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the beginning of a new age 0

The heroic age finally started and gues what...the avengers are back!And this time they have to face their old pal Kang the conqueror. The good: -The art in my opinion was good and I really liked the cover. -The narrative was good but there wasn´t kind of "what happened before?" page and that´s bad because the new readers can be confused. -The backup was entertaining. The bad: -As I said there´s no "introduction" page. -I think that for a first issue it was pretty short. Closing comments: For a ...

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Fantastic birthday! 0

  In fantastic four 574 I was impressed with the authors and art is also nothing bad.The fantastic four is a group of super heroes who deserve to be explored properly. Returning to review this magazine focused on the anniversary of Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Susan Strom (Mr.fantastic and Invisible Woman), this edition showed a big party at the Baxter Building, home to the team, the guests came Power Pack, Dragon Man, and even Spiderman showed up.Mas decided, the "big ev...

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