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Great review! I agree with almost everything said in the review and most of the comments on here about how great this series was. As a father of two sons myself that has ups and downs with my boys, I always appreciated the relationship roller coaster between Bruce and Damian in this series. The Batman and Robin dynamic just added to the complexity of the relationship. I'm going to miss this series so much. It was my favorite in all of comics. That issue #18 was so awesome. The Nobody arc to start the series was amazing. I'll be a Peter Tomasi fan for life because of this series. Thank you to some of the users that posted their feelings of this series. I thought maybe I was the only one that felt the way some of you guys felt, but it was great to read that there are others that felt the same way. Goodbye to what was, in my strong opinion, the best comic book out there.

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Why does everyone keep calling him Thomas Wayne Jr? He claimed that back in the Court of Owls storyline, but it was never established that he definitively is Bruce's brother. I, myself, do not believe he is. I'll just assume he is Lincoln March until it's proven beyond doubt that he's Thomas Wayne Jr.

Also, I don't think Snyder did anything wrong by having Lincoln March be the big bad at the end. It's his first appearance since the end of the Court of Owls storyline. What do you want - for him to never be used again? He had to reappear at some point, and this was a perfect time. Although I understand the reason they waited till the end to reveal him, I wish we had seen more of him throughout the 52 issues.

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@zackisme: I'm not 100% sure! but I think he might have been referring to an impending invasion he has planned for Earth One.

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What a relief that this issue was good. The previous issue was complete garbage in my opinion. I've liked most of them so far with The Just being my favorite. I have to admit, I don't get all the hype of why every single issue gets 5 stars. To me, only The Just was 5 stars. All others have been 3 or 4 with the previous issue, Pax Americana, being a 2 star. Nothing in the series has made me jump for joy yet except for The Just. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, I'm just confused as to the almost unanimous, over-the-top love for the series.

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@ms-lola: I haven't heard anything. May I ask to what you are referring?

This was my least favorite of the three issues so far under the new creative team. I still liked it for the most part, but something seemed to be missing compared to the previous two issues. Maybe because they didn't expand on the new characters much if at all in this issue.

Also, am I the only one starting to get irritated by how many different guys Babs seems to have a thing for? This is literally the third guy she either has hooked up with or has a crush on in just three issues. This doesn't include the boyfriend she had under Gail Simone, Dick Grayson who she always seems to have had a thing for, and Jason Todd in whom she showed some interest in Batman Eternal recently.

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I like the review and agree with almost everything in it except for one thing. I think all the different books have moved the story along, not just the main Green Lantern title. There are different groups of Lanterns filling different roles or parts of the storyline, and they are each being told in their respective books. Several of them even pick up where the previous issue leaves off, especially the last few issues.

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This movie was so awesome! It was the best of the Batman movies from the 90's. I refuse to pick between this and Dark Knight for best Batman movie ever. Too close to call for me.

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I love this comic! I love the concept, the execution, just everything. If you are a Bat fan, you should be reading this. If you read Gotham Academy, there was a nice little surprise in this issue that relates to Olive Silverlock.

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This comic has been amazing. I have ZERO problem with the many unanswered questions. That's part of what makes this comic so amazing - the mysteries. The characters are developed more and more with each passing issue. I don't need all the answers right away. Hope the writers keep their style exactly as is because I'm loving this comic more and more each time I read it.

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These guys were awesome on Flash, but somehow are even better on Detective! I'm loving their work. I agree that more Harvey Bullock is a good thing, but he clashes a lot with Batman in this book compared to all the other Bat titles where he seems to get along with him more.