Well now we know who he is....but there are still questions.

Good Morning, everyone.  
By now, Im sure that you all know that the new Spider-Man is a half black half hispanic teenager named Miles Morales. As an black reader, I am happy about this. However I am still a little uneasy, I feel that by making his ethnicity a thing that sort of pigeon holed him as "The black spider man."  The USA Today article called him "Half-black, all hero"  How on god's green earth did that get past editorial?  
Anyhow, there are still important questions to ask, we won't really know the answers until September when his backstory is revealed in full but for now we have to speculate.
1. What exactly is his connection to Peter Parker?   Bendis said that Peter's death would be Miles's "Uncle Ben Moment."  If that's true they must have some kind of connection, the easiest and most natural one would be to make Peter and Miles friends. Bendis could build up Miles into a great supporting character who would eventually become the main one.  On the other hand, he could be related to someone who knew him, like Ben Reilly or even Nick Fury. He could have also met someone who knew him, like Rick Jones or Kitty Pryde or Jessica Drew, which leads to my second question.
2. How did he get his powers?  Now the easiest explanation would be that he is a mutant, I mean if they're going to change spider man up so much they might as well.  So for argument's sake lets say that Miles is a mutant, he is trying to figure out how his powers work but is so frustrated he gives up, he sees Peter's funeral on television and is inspired to become spider man.  Or he could be a sickly child that is related to ben reilly or nick fury and he is given a sample of peter's blood and gets his powers.  If is connection is through Nick Fury he could be a test subject for an army of Spider Men.  We don't know what happened to that scorpion clone of peter's after fury captured it.
Miles is supposed to have a different relationship with Captain America than Peter did.  Maybe Cap gives up the hero game but decides to mentor Miles because he can't forgive himself after Peter took that bullet for him and then died, he understands that Miles wants to be a hero, but doesn't want to see him get hurt.  
I'm just throwing ideas out there, if you guys have any, please put them out there, maybe one of us is right.

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Posted by Renchamp

"Half-black, all hero"? Yikes. As if a diverse ethnicity is a handicap. I just like how the character choice came out of left field. Nobody seriously expected this.

Posted by InnerVenom123

"Half-black, all hero"  

Posted by Kallarkz

This character will only be about race for the people that want to make it all about his race. 
For the others that simply read comics to read good stories it wont matter. 
Not quite sure I've ever focused on Wolverine being Canadian.

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"Half-black, all hero" lmao.