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I don't really write blogs that often, but it's something I wanted to do for a while. The idea here is to recommend upcoming series, as well as current ones, that others might enjoy, its all about sharing right? besides, we all seem to complain about not finding anything new, but I say balderdash to all that. The things people do want are out there, we just need pointing in the right direction.

1. New Crusaders. Does anyone remember Hickman's Secret Warriors? When the young descendants of young heroes are recruited by Nick Fury? Okay, take that premise and make it less dark. The new crusaders are the teenage children of the mighty crusaders of red circle fame. Something happens to their parents and they are recruited by the Shield into becoming a team. This book is being written by Ian Flynn (current writer of sonic the hedgehog and mega man) with art by Ben Bates. It's an all ages title, now I know when you hear the term "all-ages" one would immediately think of sugary sweet books with no drama, but Ian Flynn understands that "all ages" means that books are fun for everybody, its a superhero book that isn't ashamed of it, it doesn't try to be dark or edgy. The book was originally supposed to be digital only, but they recently announced that there will be a print version. The digital version debuts on May 16. For more information, you can go here or the article from cbr here

2. The Hypernaturals. Are there any cosmic marvel fans in the house? What about LSH fans other than me? Okay, you are going to want to seriously check out the Hypernaturals, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, or DnA from Boom Studios. Its about a team of superheroes in the future that protect humanity throughout space. Now there are no aliens in the book, the characters themselves are actually evolved humans from space colonies. Team members serve in tours, like being in the military. Issue #0 debuts on Free Comic Book day the series begins its regular run later this year. There are various artists on the book. Its got mystery, action, science-fiction, and come on people, it's a free issue. Check out this article here

3. Empowered. My final recommendation is Adam Warren's Sexy Superhero Comedy Empowered. It's about a young superheroine who tries to make it in the big leagues. She is often tied up and humiliated by villains and even her own teammates. Now at first, it looks like Warren has some vendetta against women, but I would argue that she comes off as an actual person, not some invincible superwoman. The only thing that's really holding her back is her insecurity. Literally. She keeps going because that's who she is, and that takes strength. Now Warren's art style, if you didn't already know, is sort of Manga-ish. I know that's a turn off for some people. Now there isn't just comedy, there is also a lot of drama, mystery, and romance, along with pirates, ninjas, and zombies. The first six volumes and the deluxe version are on amazon, and the seventh volume will be out this summer.

I hope that you take these books into consideration. I liked doing this blog, I'll have to do it again.

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Well now we know who he is....but there are still questions.

Good Morning, everyone.  
By now, Im sure that you all know that the new Spider-Man is a half black half hispanic teenager named Miles Morales. As an black reader, I am happy about this. However I am still a little uneasy, I feel that by making his ethnicity a thing that sort of pigeon holed him as "The black spider man."  The USA Today article called him "Half-black, all hero"  How on god's green earth did that get past editorial?  
Anyhow, there are still important questions to ask, we won't really know the answers until September when his backstory is revealed in full but for now we have to speculate.
1. What exactly is his connection to Peter Parker?   Bendis said that Peter's death would be Miles's "Uncle Ben Moment."  If that's true they must have some kind of connection, the easiest and most natural one would be to make Peter and Miles friends. Bendis could build up Miles into a great supporting character who would eventually become the main one.  On the other hand, he could be related to someone who knew him, like Ben Reilly or even Nick Fury. He could have also met someone who knew him, like Rick Jones or Kitty Pryde or Jessica Drew, which leads to my second question.
2. How did he get his powers?  Now the easiest explanation would be that he is a mutant, I mean if they're going to change spider man up so much they might as well.  So for argument's sake lets say that Miles is a mutant, he is trying to figure out how his powers work but is so frustrated he gives up, he sees Peter's funeral on television and is inspired to become spider man.  Or he could be a sickly child that is related to ben reilly or nick fury and he is given a sample of peter's blood and gets his powers.  If is connection is through Nick Fury he could be a test subject for an army of Spider Men.  We don't know what happened to that scorpion clone of peter's after fury captured it.
Miles is supposed to have a different relationship with Captain America than Peter did.  Maybe Cap gives up the hero game but decides to mentor Miles because he can't forgive himself after Peter took that bullet for him and then died, he understands that Miles wants to be a hero, but doesn't want to see him get hurt.  
I'm just throwing ideas out there, if you guys have any, please put them out there, maybe one of us is right.


So he might be back.

According to comic book resources Jim Lee said that Ryan Choi may return as the atom in the new Justice League book.

Asked about increasing diversity—particularly, "where are the Asians?"—Wallace said that diversity did not have to only mean heroes, but "diverse people." "When you look at the world around them, it's populated by" people of every color and orientation. He added that there would be an Asian hero debuting in "Mr. Terrific."

Lee added that "there's a character in Justice League—a very small character—rhymes with 'Batom.'"
Hopefully is is Ryan, I really liked him, or DC may be pulling or legs again like they've been with Cassandra Cain.  The optimist in me likes to think that they aren't. The link is below.

The gears are stuck

For the longest time I've wanted to start a blog, but I have no idea what to blog about.  I dont want to blog about the same stuff that other people do, that would result in me being redundant and locked threads and then being kicked off the website because everybody and their brother would call me a troll.  I feel like it would be a good idea for me to fill some sort of niche around here.  So I pose the question to my fellow viners, What kind of blog would you like to read?  Im thinking it would be a weekly thing filled with humor, but I don't know what to actually talk about without sounding like a broken record.  Any suggestions are helpful.


What I wont miss about college.

Good morning everyone, this is my last week of college.  I am graduating this year and I can take a sigh of relief. I admit I am a little anxious about going out into the working world, but then I think about the things I wont miss about college, and that gives me the motivation that I need.
1. Dorm life:  I had to live in the dorms all five (yes five) years of school.  I did work when I was in school, but I didn't make enough money to live off campus, the highest paying on campus job is being a bus driver, I'm not driving a bus.  I wont miss having to make sure I get in the shower before the janitors clean the restrooms, I wont miss fighting to get a washing machine before some girl hoards 3 machines all to herself (guys do it too, but girls do it more often.)
2. Dorm food: Its not the freshman 15 anymore, its more like 30.  I gained 30 lbs my freshmen year, I managed to lose that weight, but its really hard to maintain a healthy diet.  Sometimes the fruit is under or over ripened, and the vegetables are undercooked and inedible or overcooked and drenched in pepper.
3. Buying books: As an art student. I haven't had to buy as many books as the engineers and nurses. I wish I would have gotten at least half the money back on books that I bought, In hindsight, I would have gotten on amazon sooner and bought textbooks from them instead of going to the bookstore.
4. Papers and tests: This should go without saying, I don't have a problem with learning its just that I'm tired of learning things and just regurgitating it out for a test, and I can't stand writing long papers and making sure that I site them correctly.
5. Finals: I hate finals, well not the tests themselves, I hate the random scheduling of it all.  One year I had one and only one final at 7:30pm on a FRIDAY.  I was so mad, one final and I couldn't go home until Saturday, the day everyone had to leave.
6. Drinking:  The University of Iowa is considered a party school, people always come back to the buildings in the middle of the night and tear things up.  There now is a 21-ordinance that keeps people under 21 out of the bars after 10 pm.  I don't drink, I'm not into it myself.  I just couldn't stand how everyone was getting all worked up over it.  People went on and on talking about how the ordinance was infringing on their civil liberties. It was insane.
7. Freshman: Not all of them, just the ones that talk about the "college lifestyle" and how everything is so great, the ones that think they're Superman and they can do it all.  I thought this way when I was a freshman, its a good thing I swallowed my pride, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Well those are my reasons, can anyone out there think of things I left off?


Blogging attempt

Well, I have 5 followers now, I dont know why, Im not that interesting.  So I thought it would be a good idea to start writing a blog.  I want to be a good blogger, and not blog in a way that involves me complaining about stuff (like my brother, that boy whines so much I think Im going to give him a block of cheese as a graduation present.)  When I come up with something poignant, then I'll write it, but this is going to take a considerable amount of thinking on my part.

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