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@King Saturn said:
"Afro Samurai should win here... unless Ryu has all his super skills and equipment... "

hed still get his ass kicked 
the awesomeness of the no> one headband ftw!!!
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@Psyker star said:
"@DevilMan09 said:

" Guyver wins, no problem. Sho goes Gigantic and blows the f**k out of Spidey. If that doesn't work, Sho goes Gigant Exceed and steps on him. "

WTF The Guyver blows spider man? "

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@Lunacyde said:
" @Korg said:
" Iroh was a more creative and innovative firebender. The reason he never challenged Ozai is that he didn't want to kill his own brother. Out of character, Iroh's abilities and control should give him an easy win. He learned from the last dragons. He taught himself how to redirect lightning by watching waterbenders, which was unthought of before he did it. He was one of the most powerful and resourceful benders in the entire series. Ozai was just a guy who used firebending to destroy and spread fear. Iroh could probably undermine his base, and take him out without even killing him. "
QFT  The thing about Iroh is that he is constantly learning, evolving, changing his views and perceptions of the world. In his old age he certainly has lost some of his aggressiveness, but when the time is necessary for ferocity his is unmatched. The one prison guard said it was unlike anything he had ever seen when Iroh broke out of prison. Along with the fact that he didn't want to kill his own brother he also recognized that it was not his destiny to challenge Ozai, it was Zuko's and it was explicitly important for Zuko to do so. Iroh is a very wise and experienced man and perhaps his greatest asset is his ability to think outside the box. I also like how you mention he learned the more efficient firebending technique form the Dragons, which is better than the anger driven technique most firebenders employ. The fact is that Iroh has so many characteristics and qualities that give hi the advantage, Ozai is single-minded and has a sense of entitlement. In a fight between these two Iroh comes out on top. "

True. Iroh rapeslaughterhouse.
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@Cezar_TheScribe said:
"@gunswordfist: No, Savage Dragon's origin was given only to the fans in a comic.  The people in Savage Dragon's world don't know anything about his otherworldly deliverance. "

What arc was that revealed? I might check that out.
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@Agent Buttons said:
"few weeks ago  When was the last time you took a vacation? "

Last summer. 
When's the last time you got caught staring at a woman the wrong way?
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@burr787 said:
"yesterday   When was the last time you exercised? "

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Greatest platformer ever created!!!
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@Dredd Judge said:
"@gunswordfist: My favorite episode was the one were he fights that time portal guardian. You know the guy i'm talking about right? Big, blue, red shades, black suit, katana sword, sounds like the guy who did Spawn in that HBO show? "

Hell yeah! Fake alien Morpheus was the man! Heh. That's one of my top five favorites. 
My absolute favorite is Jack Vs The Zombies. That episode is so badass and has the absolute best Aku fight. Me and my little brother loved it.  
I also love the dome of doom episode (the part where Jack listens to the champion murder his opinion in seconds and then the announcer saying "That's longer than his fights usually are" was like the most hilarious moment in the series. And then when Jack come out to fight him and he started to badmouth Jack with his Macho Man Randy Savage voice was also funny. 
There's also the 3 archers episode, the episode with the indestructible robots, the Mad Jack episode and the one where he has to fight the rock giant with the sword. I love how some episodes have Jack going through moral dilemmas like when he decided to save the monks instead of going back in time, when he killed the evil fountain instead of using it and when he killed the rock monster which was the only time he had to murder someone he respected. Just beautiful.
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Proto Man is still the man!!
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@John Valentine said:
"Walking Dead is a much better horror comic. "

And now I can finally agree...