 0

All spoilers are blocked out.PlotCaptain America and CableThere wasn't really much plot here, its clearly designed to be characters teaming up for a fight and little more. This story was set during World War II and involved some time travelling (which was predictable) along with Captain America and Cable, Bucky Barnes, Atticus Trask and a Sentinel make an appearance.I'm not exactly an expert on Bucky so others may know this already but I/we get insight on his true role in fights like these. I th...

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Cable Gets a Fancy New Arm 0

All/any spoilers have been blocked.PlotHopeless seems to like to begin his stories at the action point then jump back and expand on what led to it. Though it did work in a way, it irritated me that it was such a cliffhanger followed by a slightly less exciting back story. Admittedly, for this story, it makes sense. The premise of the comic is Cable and his X-Force team being on the run and we had to be shown how that happened as well as what led to it.The back story section was good albeit a lit...

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A Cinematic Return to Middle Earth 0

Mostly spoiler free - I have mentioned the names of some characters but most people will already know that they appear in the film. The only thing worse than that is spoiler blocked.PlotIn general, the film followed the book quite closely with a few variations (the additions of characters for example). As much as I was dubious about having characters like Radagast and Galadriel added in, it did work to a degree. In a way, these parts of the film felt a little forced and sometimes a little slow b...

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Spider Sense Going Crazy 0

SpoilersThis is my first review for anything so forgive me if it doesn't go well!We start off with Spider-Man breaking up a raid by Hobgoblin. I loved the way Giuseppe draws Hobgoblin (I like his art in general but this was a favourite for me). My only slight gripe with this scene is the ease in which Spider-Man fights off the ninjas. This happens all the time with street-levelers but I thought I would mention it. These are highly trained ninjas and they were quite literally all over Spider-Man ...

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