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Anyone know where this is from?

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Batman: Animated Series

switches between these two.

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I agree his secrets put people in danger and he probably should have told them but he's Batman. Secrets and keeping things to himself are kinda his thing.

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Seeing as how this is Bale's Batman he wouldn't stand a chance. An armor piercing round to the face and it's game over.

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I wouldn't mind them stepping up their page time. I REALLY liked Gotham Central though and would actually love something like that to come out again.

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@JonSmith said:

The obvious choice would be Deadpool, but IS he really crazy? He knows he's just a puppet on strings, just a toy for the people on the other side of the Fourth Wall. So his constant comments and chatter, are they REALLY him being insane, or are they merely him exercising his one freedom: speech, as the writers force his body to otherwise act against his will? Is his apparent detached nature, his inane comments regarding nothing of importance really a sign of insanity, or are they merely him trying to think of anything but his impossibly horrific position while he can?

Or did I just terribly over think that and Deadpool totally IS the craziest?

In my opinion, provided, my theory above is correct, and Deadpool isn't crazy, I'd probably go with Norman for craziest mentally: I don't know anything about Dr. Rot or Zodiac. Arcade's crazy, but not on the same level as the other guys. Sinister, same. Norman is craziest in that his arrogance prevents him from even realizing he NEEDS help. The closest he came, in his greatest moment of clarity, was getting his secretary (whose name escapes me), to keep him in line mentally during his Reign. And even despite that, he still snapped. Sentry is the most potentially damaging, but he knows he needs help and so fights against it constantly, so in that regard, he's not so much insane as he is fighting the evil within as well as without.

Daaannnngggg you know what, this made me think. Gotta agree with this and say that Norman takes it.

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I had to actually stop and think for a second but Phantom Lady in a close one.

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No. The only reason an opinion could be seen as wrong is because the majority of people have the opposite opinion so really both sides say the other is wrong and at the end of the day who's to say what's wrong or right. An opinion is what someone thinks, it doesn't have to be factually right or even smart. If they said that their opinion was fact then they would be wrong but if it was their BELIEF and they truly believed in what they were saying you cannot tell them that their opinion is wrong because your essentially telling them that they don't think what they think.

And there is a difference between giving an opinion on something and making an unknowledgeable comment. If i say that I believe that my orange shirt is blue then that's not opinion, that just means i'm an idiot. If I say that I believe that my orange shirt ought to be blue then that's my personal opinion and nobody can say I'm wrong because you can't prove otherwise and it's what I'm personally thinking.

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And that's your opinion and I cannot say you're wrong for thinking that. His opinion is considered wrong because the majority of public opinion determines it so. It's bad, it's sick, but as you say whether or not something is right or wrong comes down to ones own opinion of right or wrong.

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I love both The Original Series and The Next Generation but I'd say Next Gen. ALTHOUGH...Enterprise has Scott Bakula sooooooo, that's always a plus.