What I wont miss about college.

Good morning everyone, this is my last week of college.  I am graduating this year and I can take a sigh of relief. I admit I am a little anxious about going out into the working world, but then I think about the things I wont miss about college, and that gives me the motivation that I need.
1. Dorm life:  I had to live in the dorms all five (yes five) years of school.  I did work when I was in school, but I didn't make enough money to live off campus, the highest paying on campus job is being a bus driver, I'm not driving a bus.  I wont miss having to make sure I get in the shower before the janitors clean the restrooms, I wont miss fighting to get a washing machine before some girl hoards 3 machines all to herself (guys do it too, but girls do it more often.)
2. Dorm food: Its not the freshman 15 anymore, its more like 30.  I gained 30 lbs my freshmen year, I managed to lose that weight, but its really hard to maintain a healthy diet.  Sometimes the fruit is under or over ripened, and the vegetables are undercooked and inedible or overcooked and drenched in pepper.
3. Buying books: As an art student. I haven't had to buy as many books as the engineers and nurses. I wish I would have gotten at least half the money back on books that I bought, In hindsight, I would have gotten on amazon sooner and bought textbooks from them instead of going to the bookstore.
4. Papers and tests: This should go without saying, I don't have a problem with learning its just that I'm tired of learning things and just regurgitating it out for a test, and I can't stand writing long papers and making sure that I site them correctly.
5. Finals: I hate finals, well not the tests themselves, I hate the random scheduling of it all.  One year I had one and only one final at 7:30pm on a FRIDAY.  I was so mad, one final and I couldn't go home until Saturday, the day everyone had to leave.
6. Drinking:  The University of Iowa is considered a party school, people always come back to the buildings in the middle of the night and tear things up.  There now is a 21-ordinance that keeps people under 21 out of the bars after 10 pm.  I don't drink, I'm not into it myself.  I just couldn't stand how everyone was getting all worked up over it.  People went on and on talking about how the ordinance was infringing on their civil liberties. It was insane.
7. Freshman: Not all of them, just the ones that talk about the "college lifestyle" and how everything is so great, the ones that think they're Superman and they can do it all.  I thought this way when I was a freshman, its a good thing I swallowed my pride, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Well those are my reasons, can anyone out there think of things I left off?

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I graduate next year. Congratulations on getting through a big step :)

All of your complaints about college I can totally relate to lol. I go to a small private college of about 3,000 students so I don't know what it's like to attend a party school, but the groups of students that do get drunk and have parties (even though it's against the rules since we're a dry campus) tend to go into other dorms and wreck stuff. Last year a drunk guy came into my room and started peeing in my roommates closet thinking it was a urinal lol

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Congratz, I decided to go back to school for accounting, should be done in 2 more years. 

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I love College. I graduate next year.

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Not to be a buzzkill, but I've been graduated from college for a good many years now, and I honestly miss it. I miss the energy, the enthusiasm and the general sense that good things can happen and one can have a positive impact on the world. Granted, this energy often gets released in less-than-constructive ways, but at least it was there. Most of the people I interact with now are just constantly stressed and depressed about money and employment. Frankly, if I have to deal with drunks, I'll take ones who drink to cut loose and have fun over those who drink just to dull the pain of a miserable life any day. I also miss the clarity of goals and the (at least slightly) better system of rewards. In college, if I studied hard and did what I needed to do, I was rewarded with good grades, and eventually a degree. In the workforce, hard work and diligence doesn't count for much, anymore. I spent the fast five years working for the same company, and despite an exemplary record, I don't have anything to show for it. There were no openings, so I never got a promotion. The company was struggling, so I didn't get any raises or bonuses in the past three years (even though our CEO took home nearly a half-million extra for basically leading us into the crapper). In spite of this, my staff persevered and we were consistently ranked among the top 100 stores in the company. Then the landlord decided he didn't want to renew our lease, so our store closed and we were all let go without severance.

Sorry for being a downer; your points are all valid, and let me offer you an early congrats on your graduation! It's an accomplishment you should be justifiably proud of, and is something nobody can ever take away from you. I guess my point is not to overlook all the positive aspects of college life as you head out the door into the wider world.

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Im a freshman in college and you guys are depressing me.
*runs out of thread*

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Am I the only one on this site who has had a great high school and college experience?



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Congrats dude. I graduate from college on Saturday. I agree with most of that list, but most of it  I've been removed from since I got my own apartment sophomore year. As for the drinking, I'm rather fond of that. Ole Miss is known as a party school, but its not that bad. Nothing like hitting a party with some friends, getting drunk, then trying to piece together how you cracked your skull and why your underwear was missing, also figuring out who exactly is sleeping on your couch naked. Ah, I'm gonna miss college

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There is a positive and a negative to everything. College has its ups and down, and the "real world" has its ups and downs.