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I like the show, I'm not obsessed with it but I think its okay. Though I wish that there was a writer above Steven Moffat, someone to put the kibosh on his over the top "love conquers all" plots.

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You might want to try a series called Jersey Gods, I read the first issue for free on comixology, I liked it, and I think Im going to get the trades.

I highly recommend Atomic Robo, its like hellboy, but more fun.

Threshold is recommended too, but that 3.99 price point isnt doing it any favors.

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I have met my fair share of girls who like comics, but what I think that Marvel and DC need to do is go outside the superhero genre, I get that's what they're bread and butter, but genre diversity is just as important to their future as racial/gender diversity. I like the sci-fi stuff DC doesn't make a lot of sci-fi books that arent about superheroes in some shape or form. Another thing that they can do is go for the all ages market. We need to get this notion out of our heads that all-ages = watered down kiddy stuff that adults can't enjoy. Archie hasn't had that problem. Archie the married life is a lot like a soap opera for adults. Sonic and Mega Man appeal to kids and adults and both are very well written.

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I hope that Giffen gets a GL book too,

Threshold will have the same problem as Sword of Sorcery. Its a great book, but it didn't get a lot of hype and it has a $3.99 price point.

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I echo the sentiments, great episode, it sucks so much that they're being cancelled, what I don't understand is why DC nation can't be extended to two hours instead of one. Thats the best solution for everyone, I get that they want more shows like adventure time and regular show that sell the most merchandise and appeal to the hipster set, and I like regular show, but there needs to be variety, why do we have to choose between comedy and action. There's room for both.

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The first trade of the avengers, Avengers World, comes out in April, so Ill get it then. I trade wait stuff because I cant afford single issues and I dont want to do digital.

From what I understand about this series so far, is that Hickman is slowly turning the Avengers into the Legion of Super-Heroes in all but name. Hickman's a legion fan, as am I, so I can see the Parallels. Hyperion is Superman, obviously. Smasher is Ultra Boy. Cannonball and Sunspot are Wildfire and Sun Boy. Shang-chi is Karate Kid (even though karate and kung fu aren't the same thing, but whatever).

The size of the team, 24 avengers to 25-26 Legionairres in the 80's. the cosmic setting. It wouldn't surprise me if the upcoming Thanos event was inspired by the Great Darkness Saga, one of the best Darkseid stories out there.

That might be a little off-putting to some people, but for me it sounds great.

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Barry Allen

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Non super hero stuff I read.

Three of the four action/adventure books from archie are non super hero. Sonic, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man. New Crusaders is their only superhero book for now. I think I might branch out more and try Sabrina and Archie the married life. I never thought I would be this invested in Archie books, but they are really fun to read.

Atomic Robo is not a superhero book, but everything a superhero book should be. Its sort of like hellboy meets ironman.

Fathom is a really good book. At first glance it looks like a mindless T & A fest but it isn't. Its really well written and has a lot of depth.

I would say that Superhero stuff is really prevalent in the U.S. most likely because that's what sells well. There is a ton of great material out there, but people don't talk about them enough. Plus some non-superhero readers tend to have an air of pretentiousness about them.

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@SavageDragon: I feel the same way.

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Its important to experiment with genre diversity, so if I was in charge I would put a bit of an emphasis on comic books. The inhumans and eternals have a lot of potential, and Im sure they could do more with that as well.

While I'm at it. I would also add a couple of horror books as well.

It is also important to have more cultural and gender diversity as well.

I would limit events. I am also tired of the hero vs hero melodrama.

I would give the x books an overhaul. There are so many mutants that have potential, why does every x book need the same 10-15 characters in it?