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Credit to G'bandit
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Could someone please let me know what comics the ultimate punisher has appeared in?
Thanks in advance.........
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.

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How about he kills everyone that he comes into contact with that have committed a crime that they deserve to die for so they can't commit another????
That suits me

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To clear a few things up guys.
There are currently 2 Punisher movies the first depicting Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher in 1989 which was awesome it is set years after his family's death and depicts it correctly with a wife son and daughter killed only it was changed from a mob shoot out in central park to a car bomb. Then there is the second one also called the punisher depicting Thomas Jane as the punisher which also kicks ass and is set as the becoming of the punisher pretty much starting with the death of his family only they got this completely wrong for starters Frank never had a daughter in this movie and secondly his entire family including his in laws are massacred at a family get together and ofcourse Punisher Warzone will be the 3rd installment.

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GottHeit Frank does kick ass you don't but he does and seymentator your not rad. Also a scared little boy?????? He is a highly trained man without nothing to lose there is nothing more dangerous than that also what can he possibly be scared of??? Death? Pain? Prson? He faces the worst life can offer him and it still doesn't compare with the pain he already has he is awesome because he don't backdown and he knows the true meaning of justice.

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The punisher has used bruce banner in his marvel knights The Punisher series. But he has never actually faced hulk but after world war hulk I don't think frank is gonna be friendly with him and judging off The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe Frank has a very simple and effectibve way of ridding the world of the hulk. Ofcourse Marvel would never kill off the hulk tho but it is something to consider

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ok the suit the punisher wears is created by franks new microchip protege and is similar to the venom symbiote it can take a hell of a beating but doesn't have all the regenerative qaulities of venoms symbiote suit.

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wow I thought Thomas Jane would reprise his role as Frank. I am a massive fan of the punisher but I think this movie is trying to cramp a little too much story into one movie. But Marvel is renowned for that just look at spiderman 3.
Either way it's the punisher so it has to kick ass.

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Yeah I can't imagine Tony would be able to beat Frank if he had an M4 carbine with a G-Launcher attachment and frank came at him withb a K-Bar.

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 Come on Guile must weigh more than Ken and Ryu put together, he is twice as strong and his moves are awesome. Ryu and Ken have speed and agility on him and thats all but they would need to land like 200 hits before Guile landed his sommersault kick or it is goodnight to both of them.