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Not sure if this forum has anything against necro-posting. If so, pardon me and feel free to remove.

I was thinking it could go something along the lines of:

1- Superior Spider-man

2- Black Cat (Both for her history with Spidey along with the fact that Ock may or may not have beaten her almost to the brink of death?

3- Silver Sable (Madame Web said she was alive, good way to tackle Ock's past endeavors)

4- Alpha (resident powerhouse and SSM being a magnificent bastard he'll soon be Ock's personal powerhouse)

5- Toxin (he's an interesting character to explore, especially his reactions to SSM's recent actions, how does the lethal protector feel about the new Spider-Man?)

6- Lizard (waiting for the No Escape arc to conclude but it would present an interesting dynamic)

I consider this a good mix between brains, brawn and classic spidey fun.

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Doom has this. Sure he may be running around doing generally bad stuff but I'm trusting his genius and somewhat benevolent attitude to make a nice lil country. With robots. And stuff.

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 I've had a certain idea regarding SSM lately. Probably because of my reading of Hickman's FF/Batman Inc. I've grown to enjoy books and storylines that focus more on "organizations" rather then direct teams or solo characters. The idea I've had would be that Octavius (to prove himself a better Spider-Man) would become more than a hero: he would have to become a symbol and a visionary.  The idea may be a bit stupid or just PIS but I believe I'd be interesting to see him gather characters such as Doom, Hela, Norman Osborn (the dialogue writes itself, I'd love to see Octo deal with Peter's greatest adversary), Sphinx and basically, some of Marvel's heavy hitters that stand on a more or less neutral ground. "The Web" as I envision it would then be something like "Earth's TRUE Mightiest Heroes" and act in a somewhat underground and controversial fashion when compared to the likes of the Avengers but willing to take measures and actions that have definitive impact upon the world. I'd be a classic "How far would you be willing to go?" book that could have tremendous possibilities for the MU. Either that, or I'm overthinking this stuff.

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@ComicFan93 said:


Marvel owns the character, they're free to decide his fate. We have 50 years of estabilished lore with Peter Parker as the star, and if life teaches anything is that nothing ever stays the same. Does that stop you from enjoying it? No. And neither should this. I'm 100% sure that sooner or later, be it because of sales, fan requests or simply for storytelling's sake things will go back.
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@ComicFan93 said:

Amazing Spider-Man #700 "pisses you off, but in a good way"? Good, how? I'll use spoiler bars from here, but I'll say this: out of respect, do NOT buy a single issue of the new Spider-Man series.


It's a comic book. It'll go back to where it started. Why not enjoy the ride? Besides, Stan Lee made more changes to each hero's universe and story than any other, if he was still on the helm the Marvel Universe itself could very well be completely different. That's what comic books are about. Experimentation. And if you come here calling anybody who does that an "official betrayer", I'm not sure you understand the point in all of this.
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One word: amazing. Well maybe not. I'm just doing it for the puns. Y'know? Fine. It's nice.

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@CitizenBane said:

I'll miss the quips though :(

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Also, Living Brain. (A very underused character.)

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While I think this Superior Spider-Man idea may be more risk than reward, I always was a big Ben Reilly fan. I just hope Pete isn't put on the sidelines, but that may be hard to pull. Two Spider-Men sounds a bit stupid on paper, but Marvel can just go the DC route after Batman came back from the dead. Peter taking on a new identity sounds a bit complicated but we'll just have to see as it unfoulds I guess.

I still don't get how Miguel would show up in this time era, why is everyone hoping it's him?

Plus, the link has the cover of Superior Spider-Man 4, notice the background fight? Pretty sure that is the Armor suit from the Nobody Dies arc (IIRC that was the name):