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It's nice to see a "I want these characters to return." article that doesn't feature Wally, Donna, and Stephanie brown. Personally I would want to see Plastic Man and Ms Martian, but knowing DC, they would probably make them all angsty. Im a little tired of angst.

I wonder why there hasn't been a new Gen13 book. It makes too much sense for DC not to do one. Fairchild is in Superboy and the Ravagers, but when Ravagers gets cancelled we might not see her again. The way Gail Simone describes the movement sounds exactly like what she did when she wrote Gen13.

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This is a good rant, you have a very good assessment of what is going on.

Because I am a trade waiter, I will have to try this series for myself in june. I have read reviews though, and the reaction has generally been positive. I normally keep myself abreast of titles I am interested in before I buy the trade.

One of the things I find ironic about the book is that Mayor Jameson is cheering Spock on, even though he has become the very menace that the old jameson has been railing against. Brutalizing people, an execution, drones patrolling the city, oh yeah, he's keeping new york safe, right underneath his thumb.

I don't know if there are any Rurouni Kenshin fans out there, but Ock as spider man reminds me a lot of Makoto Shishio, the antagonist from the Kyoto arc. Like Shisho, Ock will climb higher and higher and higher to prove himself superior to Peter Parker, the avengers, even the world. That gigantic ego of his isn't going anywhere, and it will be his downfall. Like when Shisho exploded (Literally, the guy burst into flames) because all he wanted to do was kill kenshin. When Peter comes back (and he will no matter what Slott says.) He will most likely have no job, no avengers membership, and he'll be the outcast loner loser again.

So like I said, I will read the first trade, just like I did with Miles Morales, and if I like it great, and if I don't that's fine too. It's no skin off my nose.

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Well, lets see.


Aquaman, Flash, Supergirl, Threshold (I buy it digitally, I like it, and I hope the trade comes out by this time next year so I can read it more indepth) JLA. Upcoming series the movement, just because it reminds me of Gen 13. Seriously, why isn't there a new Gen 13 book, it just seems so obvious.

Marvel. Wood's X book, Avengers, Captain America.

Archie Sonic, Sonic Universe, Mega Man (Worlds collide starts on the 10th!) New Crusaders (a teen book I love) and The Married Life. I love the Married life.

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No, it doesnt really bug me, as long as they aren't too in your face about it then its fine.

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It will probably be young beast, and I could imagine cyclops sending the older hank a picture of him with his arm around his shoulder saying "Me and my new best bud LOL" with the biggest **** eating grin on his face.

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@quirky_anecdotes: Your comparison to the doctor falls a little flat. Superman acts like a human because he was raised as one. The doctor was born and raised on gallifrey, thats why he's so different. Superman's rogues gallery is a lot bigger than luthor, they're Bizzaro, Braniac, general zod, Imperiex (similar to the daleks), livewire, lobo, metallo, darkseid, not to mention doomsday. The writers just need to utilize them better.

To answer the OP, yeah, I like superman. I think he's alright, he takes a lot of crap, but I think he's alright.

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Well, they'res Zephyr from Harbinger, and people seem to love her.

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It looks interesting.

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Its a pretty small blog. I wish I could recommend some books for you, but I'm not into noir stuff myself. Though I guess you could try out animal man. Also, try not to get too caught up in message boards. I liked comics a lot more when i wasn't on message boards.

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I think putting orion (who's kind of a pig) with wonder woman would be interesting for a while, but it would probably piss a lot of people off. Then again her relationship with superman is pissing a lot of people off, but if their relationship is the cause of the trinity war, than maybe johns will break them up after the event is over.

Love the redesign by the way.