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Taylor has been awesome! 5 stars for me. This is one of the comics I look forward to most each month, and it hasn't disappointed not even once since Taylor took over. Hope he keeps up the awesome storytelling.

I love that a writer finally gets that you don't have to finish a story in 2 or 3 issues. So many potentially great stories were ruined (or at least not as good as they could've been) because they were rushed in a few issues. Arkham War and Gothtopia both were good but could've been epically good if they had taken their time and told the story over more issues. Earth 2 is PERFECTLY written!

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Another terrible review for a comic that has just been awesome. You don't get that Scarecrow tried all the tactics unsuccessfully? Heck, even this "let's beat him up" (as you call it) was actually a tactic and strategy because they were using Bane's venom. My only complaint about this series is that 6 issues wasn't enough for the multitude of villains in Gotham. Tomasi still wrote an awesome 5-star series considering he only had 6 issues to get it done.

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Aaaaargh! ENOUGH whining about stories being "slow". I love this comic! It's written at the perfect pace. I love the character development and the detailed intricacies of everything that's going on. I hate rushed stories, so I hope this continues to be written exactly as is. Of the many, many comics I read each month, this is on my short list of the ones I look forward to the most. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work on Earth 2, Tom Taylor - yet another 5 star issue!!

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5 stars for me as well. Still don't understand reviews that want everything "sped up". I get tired of stories that are sped along at the expense of character development. I enjoyed this issue so much that I was shocked when I reached the end so fast. It was that good to me. I'm loving everything about Tom Taylor's Earth 2. Hope he stays on for a long time and keeps up this amazingly great writing!

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Hmm, I thought the Lobo Villain's Month issue was awesome. It's the reason I've been picking up the current Supergirl issues to read more about this "real" Lobo. As far as her Batman Annual #2, it wasn't the strongest issue, but it was fairly decent in my opinion.

As for this Joker's Daughter One-shot, wow pretty darn good story. It proves that Nocenti sucks and shouldn't go anywhere near a Batman-related character again. The only part of the story I didn't like was her bullying of Dollmaker. Didn't seem very plausible to me. Then again you could argue that it shows how much of a bad-ass she is. Either way I can't wait to see what comes next!

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They're clearly setting up for something down the road. It's called patience. Wish comic book fans had more of it. Why does EVERY single question you have always have to be answered immediately? I enjoy some of the suspense and don't mind using my own imagination to fill in blanks (ie: what happened with Bruce afterwards). Leaves me wanting more and looking forward to what comes next. I agree this should have been 5 or even 6 issues, but I still overall like it. 4 stars in my opinion.

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Sorry but Earth 2 was pretty boring until Superman and Batman showed up. I have mixed feelings on whether I like who Batman turned out to be, but this issue was beautifully written and for that I totally agree on the 5 star rating.

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Thank you for pointing out that there's NOTHING wrong with Batman taking as long as he needs to mourn the death of HIS SON!! So tired of hearing people whine about that and saying he should get over it by now. Maybe those people don't have kids, I don't know. I have kids, and if one of my sons got killed and I felt responsible, it would haunt me forever. That's why I really LOVED all those issues showing Batman still in mourning - SO humanizing it breaks your heart.

I'm loving everything Tomasi is doing Batman-related. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm liking his Batman work more than Snyder, who I think has just been awesome from issue 1. A close call, but why choose? Glad we have them both!

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I disagree with this review. This is a solid 4. The art is amazingly good, not just good. Lobo is awesome. His interaction with Supergirl is really good, and believe me the fight is just beginning despite the "cliffhanger" on the last page. I would have disagreed with a 3, but at least that would have shown more respect for the quality of the issue. For crying out loud, the art alone makes it start with a 3. The writing/story was really good but not perfect, so a 4 is a good score in my opinion. It's the best Supergirl issue in a while if you ask me.

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