A taste of things to come . . .

Feel free to leave comments. If you are an artist and want to collaborate, let me know.

Page 13 (5 Panels)

Panel 1: This panel is an overhead view. RS lies awake in his bed. A woman, lies next to him, on her side facing away from him. On his right, a night stand with an alarm clock and his cell phone charging. You can see the shadow of the ceiling fan against the bed.

Panel 2: RS is walking down the hallway. No shirt on, and pajama pants. This is a mouse eye shot from the floor towards the end of the hallway. Pictures are on the wall. It appears to be RS and a woman, the same woman from the previous panel.

Panel 3: RS is now in the bathroom, standing over and leaning on the sink. He is looking into the mirror, his hair disheveled and eyes blood shot.

Panel 4: Close up of the sink, with RS hand turning on the faucet.

Panel 5: RS face down at the sink in his hands, with water pouring out of his hands and through his finger. By this panel, we realize he cannot sleep.

Page 14 (6 panels)

Panel 1: RS standing over the sink again looking into the mirror. This shot is from the mirror's perspective. Only he has a confused look about his face. Water is dripping off his nose and chin.

RYAN SEVAR (RS for those keeping track9

What the hell?

Panel 2: Basically the same scene, but shot from behind RS. He stands over the sink, the faucet is still running. The mirror, however, is black. There is no reflection, it is as if he is staring into nothing.

Panel 3: Shot from the upper corner of the room. RS is now leaning in, inspecting the mirror. The faucet is still running at this point. He is so thrown off, he has forgotten about the running water.


What the hell is this?

Panel 4: Close up of the mirror. You can see the lights above it a this point and the frame of the mirror. The actual pane is just black. There is nothing there.

Panel 5: Close up of RS face. He has a completely confused look about him. Head sort of tilted, and one eyebrow raised and the other squinting. His face is still wet from the water.


What, what is that?

Panel 6: This panel is completely black. This is a close up of the mirror. You can barely make out the shape of a face. This should be drawn literally 1 or 2 shades lighter than the complete black. It is something readers will want to look back at.

Page 15 (4 Panels)

Panel 1: This is shot from the bottom corner of the room. RS is falling backwards with his arms flailing about. A shadow creature is springing forward through the mirror with one claw reaching towards RS. Black mist is pouring from its body, and it's mouth is open, but with pieces of skin connecting up and down, almost a vented mouth. Think Hannibal Lector's mask.



Panel 2: Smaller panel. RS face up close with a claw off to the side. Action shot of his face being scratched one direction, with blood pouring out.

Panel 3: Smaller panel. Just like the previous panel, on the scratch is going the other way.

Panel 4: Back in RS bedroom. Shot from the side of the bed at about the level of the pillow. RS sitting himself up, back arched, with his arms behind him supporting him. His head is tilted back and he is screaming in terror. The woman is scene, but a bit more blurry in the back ground, startled, next to him.


(shout) NOOOOO!!! STOP!!


Ryan! Calm down! It's just a nightmare.

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End to the long weekend!

After a long weekend of not using my brain, I think it is time to start more of issue 1, pages 18 and onward of the horror mystery comic series I am working on. Going to be a busy few weeks, so be patient for my blog. I'll introduce some characters this week. My band has to rehearse for an upcoming gig, my inline hockey team starts the fall season in 6 days, and of course work.

Spent the weekend recharging my batteries with my lovely wife, a bunch of friends, some cases of brew, and a handful of dreams. Sorry, got a little out of hand on that. Anyways, I just finished Resident Evil 1, just finished downloading 2, so I'm gonna hit that up, and hopefully knock out a few pages of the comic tonight.

By the way, if there are any aspiring artists on here, that might be interested in teaming up on my comic project, let me know. I'm looking for something realistic, dark and gritty.

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Monsters among leaders

So I have 17 pages done for my new supernatural horror series. I'd write more but I'm not feeling creative. I think, especially for new writers, you cannot force the material, or you will not come out with a fresh story; rather something mediocre at best. My job is to entertain people's imaginations, and I aim to make sure my work is the best I can offer.

So I had a thought; what if there was a secret underworld that pulled the strings of humanity? What if the corrupt leaders of our world actually started with good intentions? To have the power to change the course of man in a direction for the greater good. Imagine a world where beings from another dimension whispered into the ears of those that lead us. Setting in motion a world full of chaos, waiting for elements are aligned for the doors of the other world to open and allow domination by something...dark.

Would you have the courage to step up in the name of good?

Anyways, follow me if you want to live. Well just follow me so that you can dive into a fresh mind in comic writing!


Be prepared for a new series that will keep you guessing....

What if fate took your comfortable life for a dive into a dark underworld where creatures controlled by a sinister order pulled the strings of humanity? What if your new knowledge of the unknown put your life and your family in grave danger? Would you have the courage to fight for good and righteousness to maintain the balance of good and evil?

Ryan Sevar, a regular guy with a regular life is thrust into a world he doesn't understand. A world of shadowy otherworldly creatures and dark cults working together to pull the strings in our society. Is someone controlling the creatures, or do they have more sinister motives of their own.

A mysterious order, established centuries ago, are now fighting a losing battle to keep chaos from breaking out. Could Ryan be destined to become the last hope to save a world in an unknown war for survival?

The first issue of a currently untitled ongoing series is almost complete. Stay tuned to my blog, for updates, character bios, behind the scenes, script previews, etc. If this interests you, PLEASE comment, and share and let everyone know. Feel free to share opinions, comments and questions. Get involved and enjoy my stores. My name is Chris and I am an amateur writer looking break the chains of the corporate sales world I've always know and to dive into the creative world of comics where I can express my ideas and creativity.