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@joerlema: I agree with pretty much everything you've been saying. The JL are the ones acting irresponsibly. They should be helping Batman, not trying to stop him. If they don't want to help, then at least get out of the way. They came across as a bunch of jerks to me. I'm glad Batman did what he did. They got in his way, and he just went around them. LOL!

Tomasi's run has been every bit as good as Snyder's, and at times better in my opinion. I'm enjoying both 100%. I also have mixed feelings on Damian's possible return, but I think I'd be OK with it simply because they should never have killed him off in the first place.

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As someone who normally reads New Guardians every month, let me say it normally is pretty bad but this month's issue is pretty freaking good. I loved almost everything about this issue. Kyle and Carol continue to be nothing but whiny little cry babies as they have been in most recent issues. Those two deserve each other if you ask me. I was beginning to think this writer was terrible, but he produced an awesome issue this month. Watching the Guardians have to deal with Kyle and Carol reminds me of having to deal with my children's non-stop whining, and I can't help but like the Guardians more because of it and end up siding with them almost every time. Loved watching Highfather manipulate the crap out of Kyle. I thought the last Green Lantern Corps issue (act 1 part 3) was pretty bad, so I was thinking this one was definitely going to be bad. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

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I'm not getting the hate towards Joker's Daughter. I love the character, especially after the one-shot by Marguerite Bennett a few months ago. I absolutely love the back and forth between her and Harley Quinn.

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I liked it but my one major complaint was how easily they took the rings from each group. I guess the Lanterns are all punk a** b's. Every last one of the 7 groups got a ring taken within a few seconds. Give me a break. SOMEONE put up a fight please. Having said that, I am indeed interested to see where this goes and am looking forward to a showdown, hopefully, that involves Darkseid and Highfather.

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I liked this issue as well but not understanding all the hype. Definitely not a 5 star, but a solid 4 in my opinion. Nothing overwhelming or making me jump out of my seat, so not understanding a 5 or all the "this is the best thing DC is doing" comments.

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Based on the number of comments here, there is a lot of interest in Lobo (be it good or bad). I might be the only one to feel this way, but I actually like both versions of Lobo. I wish they'd keep the old Lobo around to feud with new Lobo now and then. I was so fascinated by the buildup, but so letdown by the quick 2 page ending to the feud. Hoping there's more to it than that, but still disappointed by how it was handled.

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I have NO idea what people are complaining about. This book has been one of the best around from the beginning. To people that say nothing has been happening, then explain how the following events have all happened within the last few issues: Lex discovers Batman's secret identity (I'm still not liking how that went down), Lex has been allowed to join the JL, Power Ring has been added to the JL (who knows if this is permanent), we've seen the formation/introduction of the Doom Patrol, and now the re-emergence of Owlman. Clearly some people are only happy if they are complaining. Another 5 star issue if you ask me. Guess if some major war doesn't break out in every issue, some folks will just never be happy.

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I can't remember the last bad issue in this weekly. This was 5 stars easily as the story lines all tie in and are building. I've been loving this along with Futures End, and I highly recommend both to anyone who loves great storytelling.

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Taylor has been awesome! 5 stars for me. This is one of the comics I look forward to most each month, and it hasn't disappointed not even once since Taylor took over. Hope he keeps up the awesome storytelling.

I love that a writer finally gets that you don't have to finish a story in 2 or 3 issues. So many potentially great stories were ruined (or at least not as good as they could've been) because they were rushed in a few issues. Arkham War and Gothtopia both were good but could've been epically good if they had taken their time and told the story over more issues. Earth 2 is PERFECTLY written!

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Another terrible review for a comic that has just been awesome. You don't get that Scarecrow tried all the tactics unsuccessfully? Heck, even this "let's beat him up" (as you call it) was actually a tactic and strategy because they were using Bane's venom. My only complaint about this series is that 6 issues wasn't enough for the multitude of villains in Gotham. Tomasi still wrote an awesome 5-star series considering he only had 6 issues to get it done.

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