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"Gundam Heavyarms, that's the handle you're going with?"
"Yes general."
"Look kid, I appreciate that you are so gung ho about missions, but its too on the nose."
"Blowing things up is what I do general, its the only thing im good at."
"Fine kid, but you gotta fix that self esteem of yours."
"I'll buy a book general."
When people think of destruction, mayhem, and large bullets, they usually think of me.  Im not like the other guys in my crew, They're all into the finesse, that fancy pants kung fu stuff.  These guys could probably take bruce lee and chuck norris at the same time.  Me, I just like the knitty gritty.
The names Trowa Barton, you may call me gundamheavyarms.  I'm the demolitons and weapons expert for our little government outfit, and the work is good.  Once the mission is done, I usually have to take out a building, or a mountain, or an enemy. 
I may not be the prettiest guy around here, but I am the most dependable.