The Beginning of the End..... Of Cheese! (Part 1 of 3)

Long, long ago, there was a city made entirely of cheese. The people too. The diversity of the different types of cheese represented the diversity of different races of people, the buildings represented their homes.

Our story begins with a man made of mozzarella walking home from work. a simple man, he never really thought about much other than his country, his family, and his job. "Ugh. My briefcase is starting to melt again." The man took a bite of his briefcase, causing bystanders to question the concept of cannibalism.

The man walked by an ally, when a gang of nacho cheese teens approached him, witht heir elvis impersonator ways and their twirly switchblades. "Easy mister, just hand over your wallet and whatever's in that half-eaten briefcase and everything's gonna go real smooth, ya dig?"

The man at first was afraid, but after hearing the words of the gang, he uttered a gentleman-like "What the f*ck?" Before smashing a gang member over the head. The already melty briefcase, along with the scalding heat of the nacho cheese, caused the briefcase to melt all over the boy's head and torso, burning him horrible and causing him to fall to the ground and writhe in pain.

"Sh*t man, lets get out of-" was all the second boy could utter before having his throat slit with the first boy's switchblade. Melted nacho cheese began to spurt everywhere, covering the shocked and frozen third boy. The fourth, unable to cope with the death of his friends, pointed a revolver at his head and blew chunks and melted cheese all over the alleyway, and the mozzarella man, who stared the third boy in the eye and whispered in his ear, "Don't f*ck with mozzarella." Before pushing him helplessly to the ground, into a puddle of his friend's remains.

The man continued on his way, happy as could be. It was like an 80's movie depicting the 50's, where everything was nice and cheery, not a worry in the world except for what fine meal would be on the table when you got home.

The man approached his house, and saw his Limburger Shepard run eagerly in the yard, pleased at his master's return. He yipped and panted, barked and cocked his head sideways, and yelped and snarled when the neighbor's Blue Cheese Pit Bull jumped the fence and clamped down on his neck.

Powerless to stop it, the pitbull's shaking broke the dog's neck, leaving it a partially metled mess in the yard. The dog, foaming cheese at the lips like easy mac you left in the microwave too long, leaved at the man. The mozzarella man kicked the underside of the dog's jaw, before delivering a solid punch to the side of it's head. He then tacked the dog to the ground, careful to get the dog into the right position. He sat atop the squirming dog, its legs sticking out at the sides. He grabbed along of the front ones, and pulled up towards him until they broke and snapped off, spurting blue cheese sauce about and giving him a sub-cannibalistic snack. He devoured the cheese sticks, before dismounting the near dead dog.

The wimpering annoyed him, so he stomped the beast's head until it was a chunky blue cheese paste on his sidewalk. The cheese splattered man then straightened his tie, and continued on his merry way, smile on his face, the world bright and nice around him.

He opened his house, and his family stared at him in horror......


Well, I'm comin' back.

As some of you may know, I've been out of the fan-fic game for quite a while. Weather its a lack of time, motivation, or just general family madness, there's always something to keep me occupied nad put a damper on my creativity.

But, that's changing. I'm gonna make sure of that. I wanna get back in the business, I wanna write some damn fan-fic. It's been too long. I mean, I get these ideas and just kind of sit there, helplessly watching them fade away. I always regret not having the time to put them on paper.

But as I've been rambling on, this is essentially me stating that I'm coming back to fan-fic. So bring on the character creation contests and check out my (Hopefully) Updated Library!

Gumflabica's Library of.... stuff.....


Do you know me?

Well, it's been about a year and a half, and I've finally hit my 1000 post mark, but have I really left mine? How many of you guys (blanket statement for both male AND female) out there know who I am? Or have even heard of me? I never really got on that often... but I'm looking to change that. I have my own CPU again, and I'm going to be here alot more often, posting alot more, and, hopefully, making the mark that I couldn't every other weekend.... but anyways, on a lighter note... Well, I was hoping something would come to me, but it didn't. Also, feel free to ask me anything you like. I'll have an answer, although tt may be cryptic, confusing, extremely funny in my odd sort of way, full of sexual references, full of references to other things, downright creepy, or all of the above. Enjoy!


Top 10 extremely sad video games.

My list of video games that i think had very sad parts in them, but I don't want to put why. Why ruin it for people who want to experience it themselves.

1. The Walking Dead

2. Gears of War 3

3. Mass Effect 3

4. Metal Gear Solid 4

5. Red Dead Redemption

6. Left 4 Dead

7. Dishonored

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

9. Final Fantasy VII

10. Bioshock Infinite

if you have any questions as to why i chose what i did, and why they are in the order they are, tell me, and i'll send you a PM. otherwise, play the games and find out yourself! (even though alot of people have played these popular games)


Demonic: can it happen?

I'm working on a comic series called Demonic. It's about a teenage boy who first discovers his powers at age 16 when he punches a bully with an unintentionally powerful flaming uppercut. As he runs home he finds he has amazing speed and other abilities he learns to use throughout the series. When he confronts his mother he finds out that his father didn't just leave him, he was something evil, very evil. After researching for weeks, he finds out that he is a half-demon spawn, and destined to stop an extremely powerful entity called The Fith. Taking the name Demonic, he fights his way through hellish beings that have nothing in mind but to deastroy life on Earth.

the enemies include other demon spawns that are sons of the same demon that Demonic is, these include: The Beast: a large mishmash or deadly creatures (both real and fictional) and fire, The Predator: a demonic mercanary with powers similar to that of Demonic's, but being all Black with no eyes and sharp, crooked teeth, The Imperfect: the perfect human, The Imperfect has peak attributes both physical and psychological, having attributes on par with the finest olympic athletes and genius level intellect, also very charasmatic and has a near perfect immune system, rendering him mostly immune to diseases and toxins, Demonic: we already kina went over him, and... wont give it out. you know how spoilers are.

there will also be the embodiments of the seven deadly sins for him to fight, but i think you could get the general idea of that

what do you guys think?



i try and try and twist it in any way possible... but its still anime vs comics. you win this round rules. (f**k you trolls :p)