What do super-heroes eat?

All this time here at comicvine I´ve saw g-man´s pots recently i remembered:What do super-heroes?
If I was Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne I´d eat the most expensive food ever!
And Black Panther he is a king!He must have 5000 servants!
Then they are guys like Spidey who are lucky if they can eat anyting in a entire day!
And what about space heroes like Green Lantern?I hope that ring has some food in it or he may get sick...


Does anibody like Avengers academy?

Since Marvel launched those previews of Avengers Academy everibody has been saying: "they look lame", "this is going to be bad", things like that...
I only have a question: Now that the issues are on the market do you love  or still hate them?


Second Chance

This is a team of my own creation.I call it Second Chance and i´m going to write about it in here,remember this is fan-fic so it´s not real!

Second Chance

Members:Hawkeye(founder,team leader),Scarlet Witch(founder),Quicksilver(founder),Black Widow
History:In an alternate universe Hawkeye,Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver never became Avengers(that´s the different event that seperates this dimension the original event happened in Avengers vol 1 16) so they created they´re own team:Second Chance!Their first mission was to defeat Electro and after that the media started to call them "Protectors of Queens".Some time after that Black Widow searched Hawkeye for criminal purposes but she decided to become a member of the team and was accepted.Their next  mission was to defeat Mastermind and old member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who was trying to recreate the team for his own plans but was defeated.